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September 1, 2017 • Written by

Research has shown that being physically active has a positive effect on the academic success of college and university students.

Playing on a varsity sport team is a great way to meet new people, stay active and enhance valuable skills such as leadership, organizational and communication that will help you secure future employment.

You must be a full-time student at Red River College to participate.  We encourage you to fill out our recruiting form prior to attending the tryouts so we can connect you with one of coaches.
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If you want to pull on our jersey and be a Rebel, then we want to see you out at one of our upcoming tryouts.

Interested students should bring their student ID’s, proof of health insurance, and appropriate sport clothing to tryouts

We encourage you to fill out our recruiting form prior to attending the tryouts. Read More →

Registration Now Open for Spring Fitness Classes

March 22, 2016 • Written by

Red River College Athletics and Recreation Services offers Group Fitness Programs suited to all interests and fitness levels. Our highly trained and enthusiastic instructors will lead you through a fun and challenging workout suited to you.

Registered Programs for 2016 Spring Term

Classes scheduled for spring term.

Spring Fling with Jesse and Lesley. Tuesdays from 12:05pm to 12:50pm. A quick 3 class session to be used as your wellness bridge from Winter to Spring Terms!

Yoga with Amanda on Mondays from 4:15pm to 5:15pm

Boot Camps with Jesse on Tuesdays from 12:05pm to 12:50pm

Dynamic Core with Lesley on Thursdays from 12:05pm to 12:50pm

Fitness Classes Now Free for Students!!!

Starting in 2016, all Fitness Classes are free to use for RRC Students. Students can fill out Fitness Class registration form, minus payment, and drop it off at GM20 in the North Gym or email to Recreation Coordinator Cole Skinner @ Students are also welcome to drop in the fitness classes as well, provided space is available.


Spring Classes will start April 5th and run until June 27th.

Drop in cards for 5 or 10 classes per term can also be purchased.


To register for a class download the 2016 Spring Fitness Classes Registration Form, if your staff, alumni or community user fill it out and take it to the Student Service Centre to make a payment.  If you are a student, please complete form and drop off at front desk in the North Gym.

Happy New Year from your Students’ Association!

January 11, 2016 • Written by

MATRIXRRCSAHello Red Carpet readers and happy New Year! Hard to Believe that 2016 has come already but we’re excited for all of the great events and activities on the way for Red River College.

We’ve Gone Digital! Be sure to check out our first ever exclusively online Projector issue this week. New issues come out every two weeks. You can read the message from your RRCSA executives as well as many interesting articles written by students. Did you know that anyone can write for the Projector!

Take a minute and read it online or visit

Do you want to improve your 2016 experience at Red River College? Sure you do, and the RRCSA has the best ways to do it!

Our top 5 ways to improve your 2016 at Red River College:

1. Cheer on the RRC Rebels at a home game!

2. Learn about many different cultures and meet new people by signing up for the Mentorship Program offered by Diversity and Intercultural Services.

3. Your Class Needs You! Become a leader and sign-up to a be a class rep or get involved with RRCSA, visit us online to find out when nominations are open.

4. Come out to one of our many after school events and make new friends!

5. Try some healthy fresh made food at our Notre Dame Campus in the Voyageur or head down to the Paterson GlobalFoods Institute in the Exchange District and try some culinary delights from our Culinary Arts Students in the Culinary Exchange!

Did we miss something? Want to stay informed? Follow us on Twitter @RRCSA and tweet us some ways you think students can improve their experience on campus

Upcoming Events:

  • The Career Fair 2016 January 27th and 28th. Held annually at the Notre Dame Campus businesses from all over the country come ready to hire our students! The RRCSA is offering a free shuttle bus for students to take from EDC to NDC. Guides will be available to take on January 18th.
  • Directions conference February 3rd 2016 @ the Canad Inns Polo Park.  This conference offers students a chance to speak directly with individuals who are working in their desired industry and these professionals offer information on how they made it there. Register early for your chance to win some great prizes including some Winnipeg Jets giveaways!
  • Class Rep Orientation – Follow our social media for dates and details. Want to be a leader? Keep yourself and your classmates better informed on events and news? Then become a class representative!

Get Fit for the New School Year! 2015 Fall Fitness Classes Starting Now!

September 10, 2015 • Written by

Red River College Athletics and Recreation Services offers Group Fitness Programs suited to all interests and fitness levels. Our highly trained and enthusiastic instructors will lead you through a fun and challenging workout suited to you.

Registered Programs For 2015 Fall Term

Here are some the classes already scheduled for next year! Check back later in the summer, we will have more classes to announce!

Boot Camps with Cameron on Mondays and Wednesdays from 12:05pm to 12:50pm

Yoga with Amanda on Mondays from 4:15pm to 5:15pm and Thursdays from 4:15pm to 5:15pm

20/20 Stack Training with Lesley on  Tuesdays and Thursdays from 11:05pm to 11:50pm

TRX Fusion with Cameron on Mondays from 11:05am to 11:50am.

Dynamic Core with Lesley on Tuesdays from 12:05pm to 12:50pm and Thursdays from 12:05pm to 12:50pm.

Pilates with Jill on Wednesdays from 11:05am to 11:50am.

Cardio Fusion with Ming on Tuesdays from 4:15pm to 5:00pm.

Back Care with Andrea on Wednesdays from 4:15pm to 5:00pm

NEW This Year!! Feature Friday!

This ten session course will feature all of our great instructors! You will be able to try a wide array of fitness classes within the term, everything from yoga to spin class to boot camp! Along with this great variety, the class will be free to all students! A great way to experience a variety of fitness options here at RRC. Staff are also welcome to attend Feature Friday’s, for $70 they can attend all 10 classes.

Feature Friday Schedule for 2015 Fall Fitness Term


Regular classes will start September 21st and run until December 10th.

Drop in cards for 5 or 10 classes per term can also be purchased.

Free Week

Not quite ready to sign up? Want to try a class but not fully commit? Then Free Week is for you! September 14th-18th, all of our Fitness Classes are free to try. Bring a friend and have some fun!


To register for a class download the attached form, 2015 Fall Fitness Classes Registration Form fill it out and take it to the Student Service Centre to make a payment.

****EDC/Downtown Students and Staff.

Sport Manitoba is offering Fall Fitness Classes this year that will also be open to RRC Students and Staff. With the Sport For Life Centre only a few blocks away in the exchange, this is an excellent option for those working/studying downtown and looking to participate in Fitness Classes.

Click Here for more information.

Lunch and Learn Series: Spring Session

March 17, 2015 • Written by

Rebels Athletics and Recreation Services are excited to bring the Lunch and Learn series to the college this school year. Come participate and interact with fitness, exercise, and wellness professionals as they present on wide array of active living topics.

2015 Spring Session

First Session – Nutrition Myths Busted

Date: Monday, March 30
Time: 12:00-1:00pm
Location: Green Lecture Theatre
Host: Janelle Vincent

Whole grain bread or rye bread? Butter or margarine?  Gluten or no gluten?  If you’ve asked yourself these questions, come and join us for this exciting Lunch and Learn, where we will discuss healthy eating and bust nutrition myths!

About the HostJanelle Head Shot 1 (1) (3)

Janelle is a Registered Dietitian with a passion for sport!  She completed a Kinesiology degree prior to her Human Nutritional Sciences degree and recently completed the IOC Diploma in Sports Nutrition.  She was a Bison athlete in Cross-Country and Track and Field and is also a Competition Development (Level 3) trained coach in Athletics.  She currently works with various athletes and teams representative of various levels of competition, from endurance to strength/power to precision/skill sports.

Her goals in sport nutrition are to combine both university degrees and her sporting background to help high performance athletes achieve their athletic goals by guiding them in properly fuelling their bodies.

 Second Session –
Running Efficiency: How to Train: Best practices!

Date: Wednesday, April 22
Time: 12:00-1:00pm
Location: North Gym
Host: Sheldon Reynolds

Whether you are training for soccer, ultimate Frisbee or a marathon there are basic similarities in running strides. Participants should wear running attire. Dress in layers. Shorts, t-short, sweats or tights and a sweatshirt or light jacket.  You will learn, technique, training, and nutrition in preparation for competition. If you have any specific questions regarding specific training for a 10km, ½ marathon….bring them!

cold7 (2)About the Host

Sheldon Reynolds, a  lifelong runner will facilitate this active session. He has coached learn to train athletes as well as adult instructors in the Athletics Canada Run, jump and Throw program. Sheldon is an endurance athlete in the Active for life stage that has competed in races from 1,500 meters to the marathons and completed Ironman Wisconsin in 2010.

Third Session – Biking 101-Part 1

Date: Wednesday, May 13
Time: 12:00-1:00pm
Location: Green Lecture Theatre
Host: Dave Elmore

Biking basics: Sizing and purchasing advise on where to get a bike and as well where to purchase bikes from. Basic maintenance and preparing for your bike ride also discussed.

About the Host

Head shot 1 (2)Dave Elmore is a certified CAN-Bike Master Instructor and was a founding  member of Bike Winnipeg.  He served as the Director of Safety and Education for over 6 years and  remains active serving on several committees. CAN-Bike is a national program run by Cycling Canada offering a variety of courses on all aspects of cycling safety and skills. An avid road and commuter cyclist, Dave has been commuting by bike from Charleswood to downtown for over 25 years. He is also the project manager for Bike Week Winnipeg and the former project manager of Bike to School Winnipeg (now coordinated by Green Action Centre). A regular volunteer at The WRENCH, Dave enjoys building and repairing bikes of all kinds.


Fourth Session – Biking 101-Part 2

Date: Wednesday, May 27
Time: 12:00-1:00pm
Location: PH Staff Parking
Host: Dave Elmore

Taking it on the road: ABC Quick Check – how to quickly check that your bike is safe to ride.  Skill component: learn some basic and often overlooked skills that can help you be more confident and safe on your bike. (straight line riding (w/shoulder checks and signals), rock dodge, quick turns, panic stops). Please bring your own bike to this session. Rec services has a limited amount of bikes that can be used.


January 16, 2015 • Written by

Rebels Athletics and Recreation Services along with the Student Association are hosting three Intramural Special Events this year in a variety of sports. This is great way to meet new people, relieve stress and be active! All events cost $10.00 each, so this is an affordable way to get exercise and participate in some fun sports! Each event is open to all RRC staff and students. Door prizes and a player’s lounge are a part of every event.

To participate, print the 2015 Winter Intramurals Registration Form and take it to either The OX on Notre Dame Campus or The Mercantile in the Exchange Campus to register. Deadline to register for each event is the Wednesday prior to.

birdie copySaturday January 24- Rebels Badminton Classic
Location: North Gym
Time: 8am-4pm
Cost: $10 per person. Can enter as many categories as you wish
Categories: Men’s and Women’s Singles and Doubles and Mixed Doubles

Saturday February 7th-Rebels Floor Hockey
Location: North and South Gyms
Time: 8am-4pm
Cost: $10 per person
Categories: Register as a team or a Free Agent. 5 players to a team including goalie.

Saturday March 21st- March Madness 3vs3 Basketball
Location: North
Time: 8am-4pm
Cost: $10 per person
Categories: Register as a team or a Free Agent. Men’s and Women’s Divisions. Max 5 players per team, 3 on the court at one time.

For further information please contact Athletics and Recreation Coordinator Cole Skinner at 632-2397 or

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The Ways of Gratitude

January 2, 2015 • Written by

By Mario De Negri, Fitness Coordinator for Athletics and Recreation Services


I’d like to take a few blogs and talk about ways to achieve gratitude. If you were at the “Say YES to Everything” talk we spoke briefly about how this applies to the work of acceptance. Gratitude is a very selfless state. Different actions can be ways to gratitude but we are ultimately looking to be living the state. When we exercise these actions they strengthen us to see things that we might not be seeing given we’ve choose to block them or not be aware of them. These actions when practiced on a regular basis start to become the new “normal” and within this state we see things the way they are and that becomes more frequent.  

Seeing things for the way they are makes it feel difficult to be grateful. How can I be grateful when my girlfriend dumps me, or when my friend doesn’t seem to have to work as hard as me to make more money? All of this can be true only if we resist seeing the real picture. I’m not saying these things don’t make happy feelings but what I’m saying is that with practice of gratitude when these things happen we are better equipped to manage these feelings.

Avoiding comparison is a tough one because we are programmed to want to keep up with the Jones’s. That if we don’t happen to have what others have then we are somehow less worthy of receiving. This is very dangerous as this thought process is the very reason we are not receiving abundance. Being able to not compare ourselves leaves us open to focus on the things we do have. This will lead us to more gratitude. I know I want the car with heated seats but if my suffering is coming from a place because someone else has what I want then I am the one who suffers not them. Instead being grateful I own a car at all, or even that I am lucky to know someone who can have a car with heated seats invites more happiness and lets the world unfold for me without my resisting or trying. So by comparing ourselves to others only limits us from our true greatness. When we can accept ourselves for who and where we are then the gates of gratitude will open.

Appreciation is also another action to achieve gratitude. When we appreciate the space we are in presently then we invite more joy into our lives. If we harbour resentment to our situation it will continue us on a path of suffering. It is easy to reject the cold winter, to spend a whole season living for the spring to come without any appreciation for the now. It takes discipline to find appreciation for where we are at. I appreciate the winter as it gives me more cuddle time with my friends and loved ones. I appreciate that the trees can be at such ease, almost unaffected by the cold. I appreciate I can walk freely in the sun without fear of my personal safety or how quiet and calm the winter can be. There are many opportunities to feel appreciation but we must discipline ourselves to the reality of life.

Another thing we can do for gratitude is care for my body. This again is an easy one to neglect as we take it for granted. We expect it to walk and move and breath and heal for us but we so seldom give anything back. We must look at our body as a relationship much like another person and treat it with the same love we want to receive from others. We cannot be in happy relationships if we never do our part to create a feeling of being grateful. We tend to be the worse towards ourselves over everything else. So taking some time to care for my body, with some gentle loving, stretching, and moving, feeding it well will lead to gratitude. When we care for our bodies it will care for us. This is the universal principal to happiness when it becomes a cycle state of constant giving and receiving. We must first be willing to give and be willing to receive.

Try out some of these and just keep them in mind, or write them down on post notes to thank-youleave on a mirror or stove. Do not judge yourself if you forget or move into a state of ungrateful. Just watch it and when you see it gently make the change. Play with it and leave it everywhere so you are consistently reminded of why you can be grateful.




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Exam and Holiday Operating Hours

December 7, 2014 • Written by

During the exam and holidays the the North Gym, South Gym, Loft and EDC Fitness Facility operate under reduced hours due to exams being in the gyms and general College closures. The hours are as follows:

North Gym and Loft hours for exams and holidays

From December 12 to the 19th the North Gym and Loft will operate under reduced hours due to exams

Exams hours Read More →

RRC Hosts 6th Annual International Futsal Tournament – Team ATO Takes Home the Win

December 5, 2014 • Written by

FutsalNov 2014 2FlippedOn Saturday, November 29th both the North and South Gym were full of futsal enthusiasts who came out to play in this year’s Annual International Futsal Tournament. The tournament is put on each year by the Athletics and Recreation Services in partnership with Diversity and Intercultural Services.

With an increase in both team and individual registrations, the tournament offered a smooth round-robin challenge to 10 teams made up of Red River College students representing all corners of campus life. With a large international student turn out, the college-wide event attracted students from regional campus, Stevenson aviation campus, the Language Training Centre, the Exchange District and Notre Dame Campuses. Teams representing countries such as Brazil, India, Germany and Armenia added a global flavor to the day.

The tournament boiled down to show off between team Farcelona and team ATO. Leading the final game, Team ATO took home the annual trophy, making their mark as the 2014-2015 champions. Big congratulations to Anderson Pires Pereira for winning this year’s tournament door prize.

The event is made possible by a combination of Red River Rebels events staff from the Athletics and Recreation Department and student volunteers from the Canadian Connection program. The students work hard to run a smooth operation, ensuring all players and spectators enjoy the day.

With an increase in our international student population, we look forward to seeing which teams and skills will take to the courts next year to play in RRC’s Annual International Futsal challenge.

Written by: Lauren Konrad, Student Integration Coordinator (EDC)

Get in the game at RRC!

November 13, 2014 • Written by

Leonardo, Paulo and Bruno (l to r) near their classroom at the Language Training Centre

Sometimes stepping out of your comfort zone takes not just a step but a giant leap. It can be a challenge to get involved in extracurricular activities when you’re a busy college student. Or it can turn out the be the best thing for you!

Recently some students at RRC’s Language Training Centre (LTC) showed me the importance of getting involved. Leonardo Barros, Paulo Lima, and Bruno Lucena are International Students from Brazil. In preparation for their College program, they are first improving their English communication skills at the LTC. Leonardo says, “I came here without English. Nothing. Now I can speak a little bit and I understand most people.” Despite the challenges they face living and studying in a new culture, there was one thing they loved and knew they could do well – play soccer! So when they learned about the Rebels soccer team, they decided to take a risk and try out for the team.

Imagine making a college team, then realizing you will need to understand your coach, follow directions, and maintain a good rapport with your teammates – all when you are not yet fluent in the language of your team. But the Brazilian players met that challenge and saw it as an opportunity for growth. Bruno confesses, “We started a little shy because our English is not that good, but now we are okay. It’s all improving, you know.” About his teammates, he says “They need to have some patience with us . . . but yes we can communicate well – no problem.” Read More →

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