Academic Governance and Organizational Review

The Academic Governance and Organization Review (AGOR) is designed to assist Red River College in the implementation of its new five-year Strategic Plan and Academic and Research Plan. The Review recognizes that the College needs to break down organizational barriers in order to become more agile and nimble as an institution, as well as create a structure that empowers leaders at all levels and provides the necessary authority and resources to those key positions that are best able to make decisions in real time.

Angela Chotka is the project manager for the Review, and she brings more than 20 years of education and experience with organizational structural reviews and is a Certified Professional Facilitator.

The Review’s executive sponsors are Dr. Christine Watson (Vice President, Academic) and Debbie Frankel (Vice President, Finance & Administration). The Review’s Steering Committee is co-chaired by Arnold Boldt (Executive Director, Academic) and Lori Grandmont (Chief Human Resources Officer), and includes Aileen Najduch (Executive Director, Community & Student Services), Tracy Cappello (Executive Director, Finance & Campus Services), Riva Harrison (Executive Director, Strategy & Communications), and Darka Burczynski (Executive Assistant to ED, Academic).

Regular updates will be provided to staff and posted on our blog and teamsite.