Mind it!

Welcome to Mind it! – an online mental health resource for students and part of Red River College’s Healthy Minds, Healthy College initiative.

As students, we often experience many different emotions while balancing school, work, friends and other commitments. If our mental health is out of sync, managing these things can become very difficult. From our ability to study to maintaining relationships to feeling confident, we simply can’t be at our best if we don’t take care of our mental health.

Red River ReliefLineNo matter who we are or where we’re from, we all struggle from time to time. We experience disappointments, losses and tough life circumstances. We lose friends (or who we thought were friends), go through break-ups and have to pick ourselves up off the ground. That is why we want to make sure our mental health and wellness is a top priority —  so we can be able to reach out for help when we need it to get through difficult times.

Some of us will also experience mental illness for the first time in college, or run into problems managing the symptoms of a mental illness we are already aware of. For these reasons and many more, we must make our mental health a top priority and never be afraid to ask for help when we think we need it.

Learn about Red River ReliefLine, a free 24/7 online support service →

So what is Mind it! all about?

The more aware we are of the state of our mental health and the more knowledge and tools we have at our fingertips, the better equipped we are to keep ourselves mentally healthy. If we are mentally healthy we can better accomplish our goals, feel happier and be better able to recognize when we need to take a breather, ask for help or get help for someone else.

Throughout this site you will find useful information and resources about how to take care of your mental health. You will also discover connections to the online world where mental health conversations are happening right now. One of the main reasons students experiencing mental health issues — be it stress, anxiety, depression or something else  — don’t reach out for help is because of stigma. Talking openly about mental health and mental illness is the only way to create greater understanding and break down the stigma that can prevent us from reaching out.

What can I do to break down stigma?

Start the conversation! When someone comes up to you and asks, “How are you?” tell them how you’re really feeling. Don’t just say, “good” if you really don’t feel that way.

Know that it’s a good thing to reach out for help from your doctor, counsellor or psychologist, just like people get help and treatment for physical health concerns.

There are also endless ways to get involved online — comment on blogs, share articles with friends, follow mind it! and other mental health organizations and initiatives on social media. The mental health conversation is happening right now and you have valuable insight to share.

The following departments and areas of the college already play an important role in supporting student mental health: