What We Do

Collaborating with College leaders and stakeholders, we provide leadership and development opportunities to the following employee groups and programs (click on each for more information):

In addition to our focus areas, we also collaborate with other RRC learning community partners:

Faculty Learning and Development

  • Teacher Education – includes the Teaching Essentials Program (TEP), the Certificate in Adult Education (CAE) and other development opportunities

Organizational Learning Events

  • College Days offers a Learning Innovation Day and other educational experiences (coordinated by College Relations)

Information Technology Solutions – includes training sessions for employees on a range of IT areas

School of Indigenous Education – includes learning and development opportunities for employees such as the BA of Indigenous Studies (part-time) for RRC employees, as well as in-house workshops such as Working Effectively with Indigenous People. Contact the Indigenous Student Support and Community Relations department for more information.

External Vendors – We also work closely with reputable subject matter experts who provide training and/or facilitation services in priority areas such as leadership development.