ENABLE Program

ENABLE is an in-house leadership development program at Red River College that provides learning and development support to:

  • Senior Leaders
  • Existing Supervisors/Managers
  • Newer Supervisors/Managers
  • Chairs

Participation in the ENABLE program is designed to be responsive to meet the varying needs of RRC’s current formal leaders (approximately 140 in total) at all levels of career development.

The goals of ENABLE are to:
  • Encourage lifelong learning for leaders and ensure learning occurs in a respectful and safe learning environment.
  • Foster the leadership philosophy and style into the daily practices of all College leaders.
  • Ensure competency development is aligned to the needs of College goals and individual learners.
  • Address the learning and development needs of intact leadership teams.
  • Provide early learning experiences to employees aspiring to a formal leader role.
  • Engage leaders and other stakeholders in the College in providing input to the program’s effectiveness.
To register, please email Carrie Schaepe, Staff Learning and Development Specialist at cschaepe@rrc.ca
Current ENABLE workshops are listed below. Click on the links below each workshop for additional detail.


The Working Mind (TWM) Manager Training – NEW to ENABLE

Gain confidence, tools and resources to manage and support employees who may be experiencing a mental illness.

2017 – 18 ENABLE The Working Mind (TWM) Manager

2  – half day session dates:

  • October 11 & 12 2017            E305  NDC  12:30 – 4:30  (PILOT)
  • November 8 & 9 2017            E305  NDC  12:30 – 4:30
  • January 25 & 26 2018            A137  NDC   8:30 – 12:30
  • March 14 & 15 2018               E305  NDC  12:30 – 4:30

Full day session date:

  • December 13 2017                P107 EDC 8:30 – 4:30


Safe TALK Suicide Alertness for Everyone  – NEW

2017 – 18 ENABLE safe TALK Suicide Alertness for Everyone

In response to faculty and staff identified needs for training in relation to suicide risks, we’re pleased to offer safeTALK – a half-day alertness training that prepares anyone to become a suicide-alert helper.

Learn to recognize a person with thoughts of suicide and how to connect them with life-saving intervention resources.

  • October 25 2017 –  9:00 – noon NDC E305

*Additional dates will be offered via the ENGAGE Employee Development Program


Facilitating Difficult Conversations: New Approaches and Perspectives

Learn principles, skills and a Five Step Approach to prepare for and deal with difficult conversations effectively, both planned and unplanned.

2017 – 18ENABLE Facilitating Difficult Conversations New Approaches and Perspectives

  • November 23 & December 7 2017 –  8:30 -noon NDC E305
  • May 3 & 17 2018    – 8:30 – noon NDC E305


Leadership Styles: Expanding Your Took Kit  

Gain an understanding of the leaderships styles typically used by leaders and the impact that this has on the climate that they create for their teams. This workshop provides leaders with an opportunity to understand their own style, offers choices in their leadership approach and action planning/next steps for personal development.

2017-18 ENABLE Leadership Styles

  • November 29 & 30 2017  – 12:30 – 4:30 NDC E305
  • March 6 & 7 2018             – 12:30 – 4:30 NDC E305
  • June 13 & 14 2018           –   8:30 – 12:30 NDC E305


Emotional Intelligence (EQ-i 2.0) The Key to Effective Leadership

Emotional Intelligence is a distinct combination of emotional and social skills and competencies that influence our ability to deal effectively with the demands and pressures of work and life.

Review tools and strategies and develop plans to enhance your Emotional Intelligence.

2017 – 18ENABLE Emotional Intelligence

  • October 17 & 19 2017   – 8:30- noon NDC E305
  • April 18 & 25 2018         – 8:30 -noon NDC E305


Facilitating Effective Meetings

This is an interactive workshop providing the key skills needed to plan, structure and facilitate effective meetings

2017 – 18ENABLE Facilitating Effective Meetings

  • October 3 & 24 2017  – 9:00 -noon NDC E305
  • March 1 & 22 2018     – 9:00 – noon NDC E305


Managing Successfully in a Unionized Workplace

Leaders will come away with practical tips and strategies to assist in the administration and interpretation of the Collective Agreement. You will examine management rights and responsibilities and enhance problem solving through the study of performance management, grievances and Human Rights issues as covered by the Collective Agreement.

2017-18 ENABLE Managing Successfulyl in a Unionized Workplace

  • November 21 2017  – 8:30 -noon NDC E305
  • Spring 2018 date TBD


Absenteeism Management

Gain insight and explore effective strategies that will encourage and support regular attendance and reflect good management practices that can be used for all staff, regardless of school, department or area.

2017-18 ENABLE Absenteeism Management

  • November 30 2017                     9:00 – noon NDC E305
  • April 24 2018                              9:00 – noon NDC E305


HR Staffing Skills for Managers

  • 2017-18 TBD


Additional workshops are in development. Dates and details for all sessions are posted here as they become available. If you are interested in knowing more about ENABLE, please contact Carrie Schaepe, Staff Learning and Development Specialist, at cschaepe@rrc.ca or 204.632.2043.