April 2014

Red River College Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) Orientation Thursday May 1, 2014

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Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is a process that involves the identification, documentation, assessment and recognition of formal study and non-formal learning acquired through work and life experience.

To learn about RPL processes at RRC please attend the next RPL Orientation on Thursday May 1st from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm (Building A room 137 at RRC’s Notre Dame Campus). The RPL Orientation will outline the approaches used at RRC for assessing prior learning equivalent to the learning outcomes in College courses.

Aboriginal Graduation Pow Wow

April 28, 2014 • Written by

On behalf of the School of Indigenous Education, we are pleased to host the 14th Annual Pow Wow Honouring Aboriginal Graduates on Friday, May 9, 2014 in the North Gym at the Notre Dame campus.

Please find below, a breakdown of the day’s events:

FRIDAY, MAY 9, 2014

10:30am             Pipe Ceremony — Aboriginal Support Centre, Room F209

12:00pm             Grand Entry – North Gym

1:00pm               Honour Aboriginal Graduates – gift giving

5:00pm               Feast

Stop by for a piece of bannock, sip of tea, peruse the crafters booths and enjoy the dancing and music.

2014 Graduates are asked to register at: www.rrc.ca/aboriginaleducation

Should you have any questions, please contact Tracy Brant at 632.2106 or email tbrant@rrc.ca

pow wow 2013

Making a World of Difference

April 25, 2014 • Written by

MAWOD_Event_084On Wednesday, April 16, the Diversity and Immigrant Student Support department at Red River College (RRC) celebrated all volunteers in the Mentorship Programs through the Making a World of Difference Volunteer Appreciation Event. Over 300 volunteers participated in the Cultural and Language Mentorship Program, the Internationally Educated Nurses Workplace Partnership Program and the Diversity Ambassadors Program in 2013-2014 as well as many staff at Red River College who have been our friends and supporters throughout the year so we had a lot to celebrate! Good food, great music, a photo-booth for mentor partners to take fun photos together, lots of dancing, as well as mentor partners mingling and sharing stories with each other is what made the night a great success!

HuiliPersonal development, leadership skills, intercultural communication skills, cultural diversity awareness, Canadian workplace culture, a heightened sense of connection to Red River College and Winnipeg are just a few among the skills that were developed by Mentor Partners in RRC’s Mentorship Programs. With so much Local and Global knowledge, we can trust that our future graduates are best equipped to be successful in this multicultural environment and that they will continue to make a world of difference in the workplace as well as in their relationships with those around them. Read More →

I want to be your Google

April 8, 2014 • Written by

A note from Dayna Graham, your Academic Coach at the Academic Success Centre

Through a 20 minute conversation with an RRC grad, I learned more about Animal Health than I had learned over years of casual interest and reading on the subject.  The legal size of a snake cage (husbandry), the cost of a prosthetic leg for a dog (a small fortune) and St. John’s Ambulance Pet Therapy (absolutely amazing) were all topics covered in our short conversation.

When I asked the grad how he came to know so much, he said, “I wanted to know as much as I could so I could empower pet owners and farmers.  At school, I read all my course materials and I read journals, publications and blogs on the side.  When someone comes in to my clinic with their pet, I wanted them to leave knowing something they wouldn’t have known on their own.”

Basically, he wanted to be their Google.

Bryce Locken, media/circulation clerk from your EDC Library

Bryce Locken, media/circulation clerk from your EDC Library

So, we can see what’s in it for others when you read all you can about your field.  But what’s in it for you?

If you think about it, there’s a lot you gain from gaining extra knowledge:

  • – you’ll bring a new perspective, idea or model to your assignments
  • – you’ll make connections and links between what you read for class and your supplemental reading, thus solidifying your understanding
  • – you’ll ace interviews with your wide breath of knowledge
  • -you’ll make a great impression on your instructors and you’ll have a lot to offer your peers in a group project

Now that we know the benefits, let’s look at ways to transform reading from a passive activity to an active one:

1. Survey the chapter:  Take a few minutes to note whether key words or terms are italic, boldface, defined within the text, or listed at the beginning or end of the chapter. The author is drawing your attention to these bits of facts.  Know what these terms or key words are and how they relate to the main headings.

2.  Have a question in your mind as you read. You can do this by turning each chapter heading into a question. Use the words who, what, when, where, why, or how to form questions. For example, for the heading Personal Cash Flow Statement in a Personal Finance Textbook, you might form the question “What method can I use to track my money in and money out?”

3. Create a study guide as you readJust think of how good it will be to minimize the amount of material you study to 1 page, as you pull out the main ideas and decipher concepts and formulas.

Academic Success Centre has more info on reading for college at:  http://www.rrc.ca/files/File/lac/readingtextbooks.pdf.  If you forget this site, just Google us!

Submitted by Dayna Graham, Adult Learning Facilitator, Academic Success Centre


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Convocation ceremonies will be held at the Centennial Concert Hall,  555 Main Street, Winnipeg, Manitoba Tuesday June 3 and Wednesday June 4 2014
Visit www.rrc.ca/convocation for specific program convocation dates and times.

All Graduates and students eligible to graduate at the Spring Convocation will
receive emails with information regarding the ceremonies 8-12 weeks prior to the
Convocation dates. Please access your WebAdvisor account to update your
preferred email address.

Application to Graduate – deadline to apply is May 2, 2014

All students (excluding apprenticeship students) who will have completed their program graduation requirements by May 2, 2014 must submit an Application to Graduate form. Please complete the Application to Graduate form and submit it to one of the offices listed on the form no later than May 2, 2014 to be considered for inclusion in the Spring 2014 Convocation ceremonies. Application forms are available in the Student Service Centres at EDC (P104) and NDC (D101), CE Office (C116), Registrar’s Office (D105), and on the website at www.rrc.ca/convocation