Incorporating the Wellness Wheel In Your Communications

Wellness Wheel Identifier Usage Guidelines

wellness-wheelIf you are an RRC employee or student who is planning an activity or event that relates to RRC’s Wellness Initiative, please use the appropriate identifier on your promotional materials.

Consistent application of this identifier is essential to reinforcing the College’s Wellness Initiative. When placing the identifier on designs and other applications it is important to make sure it is not altered in any way or displayed incorrectly.

Incorrect usage falls into seven different categories:

  1. Pixelation
  2. Stretching or skewing
  3. Breaking and rearranging
  4. Altering the typography
  5. Changing the colours
  6. Enclosing in a restrictive frame
  7. Integrating the logo as part of other elements or illustrations

To download the Wellness Wheel Identifiers, right-click the desired file format and choose “Save As…”.

Wellness Wheel: EPS or PNG
Emotional: EPS or PNG
Environmental: EPS or PNG
Financial: EPS or PNG
Intellectual: EPS or PNG
Physical: EPS or PNG
Social: EPS or PNG
Spiritual: EPS or PNG


Where the graphic identifier cannot be used, a tagline has been approved.

Tagline: A part of the RRC Wellness Initiative.

This text must fall under the College’s guideline in terms of font and colour, which means Arial, Calibri or Times New Roman should be used. The colour of the tagline must be an approved colour from the College’s colour palette, which can be found in the RRC Brand Book.