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First Impressions Recruitment Event

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First Impressions Recruitment Event
Thursday, November 6, 2014 – 1 p.m. to 6 p.m.

Valuable Industry Partners (VIPs) are interested in meeting with qualified applicants from Red River College’s business programs for permanent, spring, summer, and term employment opportunities.

To participate in this speed-interview and networking event, you must be a registered student in one of the following programs at Red River College: Business Administration, Business Administration Integrated, Commerce Industry Sales & Marketing, International Business, or Health Information Management.

Please read all of the following information before clicking on any of the links.

Speed-Interviews – 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.

Employers participating in this recruitment event will post their jobs on Red River College’s Job Central site ( under the category First Impressions Recruitment Event. Students will apply for a speed-interview with an employer by uploading their résumés to the job postings they are interested in. Résumés must be uploaded by October 21, 2014.

Click for more information on how to use the Job Central site to apply for postings.

Apply Now!

After October 21, employers will review the résumés and contact the applicants with whom they are interested in having a speed-interview. Employers have a maximum of 12 timeslots to fill for this event. If you are not contacted by an employer, feel free to use the networking event to seek them out and make a great first impression.

By scheduling an interview with an employer, you have promised to show up. If something changes for you, it is your responsibility to let the employer know as soon as possible, so the interview slot is not wasted and your reputation is not tarnished. Please note that interviews will begin promptly at 1 p.m.

Most students would find that 4 to 5 interviews in an afternoon would be the maximum number they can handle. If you receive more requests than this, you may want to suggest meeting up at the networking event that follows the interviews or having the opportunity to meet with the employer at another time.

Networking Event – 4 p.m. to 6 p.m.

We strongly encourage all students, whether you have had a speed-interview or not, to attend the Networking Event. The Networking Event is a great way to make connections and practice socializing in the business world. There is no charge for students to participate in this event, but you must register, so we can arrange for enough food. A cash bar will also be available. If you plan to drink, remember to do so responsibly.

Please note that uploading a resume does not automatically register you for the networking event. You must also click the Register Now button below. The deadline for registering for the Networking Event is also October 21, 2014.


Preparing for the First Impressions Recruitment Event

If you would like help with creating a cover letter, resume and/ or interview skills, please book an appointment with one of our Student Employment Advisors by e-mailing us at or phoning us at 204-632-3966.

Not sure what to expect? Please click the How to Prepare for First Impressions button for some great tips.

How to Prepare for First Impressions

Have any questions? Please click the Talk to Us button below to contact us!


For additional information, contact Red River College’s Student Employment Services.

Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development: Post-Secondary Recruitment 2014

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The Post-Secondary Recruitment (PSR) campaign is designed to hire university and college graduates into a range of entry-level officer jobs within the federal government.

Apply directly to a specific job opportunity or apply to be part of unique career stream inventories.

Learn more at: 

Apply online at:

Questions may be sent to:




For additional information, contact Red River College’s Student Employment Services.

Test yourself to success

September 12, 2014 • Written by

If you have a test coming up and want to do your best, this video is for you!

Recently researchers have taken a look at the best ways to study, and it turns out that self-testing is one of the most highly effective study strategies. Self-testing helps you remember more information than simply highlighting, re-reading…and certainly more than cramming the night before!

It takes no training to use this technique; you simply need to test yourself regularly as you learn new material. Below are suggestions for effective self-testing:

  1. First of all, ensure you have the right attitude. Ask yourself: Why is this course, this topic, this chapter interesting to you? Cultivate curiosity and light a passion for the subject at hand. Think about how you’ll be using this information in your new career. Keep yourself motivated, engaged and on task!
  2. Think like an instructor. Look over your course outline or syllabus as a whole. Identify the objectives of the course, and then the objective of each section or chapter. This will help you determine what details are important to learn, and what info you can most likely ignore. It’s always a good idea to double-check this with your instructor!
  3. When you’ve decided what to focus on, perform a memory dump. Write down all you know about the subject. Get it all out on paper. Then, review what you’ve written. What information is missing? What questions or details do you need to research to include to fill in the gaps? Turn these gaps into a test.
  4. After you are sure that you can’t fill in the gaps, do a little research. Look in your text, lecture notes or look online to fill in these gaps. Then, a few days later take the test again. Can you fill in the gaps?
  5. Don’t forget to test yourself on the things you knew on day one! If you don’t test yourself frequently on all areas of your course you run the chance of forgetting something important. Always sprinkle in questions about subjects and details that you know well with questions about topics or details you are just learning.

The Academic Success Centre at RRC offers free Tutoring, Weekly Review Sessions, Academic Coaching and EAL Support. Please come and visit us to sign up for these supports or for more info. We’re eager to connect you with the supports that can help you do your best at RRC.

Learning from Luis – Your Recipe for Success

September 10, 2014 • Written by

LuisImagine having a successful career, complete with all the skills, knowledge, confidence and reputation that come with it. Then imagine being told that you must start all over again because you cannot communicate at even the most basic level. This happens regularly to newcomers to Canada, who are faced with many such obstacles.

Now let me introduce you to a student who has found his recipe for success. Luis was an international student at RRC, in the Legal Assistant program. I met him recently at RRC’s Language Training Centre, located in the VIA Rail station downtown. Luis was visiting his former class at the LTC to share his experience of moving from language classes to an academic program. He confidently stood among the crowd of fervent English language learners and gave them this advice: “When you begin your program, you must do these three things – One, work hard. Two, work hard. Three, practice your English by making Canadian friends.” Brilliant! Here was a student who seemed confident that he was on the right pathway to success, who had concocted a recipe that was working very well for him. Not only that, but his success was so encouraging and exciting that he longed to share it with others.

Intrigued by Luis’ passion, I found out his story.

Luis left Mexico and moved to Winnipeg with his family. Even though he had skills and experience as a lawyer, he knew very little English. Knowing he had a long way to go, he started language classes at RRC’s Language Training Centre. Within one year of studies, Luis’ English communication skills had advanced to the level that was required for entrance into the Legal Assistant program. Luis was the only international student in this particular program, which he believes to be one of the most recognized in Manitoba, with a “high level of difficulty”. His goals are to continue studies in the Business Administration program. He has no worries about his ability to succeed and knows he’s on the path to continuing his career in Manitoba, despite his obstacles. He credits the LTC for giving students “all the tools that are necessary to be a successful student in the Canadian educational system, and . . . helping you to know and learn about a new culture and be part of it.”

Many of us can learn from the advice Luis gave that day, no matter what our obstacles are. Have you found your recipe for success? If so, have you gathered the ingredients? Then get busy cooking and, when you’re ready, celebrate and share your success!

Submitted by Carolyn Schmidt, Program Facilitator, RRC’s Language Training Centre

⇒ Check out the Language Training Centre’s microsite ( to find out more about RRC’s communication programs for international students and permanent residents.

College welcomes new immigrant and international students

September 9, 2014 • Written by

Orientation (1)Red River College’s Diversity and Intercultural Services recently hosted 4 LINKS (Learning Interculturally: Networks, Knowledge & Strategies) Seminars to welcome new immigrant and international students. More than 300 students participated over the four days, including around 200 international students and over100 immigrant students. Compared with last year, there was a 12.5% increase in attendance.

A wide array of activities and presentations were designed to prepare new students for their first-time RRC experience, or for some, their first-time Canadian experience. The mission was to help students learn how to build networks, enhance knowledge, and apply different strategies for success at the College and in the local community.

Staff from Diversity and Intercultural Services, International Education, Students’ Association and the College Executive team all came to express their warmest welcome. For students, this event was not only an opportunity to acquaint with new college life but also a chance to find out about all the resources and support they can get along the way.

Orientation (2)Here is a comment from one of the students at the LINKS Seminars: “The orientation is extremely helpful. I can learn something I didn’t know since I have been here just for three weeks. It’s good to hear people who come from here or have been here for a long time. So it’s very helpful. By far my favorite section is the introduction to Intercultural Mentorship Program, which I will register for after the Orientation.”

It was an unforgettable memory for all who attended the LINKS Seminars this fall. We hope all our new students enjoy their life here at RRC.

These pictures, video interview, and article were prepared by our Student Diversity Ambassadors: Ruby (Xian) Li, Meixi Lin, and Oluwatosin Bodunde.

For more information about the LINKS Seminars, please contact Norlan Page, Student Integration Coordinator, Diversity and Intercultural Services.

Forget this Network! Reconnecting to RRCWireless

September 8, 2014 • Written by

Wireless at RRCThe Red River College Library receives plenty of inquiries about the wireless networks on all our Winnipeg campuses. Our goal is to help all our library patrons, though we always have to be clear that we do not control or manage the wireless networks here at RRC. At the Library we are users, just like you!

In fact, it is the Information Technology Department that manages the wireless networks at the Notre Dame Campus and throughout the Exchange District Campus.

Are you a Returning Student? Forget this Network!


If you are, you likely had to reset your password over the summer. When you return to the college, make sure that any of your devices, such as cell phones or tablets, also have your new password in their settings.

Q: How do you do update your wireless password?
A: Forget this network!

Just ask your device to “Forget this Network” and then setup the network fresh.


When you ask your device to “forget this network”, always keep in mind that it was likely trying to actively connect to the wireless with a bad password. This would have caused the college’s wireless system to lock out your device. So, when you reconnect with your username and your new password it may still not connect. It is probably locked out!

Wait 30 minutes after you “Forget this Network” for your locked-out device to be re-allowed to connect to RRCWireless.

Laptops – Mac and PC

If you have a laptop, you may not need to “Forget this Network”.  You can likely just login with your new password when your computer challenges you for credentials.  However, you may still have to wait 30 minutes for your laptop to cease being locked out.  Just put in your new password, and wait for the lock-out period to expire (30 minutes).

Additional Help

We offer additional help at our Library Helpdesks:

  • Notre Dame Campus – Library Computer Lab (8AM to 4PM)
  • Exchange District Campus – Lower Learning Commons (8AM to 4PM)

As well we have a web page with extensive wireless resources and guides:


Welcome Back RRC Students

September 5, 2014 • Written by

welcome 2

Did you know that Student Employment Services offers FREE assistance with:

  • Job-seeking strategies
  • Cover letter writing
  • Resume development
  • Interview preparation
  • Employment application forms
  • Student and Alumni job board (

Make an appointment today to see how Student Employment Services can assist you!

Contact us at 204.632.3966 or e-mail to schedule an appointment!