Wellness Committee


Members of Wellness Committee at the June ’16 Wrap-Up Potluck from L to R: Rachelle Pascal Carrick, Nancy Cumbers, Joan Machendagoos, Soha Baddour, Janice Manson, Beverly Wood, Jacqueline Wood, Cole Skinner, Glen Hawker

The Wellness Committee has wrapped up its work on the goals for 2015-16 and presented a Final Report to the Wellness Steering Group on June 10, 2016.

It was a very successful year for the College’s Wellness Initiative. Our committee looks forward to making even more gains on last year’s goals for staff and students while tackling some new goals for 2016-17 as well.

We encourage RRC employees to view the 2015-16 Final Report by clicking below:

Final Report to Wellness Steering Group 2015-16

Want to know what the Committee will be up to this year? Our 2016-17 goals have been set by the Wellness Steering Group. Click below to see them. At our first meeting in September 2016, our Committee will develop our actions for reaching those goals, including training and education, events, campaigns, communications, development of technology tools, and other initiatives. These actions will be developed and delivered through our active subcommittees. We will keep the College posted on these actions throughout the year!

The Wellness Committee is comprised of employees and students at Red River College representing a wide range of wellness areas.

  • Jacqueline Wood, Co-chair, Human Resource Coordinator, Staff Development
  • Cole Skinner, Co-chair, Recreation Coordinator, Recreation Services
  • Beverly Wood, Administrative Assistant, Electrical Engineering Tech.
  • Breanna Sawatzky, Mental Health Coordinator
  • Glen Hawker, Instructor, Manufacturing Engineering Tech.
  • Christina Stuart, Communications Officer
  • Dan Feriolo, ETV Supervisor, Producer
  • Sherry Gott, Wellness Counsellor, Indigenous Student Support and Community Relations
  • Joanna Simmons-Swinden, Coordinator Student Advisement and Recruitment, Nursing
  • Karley Middleton, Wellness Consultant, HUB International
  • Nancy Cumbers, Human Resource Consultant, Human Resources Services
  • Lindsay Rowan, Vice President Academic, Red River College Students’ Association
  • Rachelle Pascal Carrick, Counsellor, Counselling & Accessibility
  • Soha Baddour, Environmental Safety Coordinator, Environmental Safety & Health
  • Shawn Scrymgeour, Program Director, Red River College Students Association
  • Suenita Maharaj-Sandhu, Workplace Equity & Diversity Coordinator, Human Resource Services
  • Whitney Crooks, Sustainability Coordinator

Membership Renewal Process

Where membership needs to be replenished or re-visited, the committee will make recommendations to the Vice President of Human Resource Services and Sustainability and the Vice President of Student Services and Planning for approval.