About Teacher Education

Imagine a career that puts you at the head of the class — helping to prepare the next generation of leaders in such fields as business, technology, and technical and vocational trades.

Imagine possessing the insight, experience and expertise to help students develop new skills, or to provide the guidance and mentorship they need as they embark on their own educational journeys.

At Red River College, we provide the knowledge and hands-on experience to help you make a difference in the lives of future learners. Our commitment to innovation and close ties with industry ensure our own students get a head start and our graduates find meaningful employment.

Our high standards of excellence in the classroom — and our focus on specialized areas of instruction that lead to employment in a wide range of fields — have helped us prepare thousands of grads for successful careers in the school system, and in industry.

Whether teaching vocational students how to build guitars or forge their own class rings, helping budding chefs, photographers and mechanics learn the tools of their trade, or harnessing technology to link classrooms with schools around the globe, our grads go on to make a world of difference as teachers, trainers and administrators.

Even better, our partnership with the University of Winnipeg allows our students to graduate with both a Red River College diploma and a Bachelor of Education degree.

Your integrated skill set and enhanced technical knowledge will certainly stand out on a resume — giving you a competitive edge in the workplace, and ensuring your own students have the same opportunities for success.

Learn how Red River College can make your employment goals a reality. Take the first steps on a journey leading from our classroom to yours — and a career in which you can make a lifetime of difference for others.


Required: Technology Teachers

Red River College provides training for students to teach in Manitoba public schools. If you would like to teach business/technology, industrial arts/technology or technical vocational education then we have a program for you. If you have graduated or are graduating from high school, have a university degree, or hold a Red Seal or Journeymen’s Certificate in a trade  and want to become a teacher, contact Red River College Teacher Education Department at 204-632-2300 to start the application process NOW.

This is a Joint Bachelor of Education Program with the University of Winnipeg. Graduates will receive a Teacher Education Diploma from Red River College and a Bachelor of Education Degree from the University of Winnipeg.

The Teacher Education Department at Red River College prepares teachers to work in one of the following three areas:

1. Business/Technology

2. Industrial Arts/Technology

3. Technical Vocational

Contact the Teacher Education Department at Red River College for more information.

Phone: (204) 632-2300
Email: mlpishak@rrc.ca