Finishing Strong

Ford Ironman World Championship 13 October 2007In a 1982 Triathlon Ironman, the first place leader was meters away from the finish line when she stumbled, fell, stumbled, fell, was passed by the soon-to-be winner, and finally crawled to the finish line in second place.

After 10 plus hours of racing, it was the last 2 minutes that challenged her the most. But – she made it. Congratulations on how far you’ve come!

Finals are a few weeks away and you’ve had a long haul up till now.  You’ve navigated the first weeks of college life, attended full day courses, kept up with copious amounts of reading, worked diligently on assignments and papers, worked with your peers on group projects and reached the other side of mid-terms.

Sometimes it’s near the end of our journey when we need the most motivation; something to give us that one last surge to the finish line. To stay strong, consider the tips below:

        • Recognize the importance of performance. Be proud of the work you do. Surprise yourself in the quality of your product.
        • Look to those that inspire you. Surround yourself with peers who value their college experience and who challenge you through modeling to always ‘do better.’
        • Support your peers. Working on a team project? Quality and performance has an upward spiraling effect. Do your part well and others will follow suit. Support the other members of your group.
        • Amplify your attention and interest in class. Go to class with a prior understanding of what you’ll be doing and come with curiosity and gratitude for what you’ll learn.
        • Be counterintuitive about taking breaks. When you are at your busiest, take some time to get fresh air or enjoy a local event. Even when you’re on a deadline ensure you eat lunch with a real live person instead of with an electronic device. Give your mind a break. The key is being responsible.
        • Be Professional. For essays, reports and projects spend time on the presentation. A professional-looking report will be noticed!
    • Get help when needed, and know where you can find help. If you are taking math-based courses, supplement your understanding by watching the RRC’s Wise Guys Math Videos at Test yourself on what you learn.
  • Do more today. Before the day is over, do one more thing you were saving until tomorrow. If you do this, you’ll find that you are stronger than procrastination.
  • Do more today, but do one thing right now. Give your full attention and care and thought to this one thing.


    ASC Staff tutor, Charanjit Singh, with BA students – Gurkaran Kaur and Anika Maria