Centre for Non-Destructive Inspection (CNDI)

Laser UT

LaserUT Gantry, CNDI Industrial Campus

LaserUT Gantry, CNDI Industrial Campus

The CNDI Industrial Campus is located at and operated in partnership with Magellan Aerospace, Winnipeg. This is the second industrial campus created by Red River College to locate transformative technology within industry to benefit Red River College, its host and other organizations who might benefit from ready access.

The CNDI Campus is home to the Laser UT®System. This is the only Laser UT System of its kind outside of Lockheed Martin in the United States, and is the only place where organizations in Manitoba and beyond, can access this technology (along with an expert operator) to work on innovation and research projects such as developing/testing new processes, working with new materials, developing new products and more.

LaserUT Control Room, CNDI Industrial Campus

LaserUT Control Room, CNDI Industrial Campus

The 5-Axis Gantry LaserUT® NDI System, designed by PaR Systems, Inc., is optimized for Laser Ultrasonic inspection of large composite parts, and is flexible enough to support a wide variety of complex parts of all sizes. In addition, the system can be scaled to inspect larger parts by increasing the length of the system.It utilizes CO2 and YAG lasers to generate and detect ultrasound. This allows for a contact-free inspection of composite parts to inspect for porosity, delamination and inclusions.

Advantages of the Laser UT®

Save time and reduce costs
CNDI Industrial Campus

Laser UT Head, CNDI Industrial Campus

  • Increase your throughput. The speed with which parts are inspected utilizing the LaserUT® method provides excellent inspection results in a fraction of the time.  Scans up to 10 times faster than conventional ultrasonic techniques
  • Significantly reduces set-up time
  • Scans most parts in less than an hour
  • Simple, one-time part teaching process
  • No CAD translation required
  • No special tooling or fixtures required for each part
  • No system calibration required
  • No special foundation required
  • Eliminates the need for a water recirculation system
  • Inspect in real-time.  Results are displayed in real-time as a scan is performed, and with two computers, one part can be scanned while another is being analyzed. Results include traditional A-scan, B-scan and C-scan outputs to display or print.
Increased safety ( for material being inspected and for operators)
  • The Laser UT® is completely non-destructive, clean and safe to use on parts
  • Much safer to use than some other conventional inspection methods
Easy access to data
  • Through the data archive function, data is never lost and is easy to access.  All data is automatically archived digitally (within a secure server), making it easy to go back to previously scanned parts for trend analysis and reassessment.
  • Full waveform capture with 100% data retention
  • Database: operator search, sort, and retrieval of data

Project workspace and training facility

The CNDI facility also contains a productive workspace and training area located adjacent to the LaserUT® system and control room. It provides a collaborative workspace for those working with our team on projects, and also provides a space where training courses are conducted.

dCNDI: Distributed centre for non-destructive inspection

The Technology Access Centre provides access to all of our available facilities, equipment and capability across all Red River College sites.  As such, we provide services  supporting additional capability in NDI:

  • LPI
  • MPI
  • Ultrasonic
  • X-Ray Tomography
  • Dimensional Metrology
  • Structural Monitoring
  • Services in Image Analysis & Data Fusion (distributed capability)

Contact Us

If you would like more information about this technology, our associated services around it, or you have a project where you might wish to access this technology and our research team, contact the TAC directly. Although the facility is located at Magellan Aerospace, Winnipeg, all access for industry or partners is arranged directly through Red River College. Contact tacinfo@rrc.ca.