Wellness Steering Group

The RRC Wellness Initiative is overseen by a Steering Group that strategically aligns and sets the direction of the Wellness Committee to the College’s organizational priorities, provides feedback, and reviews progress at regular intervals.

Meeting three to four times annually, the Steering Group is comprised of:

  • Lori Grandmont, Chief Human Resources Officer, Human Resources and Sustainability
  • Jax Fitness ClassCarol Girling, Director, Student Life And Registrar
  • Melanie Gudmundson, Director, Human Resources
  • Sara MacArthur, Manager, Sustainability
  • Shaneesa Ferguson, Manager, Human Resource Systems
  • Laureen Janzen, Coordinator, Counselling and Accessibility Services
  • Cole Skinner, Coordinator, Athletics and Recreation
  • Jacqueline Wood, Human Resources Coordinator, Staff Learning and Development
  • Karley Middleton, HUB International STRATA Benefits Consultant