LEARN Cloud Migration Update December 14th

LEARN’s move to the cloud is still on schedule for December 19th. Please be aware that LEARN will be down from 5pm Monday, December 19th until 11am Tuesday, December 20th.

The integration between Colleague and LEARN has been implemented and is working as expected. This integration controls courses being created in LEARN and student and instructor enrollment in their courses. Only 2017 courses and enrollments are being affected by the integration.

Please let LEARN Support (learn@rrc.ca) know if you see any problems with any of your 2017 courses.

Integration Changes:

  1. Colleague Crosslisting will be actively reflected in LEARN automatically. Previously this crosslisting only showed up in LEARN if the course was already crosslisted when it was entered into LEARN.
  2. Crosslisting will no longer delete the child’s course offering. Instead the child’s course offering will be renamed and set to be “inactive”. The name will be changed to include (Deactivated Crosslisting) in the title. The course will be “inactive” because simply moving the sections to a new parent does not remove those who are enrolled as Developer, EA, Editor, etc. This will prevent them from accessing the course and being confused as to why there are no students there anymore. The child course offering is not being deleted because Colleague crosslisting could have potentially accidentally deleted courses with real user progress or course files in them.
  3. Courses cancelled in Colleague will be renamed to include (Cancelled) in the title and the course will be set to inactive.
  4. We will be able to extend course end dates on demand.
  5. We will be able to extend program end dates on demand.

Login Changes

After the upgrade you will see a new login page. You can see screenshots of this new login page here. To login, click the LEARN Login button and then for your username enter your RRC email address instead of just your username. Your password will be the same. For students this will be username@academic.rrc.ca. For staff this will be username@rrc.ca. Logins through HUB will remain unchanged.

Please be aware that LEARN will be down from 5pm Monday, December 19th until 11am Tuesday, December 20th.

This window will see the last data migrated to the cloud, LEARN upgraded to the latest version, and testing performed to make sure that everything is working. There will absolutely be no data loss. If there is a problem we can always revert to our on premise hosting of LEARN which will not be deleted until we are sure we’re working well on the cloud.