Roll for Relief and Relaxation

March 24, 2017 • Written by

Lets be honest when you read that title you didn’t think you’d be reading an article on foam rolling.  Some of the most common questions we get in our fitness centre are “What are those things? What am I suppose to do with it?  Does it really work?  When we get these question most people are referring to foam rollers.  Read More →

Professional Perspective: What you know vs. Who you know

March 20, 2017 • Written by
How about some more Professional Perspective, where industry professionals share their insights regarding various employment-related topics?

aZain Ali, Human Resource Manager at Domo Gasoline Corporation Ltd. is back with more of his professional perspective. Zain’s professional perspective comes from an accumulation of his personal experience as an international student and his professional work experience within various industries, and now as a Human Resource Manager.

Today’s question is:

Why should students and new graduates consider networking as they prepare to enter the world of work?

networkingZain’s Professional Perspective

Is networking important? Will it help me in landing a job? Shouldn’t I just apply for the jobs?

These are some of the questions that I hear when it comes to networking. I strongly believe that networking is a crucial step in succeeding in your career in any industry. Just don’t confuse networking with a quick-fix pill that will solve all your job searching challenges in one snap.

Networking typically does not cost a lot of money, but it does cost time and effort to build the human connection that is vital to networking your way to a job. Being at the right networking events, you can help you form relationships with people who can help you land your next job.

Networking has so many more benefits than just securing a job:

1. Friendship goals

“A friend in need is a friend indeed.” We all like to give advice, and sometimes require a little ourselves. Books can teach you a lot, but an experienced friend, colleague, and mentor can help you navigate the many surprises that your career has to offer! Having a great network can equip you with strategies and supports that you need to manage your job search process.

2. Opportunities

Sometimes, through networking, you can land monetary benefits like a job, joint ventures, client leads, and partnerships to a start-up. Who knows, you could be the next Steve Jobs and start a business from your garage, or you may be the most wanted asset to an organization! Don’t hesitate to show where you stand and what you bring to the table at networking events.

3. Becoming known

Getting noticed is a huge benefit of networking. Attending networking events will certainly help others to take interest in you and this may present opportunities or customer referrals that can set you up for long term success.

4. Positive influence

“Birds of the same feather flock together.” You are who you hang out with. At networking events, you may get positively influenced to do something great. Or, people may get influenced by your ideologies that can launch the next big thing… you!

5. The 2 Cs

Not everyone is able to stand in front of hundreds of people and give a speech. Those who can are either natural public speakers or have devoted countless hours to practicing the art of public speaking. Attending networking events can help you build the 2 Cs – confidence and character. Believe me when I say, I had stage fright, too! But Toastmasters, charity events, networking events, and best man speeches helped me overcome this fear and allowed me to speak confidently in front of a huge crowd! No matter the size, I can now woo the audience with my speech!

Often, it is what you know and who you know that help you land a great career. Not just one of them.

For more information on networking, visit Student Employment Services’ Online Employment Resources or book an appointment with an RRC Employment Advisor at 204.632.3966 or

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Employer on-Campus: Walmart Canada – Accelerated Leadership Program

March 20, 2017 • Written by

Calling all students graduating by Spring 2017 who are looking to jump-start a career in management!

Walmart Canada we will be hiring graduates from across Canada directly into full-time permanent Assistant Manager roles through Walmart Canada’s Accelerated Leadership Program. The selected graduates will launch their career in Store Operations with a 12-week leadership development program that is a combination of classroom theory and hands on experience managing store operations in a fast paced-retail environment.

Why should you apply?Walmart1

  • Opportunity to discover the inner workings of one of the most successful companies in the world
  • Best in class training and development
  • Multiple and diverse career opportunities
  • Starting base salary of $50k+, Annual bonus, Deferred Profit Share Plan, Associate Stock Purchase Plan, associate discount
  • 3 Weeks’ vacation and full benefits effective on your start date

Join us to learn more about Walmart Canada’s Accelerated Leadership Program!

Thursday, March 30, 2017
Black Lecture Theatre
Notre Dame Campus, 2055 Notre Dame Avenue
12:00 noon to 1:00 pm

Register online at:
If you have difficulty registering contact Student Employment Services at 204.632.3966.


Office 365 available to students

March 17, 2017 • Written by

On Monday, March 27, Red River College IT Solutions will begin the process of providing all currently registered students with access to Microsoft Office 365. Registered students will be able to use the online version of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneDrive.

In addition to the online versions of these applications, students will also have access to download and install the Microsoft Office 2016 suite on up to 5 devices.

Further documentation and frequently asked questions related to Office 365 are available on the ITS Support website which can be found at

TSN’s Michael Landsberg is Coming to RRC on March 22 and You’re Invited

March 17, 2017 • Written by

Michael Landsberg, TSN sports journalist and a face of Bell Let’s Talk Day, is bringing his #SICKNOTWEAK talk to Red River College. Come listen to his talk, ask questions and take part in a meet & greet! Help us break down the stigma related to Mental Health Problems – presented by Healthy Minds, Healthy College.

Date : Wednesday, March 22, 2017
Time: 12:00pm – 1:30pm
Where: North Gym, Notre Dame Campus – Livestreaming will be available at all other campuses

This event is for ALL staff, faculty and students. Come early for a FREE pizza & pop lunch!

Check out this video from Michael promoting his visit to RRC >> Landsberg digital invite

2017 Peace Award recipient sharing his experience in Canada

March 13, 2017 • Written by

Red River College recognizes and honours the tremendous potential of students who come from various backgrounds. In order to celebrate stories of courage, strength and determination, Diversity and Intercultural Services has implemented the Peace Award, presented annually to current students in full-time academic programs who entered Canada as refugees or refugee claimants. To be eligible for the award, applicants must submit a 1,000-word essay that discusses their adjustment and experience in living and learning in Canada, why they decided to take their current program at RRC and how the Peace Award will help them succeed in reaching their career and life goals. This year’s recipient of a $1,000 Peace Award is Wasim Alkabani.

The Peace Award recognizes Wasim for his strength and determination and for demonstrating perseverance in reaching his educational goals while adapting to a new life in Canada. Wasim arrived in Canada from Syria through the Student Refugee Program and, although he’s not new to travelling and settling in new cities has never been an easy step for him, seeing his name on the big signs with WUSC and RRC logos and 15 people waiting and cheering for him at the airport was overwhelming: “Suddenly the feeling of uncertainty was replaced with intimacy as I was introducing myself to all those lovely people.”

Wasim had graduated from Damascus University with a BA in Finance in 2009, and accounting was one of the key courses each year of the program so it only made sense for him to continue in the Applied Accounting Program at the Exchange District Campus: “I started attending all my classes and I was very enthusiastic about my program as it was something I’m interested in. I was amazed by the teaching techniques and the courses taught at my college and how it’s designed to reflect on the work environment and to get students ready to be a part of the Canadian business community. Approaching our instructors who are always willing to support in everything is something I first experienced here and it has been a big help for me through my studies.”

Wasim made lots of friends while studying at Red River College and staff and classmates helped him experience new activities and events in Winnipeg: “I had the chance to explore the city and visit different parts of it. I enjoyed Santa’s parade which displayed an amazing tradition and celebration of the city. I had a blast trying skating for the first time in my life at the Forks and which in return made me set plans to try other Canadian sports such as hokey, ice fishing and skiing… I was invited to many houses and joined different celebrations that reflected the true values of diversity and mutual respect that Canada stands for.”

In terms of planning and future goals, Wasim would like to continue specializing in his chosen field: Accounting while also supporting his family in Syria who are still experiencing conflict and donate part of his Award to Children’s Wish foundation: “to help draw a smile on a child’s face.”

“I look back to where I was six months ago”, Wasim reflects, “in an area with the biggest ongoing conflicts where I needed to struggle for the simplest rights to have a decent living. And I look to where I stand now, and I feel proud that I made it to this great country and that I have the privilege of living by the honorable values of the Canadian culture and be an active member in the society.”

We congratulate Wasim for his outstanding self-reflection and for sharing his experience and success story with the College community so that we can all celebrate Diversity and potential.

For more info on the Peace Award, please contact Gabriela Ludusan, Mentorship Program Coordinator at or 204-632-3847.

Wasim being welcomed at the airport by RRC staff and students.

Wasim skating

Wasim and his first skating adventure!




Career Fair: Rotary Career Symposium 2017

March 10, 2017 • Written by

Rotary Career Symposium 2017

Tuesday, March 14: 6 pm – 8 pm
Wednesday, March 15:  9 am – 3 pm
Thursday, March 16:  9 am – 3 pm

RBC Convention Centre Winnipeg
375 York Avenue

Created to showcase leading industries, employment and educational opportunities in Manitoba and beyond, the Rotary Career Symposium is a unique event to help expand your career possibilities! From Aerospace to Law, Trades to Government, Hospitality to Technology, more than 185 Exhibit booths and 30 speaker sessions are included in the two-day event. Featuring both business and educational leaders to help you to update your career profile, it’s the largest and most comprehensive event of its kind in Canada. Don’t miss out!

For event details, click here: Rotary Career Symposium 2017


For more information on how to prepare for career fairs, visit Student Employment Services’ Online Employment Resources or book an appointment with an RRC Employment Advisor at 204.632.3966 or




Professional Perspective: Be the solution employers need

March 9, 2017 • Written by
Welcome back to Professional Perspective where industry professionals share their insights regarding various employment related topics!

Wendy Ferris, Partner at inVision Edge, is answering today’Wendy Ferriss question. Wendy’s professional perspective comes from years of working in human resources and now collaborating with amazing business owners, leaders and teams, creating strategies and driving innovation to achieve results.

Today’s question:

Why is innovation a must-have for today’s new grads?


Wendy’s Professional Perspective

In the business world, the speed of change is only increasing. In addition, consumers are now more educated and have more choice and accessibility to products and services than ever before. Companies are looking for new ways to compete and stand out.

The innovative employee is a rare commodity. Companies are looking for employees who understand the business, take initiative and offer solutions that make business sense.

I’m not talking about the clichéd and typical suggestion boxes here.  It is time for smart solutions that positively impact customers, employees, AND the bottom-line.

So how can you prepare yourself to make a difference for your employers and stand out by coming up with great ideas and solutions? Good news! You don’t need to be Steve Jobs to be innovative!  Here are some quick tips to point you in the right direction:

1. Don’t lose your creative mojo

The greatest thing about students like you is that you are fresh, energetic and eager. Use that energy to generate ideas by doing research and finding stimulus to make sure you are coming up with something new. Work with teams and others, get their thoughts and collaborate. The quality of your ideas radically improves by adding the diversity of others to the process.

Notice that I didn’t suggest “brainstorming”. That’s because traditional brainstorming methods will only result in ideas that are already percolating in your head. Push yourself to look at patents, trends, markets, insights, tech and dig deep to come up with new ideas. Once you get started, it gets fun! You’d be surprised at how much you can find in as little as an hour!

2. Critically think it through

It doesn’t take long to find the example of the passionate, unsuccessful inventor on Dragon’s Den. Avoid that. I’m glad that you love your idea…but will anyone else? Ideas are really a dime a dozen. But smart ideas are rare. So spend time critically thinking it through. Will it really work? Is it really all that unique? Now’s the time to think of all the things that may get in the way of your idea working. Test it out before you present it. Do a survey or conduct focus groups and get customer or user input. (Warning: don’t rely on just your family and friends opinions…get out there and get real feedback from people who aren’t worried about hurting your feelings!)

3. Get over it

So you got input that told you that your idea has flaws? GREAT! Now you have information to work with and the opportunity to build and improve your idea. Don’t waste time over analyzing…test your ideas, learn from the information, and ACT.  Make decisions. Make improvements. But do it quickly. This is not the time for analysis paralysis.

4. Make a case

I’m sorry, but any idea that doesn’t have a math model along with it isn’t worth listening to. Your boss is going to want to know what it is going to cost, how much revenue it will make or how it is going to save money for the company. What is the ROI on your idea? How long will it take to pay off the investment? What problem are you solving? Who is your customer? Make sure you are ready to communicate your idea clearly, confidently and with data. If math isn’t your thing, find someone who can help you. Your idea might be fantastic; but no math, no green light.

I guarantee you that if you can present your boss with smart, well thought out ideas with a business case…you will stand out.

Just remember who gave you this advice when you become my boss, k?

For more information on how to prepare for your job search, visit Student Employment Services’ Online Employment Resources or book an appointment with an RRC Employment Advisor at 204.632.3966 or

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Professional Perspective Red River College Student Employment Services

Employer on-Campus: StandardAero

March 6, 2017 • Written by

Aero Spaces featuring StandardAero

Make the industry connections to help your career take flight!

Stop by the Stevenson Campus student lounge, grab a coffee, and connect with representatives from StandardAero to gain industry insights on what you can do now to help your aerospace and aviation career take off!standardaero

March 22, 2017
11:00 am – 1:00 pm
Main Floor – Student Lounge
Stevenson Campus
Refreshments provided

For additional information, contact Student Employment Services at 204.632.3966 or email


Connect with a Student Employment Advisor at Stevenson Campus

March 6, 2017 • Written by

Do you have questions about employment? We can help!

Are you looking for a part-time job or need help launching your career after graduation? RRC’s Student Employment Services can assist with:

  • job search strategies
  • cover letter and resume writing
  • interview preparation
  • access to job postings on
Wednesday, March 22, 2017
11:00 am – 1:00 pm
Main Floor Student Lounge
Stevenson Campus

For additional information, contact Red River College’s Student Employment Services at 204.632.3966 or email