Diversity Leadership Award

The Diversity Leadership Award is a $500 award given to a current student in a part-time or full-time career program at Red River College.

The award honors the courage, strength and determination of students who are committed to building a community that enhances the recognition and celebration of gender and sexual diversity, and empowering the experience of the LGBTT* community either in the College or the broader communities of Manitoba.


  • Must be a RRC student in a full-time or part-time academic program
  • Have participated in the LGBTT* community at RRC or the broader community
  • Demonstrate how they have undergone an experience of self-reflection, exploration and or awareness to determine their leadership strengths and find inspiration in their own life experiences.

Applicants must submit a minimum of a 500 word description of their story/experience:

  • Their experience or connection to the LGBTT* Community
  • In what ways they have contributed to the enhancing the LGBTT* communities at RRC or beyond
  • How the Diversity Leadership Award will help them succeed in reaching their career and life goals

All applications must be submitted by Tuesday, April 4, 2017 (Application process for 2017 is now closed)

All submissions will be evaluated by a panel and the successful applicants will be notified directly.

For more information, please contact Bradley West, Diversity Initiatives Coordinator at 204-632-2016 or bcwest@rrc.ca.