Diversity Leadership Award – applications now open.

The Diversity Leadership Award honours the courage, strength and determination of students who have come out as a member or as a supporter/Ally of LGBTT* community that is often marginalized, persecuted and or devalued and have shown perseverance, determination and or leadership capabilities in reaching their educational goals.

The Award acknowledges the acts of leadership & civil citizenship that exemplifies the best ideals of Canadian society when we honour the gender identity and or sexual orientation in ourselves or others.

One Awards of $500.00


  • Must be a RRC student in a full-time or part-time academic program
  • Have participated in the LGBTT* community at RRC or the broader community in some    way shape or form.
  • Demonstrate how they have undergone an experience of self-reflection; exploration and or awareness to determine their leadership strengths and find inspiration in their own life experiences.

Applicants must submit a minimum of a 500 word description of their story/experience:

  • Their experience or connection to the LGBTT* Community
  • In what ways they have contributed to the enhancing the LGBTT* communities at RRC or beyond
  • How the Diversity Leadership Award will help them succeed in reaching their career and life goals
  • All applications must be submitted by Friday, March 25th, 2016.
  • All submissions will be evaluated by a panel and the successful applicants will be notified directly.

Or Contact Bradley West, Diversity Initiatives Coordinator at 204-632-2016 or bcwest@rrc.ca