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Test yourself to success

September 12, 2014 • Written by

If you have a test coming up and want to do your best, this video is for you!

Recently researchers have taken a look at the best ways to study, and it turns out that self-testing is one of the most highly effective study strategies. Self-testing helps you remember more information than simply highlighting, re-reading…and certainly more than cramming the night before!

It takes no training to use this technique; you simply need to test yourself regularly as you learn new material. Below are suggestions for effective self-testing:

  1. First of all, ensure you have the right attitude. Ask yourself: Why is this course, this topic, this chapter interesting to you? Cultivate curiosity and light a passion for the subject at hand. Think about how you’ll be using this information in your new career. Keep yourself motivated, engaged and on task!
  2. Think like an instructor. Look over your course outline or syllabus as a whole. Identify the objectives of the course, and then the objective of each section or chapter. This will help you determine what details are important to learn, and what info you can most likely ignore. It’s always a good idea to double-check this with your instructor!
  3. When you’ve decided what to focus on, perform a memory dump. Write down all you know about the subject. Get it all out on paper. Then, review what you’ve written. What information is missing? What questions or details do you need to research to include to fill in the gaps? Turn these gaps into a test.
  4. After you are sure that you can’t fill in the gaps, do a little research. Look in your text, lecture notes or look online to fill in these gaps. Then, a few days later take the test again. Can you fill in the gaps?
  5. Don’t forget to test yourself on the things you knew on day one! If you don’t test yourself frequently on all areas of your course you run the chance of forgetting something important. Always sprinkle in questions about subjects and details that you know well with questions about topics or details you are just learning.

The Academic Success Centre at RRC offers free Tutoring, Weekly Review Sessions, Academic Coaching and EAL Support. Please come and visit us to sign up for these supports or for more info. We’re eager to connect you with the supports that can help you do your best at RRC.

Paths to Success – A Red River College Success Initiative

August 26, 2013 • Written by


Paths to Success is a student success initiative targeted to helping first year students connect with supports and services that will help them succeed and excel in their studies.  The initiative is now in it’s ninth year and it is expected to engage almost 2,000 students this year.

ElectricalUse Academic Supports

The College offers many academic resources for students, though the most valuable ones are often your instructors and fellow students. The College has an Academic Success Centre which offers individual and group tutoring to help students with their studies as well as Online Resources.

The Library also has a lot of great online research guides for specific programs – you should see if they have one for your program.



Participate in Student Events and Meet Friends

The Red River College Students’ Association hosts many events to get to know other students. The Aboriginal Student Centre and the Diversity and Immigrant Student Support Department also host regular events for students at the College. The College also has a LGBTT Initiative that you might be interested in learning more about.

Aboriginal Pipe Ceremony

Be Active, Reduce Stress

Many students find College to be overwhelming and stressful. Staying physically active and eating well are two common ways that people use to manage stress. Find out what recreational services are available at the College. The College also provides Health Services to students, with some valuable information on ways to reduce stress and be healthy.

If you need Help, Talk to Someone

Personal Counselling Services are available to College students at no charge. Counsellors can help students manage concerns such as stress, anxiety, depression, abuse, and family or relationship problems. Counsellors also help students with a disability access a range of educational support services. The College also has two Elders-in-Residence who are available to speak with both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal students, as well as a counsellor to speak with Aboriginal students who need someone to talk to.

Preparing for a Career

The College offers Employment Services to current students and recent graduates, such as job postings targeted specifically to RRC students. The College hosts a Career Fair in the spring to connect students with employers.  There are also opportunities for students to work as a tutor. The Student Awards and Financial Aid office has information on Student Loans and awards.


Good luck discovering your own Path to Success!