Forget this Network! Reconnecting to RRCWireless

September 8, 2014 • Written by

Wireless at RRCThe Red River College Library receives plenty of inquiries about the wireless networks on all our Winnipeg campuses. Our goal is to help all our library patrons, though we always have to be clear that we do not control or manage the wireless networks here at RRC. At the Library we are users, just like you!

In fact, it is the Information Technology Department that manages the wireless networks at the Notre Dame Campus and throughout the Exchange District Campus.

Are you a Returning Student? Forget this Network!


If you are, you likely had to reset your password over the summer. When you return to the college, make sure that any of your devices, such as cell phones or tablets, also have your new password in their settings.

Q: How do you do update your wireless password?
A: Forget this network!

Just ask your device to “Forget this Network” and then setup the network fresh.


When you ask your device to “forget this network”, always keep in mind that it was likely trying to actively connect to the wireless with a bad password. This would have caused the college’s wireless system to lock out your device. So, when you reconnect with your username and your new password it may still not connect. It is probably locked out!

Wait 30 minutes after you “Forget this Network” for your locked-out device to be re-allowed to connect to RRCWireless.

Laptops – Mac and PC

If you have a laptop, you may not need to “Forget this Network”.  You can likely just login with your new password when your computer challenges you for credentials.  However, you may still have to wait 30 minutes for your laptop to cease being locked out.  Just put in your new password, and wait for the lock-out period to expire (30 minutes).

Additional Help

We offer additional help at our Library Helpdesks:

  • Notre Dame Campus – Library Computer Lab (8AM to 4PM)
  • Exchange District Campus – Lower Learning Commons (8AM to 4PM)

As well we have a web page with extensive wireless resources and guides:


Welcome Back RRC Students

September 5, 2014 • Written by

welcome 2

Did you know that Student Employment Services offers FREE assistance with:

  • Job-seeking strategies
  • Cover letter writing
  • Resume development
  • Interview preparation
  • Employment application forms
  • Student and Alumni job board (

Make an appointment today to see how Student Employment Services can assist you!

Contact us at 204.632.3966 or e-mail to schedule an appointment!

Diversity and Intercultural Services welcomes you to Red River College!

August 28, 2014 • Written by

Team pictureDiversity and Intercultural Services offers support programs to help immigrant and international students be successful in their integration into the local culture, the College environment and the Canadian labour force. We also provide support programs to students, faculty and staff to ensure that the learning environment is inclusive and respectful of diversity and to develop valuable intercultural skills necessary in today’s global work environment. Diversity and Intercultural Services also coordinates the LGBTT* Initiative that provides educational opportunities and resources to build communication, understanding and respect for diversity throughout the College.

Student Integration Services

All Immigrant and international students can access the Student Integration Services for cultural or settlement supports that will facilitate your integration to the College environment and the local community. Student Integration Coordinators work with you to find solutions, offer advocacy and build support plans to help meet your integration needs.

Notre Dame Campus and Stevenson Campus Contact: Norlan Page, Student Integration Coordinator at 204-631-3309 or email

Exchange District Campus and Regional Campuses Contact: Lauren Konrad, Student Integration Coordinator at 204-631-3345 or email

Language Training Centre Contact: Jillian Hoogland, Student Integration Coordinator at 204-945-8776 or email

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The Intercultural Mentorship Program: Learning about each other

August 25, 2014 • Written by

MAWOD_Event_084A growing body of evidence suggests that multicultural engagement is a predictor of subsequent career success. Not merely being exposed to a multicultural environment, but actually being actively engaged with these environments greatly improves creativity and enhances personal and professional prospects. Spending time with people from different cultures will help build intercultural intelligence which is an increasingly valuable skill in a globalized setting.

One of the programs that Red River College runs through Diversity and Intercultural Services is the Intercultural Mentorship Program (formerly known as the Cultural and Language Mentorship Program) whose vision is to provide students and staff with a successful intercultural mentoring relationship, contributing to empowered students, work-ready graduates and richly diverse, healthy communities for all.

The Intercultural Mentorship Program is a Local-Global partnership that pairs immigrant and international students with Canadian-raised students or staff for friendship and intercultural exchange. There are benefits on all sides: participants get to make a new friend, network, improve intercultural communication skills, learn to work with culturally diverse individuals, explore the city together, participate in events, and step out of their comfort zone and try out new things!

Last year, 298 students successfully completed the Intercultural Mentorship Program! 24 participants were staff at the College, which just goes to show the level of commitment and interest our staff has in connecting with students on a personal level and developing valuable relationships. Let’s have a look at some of the experiences our staff have had as Local Mentor Partners in the Intercultural Mentorship Program. Read More →

You are invited to a Welcoming Celebration

August 25, 2014 • Written by

RRC’s Aboriginal Student Support & Community Relations team will host a Welcoming Celebration for students on Thursday, September 4, from noon to 1pm, at the Notre Dame Campus.

Students have a lot on their minds when going back to school — like housing, buying textbooks, and just finding their way around campus. The Welcoming Celebration offers a break from it all — complete with a free lunch and the chance to meet other students while being entertained by comedian Don Burnstick.

Date: Thursday, September 4, 2014
Time: Doors open at 11:15am, Comedy Show starts at 12:00pm

Place: F209, Aboriginal Support Centre (Notre Dame Campus)

For more information, please call 204.632.3773.10624580_698793283527662_5540103753911227896_n[1]

RRC Students Win International Student of the Year Awards

July 21, 2014 • Written by

Two Red River College international students were recognized this week in a ceremony at Red River College. The International Student of the Year Awards, offered by the Manitoba Council for International Education (MCIE) and the International Education Branch of the Government of Manitoba (IEB) recognize the contributions of international students to the Manitoba community. Three students are selected each year in Secondary, Post-Secondary, and Language Programs Categories.

AndyThe recipient of the award for Post-Secondary Students, Andy Thong Quoc Pham, has been a student at Red River College since 2013, completing language studies in the Language Training Centre before starting the Hospitality and Tourism Management program at the Paterson GlobalFoods Institute in the Exchange District Campus. Since his arrival as a new international student from Vietnam, Andy has made important leadership contributions to our student community. Not only has he excelled academically, but Andy has been intensely involved in campus life, volunteering to represent his class on the Student Advisory Board and participating as a Global Mentor in the Cultural and Language Mentor Program. He also completed the Ally Training with the LGBTT* Initiative and successfully launched an “LGBTT* and Friends Club” on campus. Andy is outgoing and friendly, and reaches out to support and advocate for his classmates and others on campus.  As he enters the second year of his program, Andy plans to maintain a high GPA and run for an elected position on the Students’ Association Executive.

RaeThe Language Program Award winner, Rae Ting Ting Shi, graduated from the Red River College Language Training Centre (LTC) in April of 2014. During her time at the LTC, Rae was proactive, organized and resourceful as she worked to improve her English skills. She also contributed to LTC community with her positive attitude, creativity and flexibility. She participated in both class and College events and even took it upon herself to organize potlucks and other activities for her fellow students. Since completing her studies at Red River College, Rae plans to pursue a career in Early Childhood Education.

On June 15, Andy and Rae were presented with their awards, which include a certificate signed by the Minister of Education and Advanced Learning and a monetary prize of $200. They will also be recognized in the Fall at the Annual Welcome Party for Immigrant and International Students.

These students embody the best aspects of our wonderful and diverse international student body. Congratulations to our two very deserving winners!

Story written by Norlan Page, Student Integration Coordinator, Diversity and Intercultural Services.

Let’s disagree agreeably!

June 27, 2014 • Written by


A simple altercation between two students can be a pivotal moment to learn conflict resolution in Canada.

Not too long ago, my international students were puzzling out different ways to analyze a case in the news. Everybody was caught up in the activity until a loud annoying noise startled the whole class. Two students were throwing angry words at each other. Incessant shouting caused a massive disturbance; therefore, I was compelled to diffuse the tension and give my students a lesson on how to resolve a disagreement nicely. My students learned the following practical steps:

–        Listen well to the person disagreeing

–        Focus well on the issue and not on the person

–        Express opinion calmly by using softeners such as “I see your point, but I see things differently” and “Oh that’s an interesting way to look at it; however, I may have to say that…..”

My students finally understood that taking issue with someone need not be stressful and confrontational. Indeed, they realized that knowing clearly and appropriately how to deal with a conflict in Canada means gaining trust, respect and opportunities.

Submitted by Jules Mejia, Intensive English for International Students (IEIS) Instructor, RRC’s Language Training Centre

⇒ Check out the Language Training Centre’s microsite ( to find out more about RRC’s communication programs for international students and permanent residents.

Enrolment Services Office Closure Friday June 20 8:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.

June 20, 2014 • Written by

The following Enrolment Services Offices will be closed today Friday, June 20, 8:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. morning,  for a staff meeting.

  • Student Service Centre – D101 Notre Dame Campus
  • Registrar’s Office – D105 Notre Dame Campus
  • Student Service Centre – P104 Roblin Centre
Students can visit Continuing Education office (C116) between 8 and 1 for assistance however staff in that office are only able to accept debit and credit card or cheque payments. Students wishing to pay with cash can visit the Controller’s Office in C212 between 8 and 11:30 (closed for lunch 11:30-1).
All offices will reopen on Friday at 1:00 p.m.