A Peek Inside Paterson GlobalFoods Institute at RRC

Clint, Jaime and I got our first glimpse of the Paterson Global Foods Institute. It is definitely “a work in progress” at this point but I think it will be stunning when it’s finished. The new campus, located in downtown Winnipeg, will house our Hospitality programs, namely Culinary Arts, Hospitality and Tourism Management and Professional Baking and Patisserie. The campus will also be home to Red River College’s first residence! Paterson GlobalFoods Institute will join the Roblin Centre (160 Princess Street) as the second campus in the heart of the Exchange District – an addition to our Exchange District Campus.

We took a few pictures of us on our tour and we wanted to show you some of the original architecture that will be preserved in the building. We’ll post more pictures in the coming months as they make progress on the building. I can’t wait for our next tour!!

Jennifer Powell,
Recruitment Officer

(Photos taken August 16, 2011)

Pic 1: Clint and I getting into character before our tour

Pic 2: A glance at some of the original architecture from the old Royal Bank building

Pic 3: The future home of “Jane’s Restaurant”.

Pic 4: Another view of “Jane’s Restaurant”

Pic 5: (left to right) Jennifer Powell, Clint Thiessen and Jaime Richard – Red River College’s Recruitment Team getting the scoop on the new Paterson GlobalFoods Institute

Pic 6: The view of Roblin Centre from the residence at our new campus.

Pic 7: The view of Paterson GlobalFoods Institute from William Avenue.

  • phil babiak

    What are they doing to the Royal Bank of Canada sign on the side of the building?

  • Ruth Riesenbach

    Could you let me know when the restaurant will be open to the public? thanks, Ruth

    • Jennifer

      Hi Ruth,

      Thanks for the inquiry. The official opening date of Jane’s Restaurant has not yet been confirmed. I would keep an eye on our website for an update within the next month or so. There are still some last minute finishing touches that need to be completed but we expect to hear news on this over the next few weeks. I was there today and it is looking beautiful so will be worth the wait!!