BRAVO Awards Program


Our President and CEO Paul Vogt has announced this year’s 11 BRAVO recipients in an e-mail to all staff in March. We are so proud of you!!!!

The 11 outstanding recipients are:

  • Rob Ataman – Hidden Hero
  • Lisa Carriere – Hidden Hero
  • Ron Mahon – Hidden Hero
  • Armenia Evaristo – Leadership at all Levels
  • Lauren Konrad – Leadership at all Levels
  • Kimberley Mitchell – Research Excellence
  • Jody Gillis – Safety Champion
  • Bradley West and Nora Sobel – Sustainability Leadership
  • Janine Carmichael – Teaching Excellence
  • Scott Savoy – Teaching Excellence

All recipients will be joined by a guest, their nominators, Paul Vogt and Chief HR Officer Lori L. Grandmont at this year’s BRAVO Recognition Luncheon on April 27, at our very own Jane’s Restaurant, where we will celebrate and honour your contributions to Red River College.

To see the full listing of recipients and nominees that Paul shared with employees, click the PDF link here -: BRAVO 2017.

The BRAVO Formal Award Program is the highest level of recognition for employees who put our College’s core values and leadership into action.This annual program involves the submission of an on-line nomination form (the nominator can be any RRC employee).

Click on one of the following awards to learn more.

Nomination forms are reviewed by a subcommittee of the Staff Awards and Recognition Committee and award recipients are selected annually.

Recipients of a BRAVO award each receive a $75 Red Card* and a beautiful etched glass award from Red River College. Recipients are also celebrated at a formal luncheon with members of the RRC Executive and are featured at the RED Forum. They also become the “face” of the next year’s promotional campaign for BRAVO!

*SARC reserves the right to distribute one $75 RED Card to a team to be shared among the team’s recipients in the event of larger team sizes.