Stress and Anxiety

Stress is normal and usually a part of everyday life for students. Stress benefits us by helping us to perform, focus, pay attention to details, study and meet deadlines. Stress can also protect us if we face danger or a threat, so we need to recognize the good things stress offers to us.

Sometimes though, the level of stress felt by students can be overwhelming and learning to recognize when it feels out of control is important. Too much stress and anxiety can seriously impact our ability to do well at school and work, interact in social situations or even get the sleep we need to function normally the next day.

If you think you might be dealing with too much stress and anxiety, there are many great resources and tools out there to help you get back on track. A great place to start is by learning more about what unhealthy levels of stress and anxiety are. Visit the Canadian Mental Health Association.

If you would like to talk more about the stressors in your life, book an appointment with a counsellor at Red River College by completing and and submitting the online intake form.