Applied Research

Red River College is a Canadian College leader in applied research and commercialization – in fact, applied research has been an integral component of learning at Red River College for over 10 years.  Applied research supporting aerospace & manufacturing is the engine that drives this capacity for innovation by matching industry challenges and needs with College expertise, resources, capabilities, and facilities. This coordinated effort delivers practical results and innovative solutions to industry.

PTB-AR001Working on applied research and development, design, technology validation, technical transfer, and technical assistance services, our applied research team is industry-focused and collaborates with industry to yield real project results.  Ultimately our goal is to provide industry with innovation and productivity solutions to improve their processes, products and services and ultimately thrive in today’s marketplace.

The main areas of focus for applied research projects lie within the following groups:

  • Advanced materials & bonding (metal and composite)
  • Imaging, robotics & automation
  • Industrial Simulation & Visualization (virtual and physical)

Don’t have a research team? No problem, we will pull together a team to collaborate with you to achieve the results you require. We draw from our own expertise (instructional, research professionals, other) as well as expertise from potential partners – case dependent.

White Papers Presented


At the 19th International Conference on Composite Materials, held in Montreal from July 28-August 2/13,  Paper by Mahi Fahiman, Red River College entitled: EXPERIMENTAL AND THEORETICAL STUDY OF THE TENSILE MODULUS OF NEEDLE PUNCHED HEMP FIBER MAT COMPOSITES.


At the 52nd annual Conference of Metallurgists (COM 2013) held in Montréal, October 27-31, 2013. COM 2013 is held in conjunction with the Materials Science and Technology (MS&T 2013) Conference, co-organized by ASM, TMS, AIST and ACerS. Paper by Oyedele Ola, Red River College entitled: UNDERSTANDING THE EFFECT OF WELDING PARAMETERS IN LASER-GMA HYBRID WELDING OF AN ALUMINUM ALLOY USING FULL FRACTORIAL DESIGN.

For more information on how to work with our applied research team of experts, email