Let it Snow Man-a challenge to create

December 5, 2013 • Written by

With the big fluffy flakes falling even though they are too fluffy for making snow sculptures, I was inspired with an idea from a craft blog site called Let’s Create on making a non-snow snowman. This is using indoor “ingredients” so am thinking between now and holiday break wouldn’t it be fun to see what we have in our offices and classess so we could make our own little snowman!

nuts and bolds sn

Nuts and Bolts Snowman

We can return our items to their original purpose in the new year so we don’t waste supplies and support our sustainability focus, but with all the creative students and staff, I bet we could create a great collage of pictures of our various creations.

It can be as simple as stacked boxes to more intricate (for those who actually have some creative bones in their body which is not me by the way)

string sm

String ball snowman

I am going to take a look around where I am and see what kind of snowman I can come up with. How about you do the same!

Take a stress break from the rush about of work and treat yourself to some fun. We could do a spot the snowman series with pics of any you do or spot!

From Health Services

(Both our offices will be working to make a little snowman)

Monday Mash – Wellness Links – September

September 3, 2013 • Written by

crochet flower potWe are into September and the Crafting Club at Roblin Centre is back at it.  Throughout the spring, members crocheted scarves and sweaters and even some unique items like the flower pens in this picture for our reception desk.  Here is a link to the pattern for it.  The Crafting Club will be getting together on Monday at 1:00 p.m. and Thursday at 12:00 p.m.  Anyone is welcome to join!

I love the theatre and was thrilled to see Mary Poppins at Rainbow Stage this summer.  It was delightful!  Another option for the theatre enthusiasts is Celebrations Dinner Theatre.  Elvis and the Las Vegas Hangover is playing right now!

My sisters and I have had season tickets to MTC for several years.  It has been a great way for us to spend time together and we always have a good time.  This year they will be playing Harvey, A Christmas Story, Jane Eyre, The Glass Menagerie, Kim’s Convenience and Good People.  We can’t forget the Warehouse Theatre playing Venus in Fur, Hirsch, The Seagull and The Secret Annex.

If comedy is more your thing, don’t forget about Rumor’s Comedy Club!  Matt Falk is headlining for the first couple of weeks in September.

Monday Mash – Wellness Links – April 22

April 19, 2013 • Written by


Spring is bound to come eventually! Here are another set of fantastic Wellness-related links to help inspire you this week.

If you have a link or a photo that you’d like to share send an email to and we’ll try to include it in a future “Mash” edition.

The Red River Rebel Crafting Hour

February 1, 2013 • Written by


A few members in my department have started a new tradition.  It is called the Red River Rebel Crafting Hour and they meet every Thursday at 1:00 p.m. at the Roblin Centre to either crochet or knit.

It all started very accidentally, says one crafter.  “Before Christmas I was working on a scarf for a gift and had been asking for some opinions on the pattern to use.  We realized then how many knitters and crocheters were in the office.  We were talking about some of the projects we were working on and decided it would be fun to get together at work to hang out and craft.  We generally head out to find some comfy chairs and just hang out and craft for a while”.

CarftgroupThe Crafting Hour started with just a few people, but has grown to around 7 people.  The crafter added “I’m pleased to say that we have men and women crafters from multiple departments”.   They also added that since they are in a public place they attract a lot of attention.  Most people stop to talk to them and end up joining them the following week.  One other crafter added “I can hardly wait for crafting hour every Thursday”.

The Crafting Hour is not exclusive to crochet or knitting, all crafters are welcome.  Even non-crafters can come and hang out; but be warned, if you do show up without a craft you’ll probably be given some yarn and a hook to get started.

The group even has a motto:  We can make square things!  It is a reference to the fact that no one in the group can make anything really fancy and they don’t really care.  “It’s about getting together and sharing, no matter what our skill level is”.

I think the Crafting Hour is a great way to unwind during the day.  I encourage other crafters to join this group at Roblin Centre, or start your own group!