About Wise Guys

Delaney Earthdancer

I work at RRC because I enjoy learning and teaching. I feel deep satisfaction helping a student understand (and handle) a challenging (to them) concept and gain confidence in his/her abilities. Students learn. Even those who fail. And they are grateful for the help, even though they may not say it.

My instructional focus includes Technology and Trades mathematics/calculus, and Science including Physics and Electrical Circuit analysis. Since 2007, I have – with Mike and Ming – been involved in creating and organizing Wise Guys videos.

Michael Reimer

I have been a staff tutor at Red River College since 1998. Recently I have expanded into making tutoring videos for the Wiseguys series that is currently playing on YouTube.

My specialties are Business Math, Financial Accounting I, Financial Accounting II and Statistics.

Good luck with your studies!

Ming Xu

Hi, my name is Ming. I’m a staff tutor in the Academic Success Centre and an instructor for math and sciences. Math, Physics and Chemistry are my academic specialties.

I really like sharing tips which demystify math. For example, the key to learning math is to find patterns. You may be introduced to 100 formulas. If you learn the patterns, you could reduce this to 10.