Sustainability 365

From September 2011 – April 2012, a variety of Working Groups and College departments met regularly to decide how to advance the sustainability of their respective areas.

Groups were tasked with devising S.M.A.R.T. (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-sensitive) sustainability targets. Altogether these targets make up our one-year Sustainability Workplan.

We expect most of these targets to be wrapped up by June, 2013. This blog will provide updates on our progress. Unless otherwise noted, please contact Sara MacArthur ( for more info.

  • Establish an ongoing Buildings & Energy Working Group
  • Obtain LEED EBOM certification for one Notre Dame Campus (NDC) building
  • Review and upgrade direct digital control (DDC) systems at the Exchange District Campus (EDC)
  • Review water-cooled condensing at NDC

  • Conduct an inventory of greenhouse gas emissions (Scope 1, 2 & 3) at NDC and EDC
  • Complete a Climate Plan with anticipated reductions and paycheck periods

  • Increase EcoMug use to 55%
  • Increase annual expenditures on Fair Trade, regional and organic foods to 15%
  • Offer one complete protein vegan option at every meal
  • Develop a Green Catering Program
  • Establish an ongoing Dining Services Committee
  • Eliminate all Stryofoam packaging from food service outlets
  • Start a pilot program for reusable take-out food containers

  • Launch a Green Office Certification Program for staff and faculty
  • Implement sustainability in new student orientation
  • Establish a Staff Sustainability Committee
  • Offer a Sustainability Speakers Series
  • Create a green building tour program for students and staff
  • Measure staff and student ‘sustainability literacy’ at regular intervals
  • Create a ‘one-stop-shop’ for sustainability information on the College Portal

  • Develop a new scrap metal recycling program at NDC
  • Form a Paper Reduction Task Force to address paper use in offices and classrooms
  • Implement a post-consumer compost program at the Paterson GlobalFoods Institute (PGI)
  • Establish a Waste & Recycling Oversight Committee with representatives from RRC, Waste Management and Phoenix Recycling
  • Conduct a waste audit at NDC and EDC
  • Use waste audit results to develop strategies to improve recycling compliance and waste reduction
  • Expand the e-waste recycling program

  • Implement the “Student Life Program” for immigrant and international students
  • Implement the “College Preparation and Orientation Program” for immigrant and international students
  • Implement the “Professional Mentorship Program for Imaging Technologist” for immigrant and international students
  • Expand the Diversity and Immigrant Student Support Department at the Exchange District Campus
  • Hire an Employment Equity & Diversity Coordinator

For more information on the these targets, contact Nadia Mahmood (, Manager of Diversity and Immigrant Student Support.

  • Approve a new Sustainability Policy that incorporates social, economic and environmental factors
  • Approve a new Green Building Policy to guide construction renovation, leases and operations
  • Embed sustainability principles in a revised Purchasing Policy
  • Complete the Campus Master Plan
  • Establish the framework for a long-range Sustainability Strategic Plan

  • Offer one sustainability professional development opportunity within the Faculty Development Program
  • Establish an ongoing Academic Sustainability Working Group
  • Engage Program Advisory Committees in discussions on sustainability best practices
  • Develop a co-curricular sustainability resource for Faculty use in program orientations
  • Promote sustainability efforts by Faculty