Making the most of career fairs

January 16, 2017 • Written by

The 2017 RRC Career Fair is days away!

Preparation is key for a productive networking experience at a career fair. Here are some tips on how to make the most out of this event:

Before – Research the companies attending the fair, compose relevant questions you want to ask the employers, practice your self-introduction and plan your attire.

During – Introduce yourself to the employers that interest you, show enthusiasm and curiosity by sharing what you know about them and asking relevant questions.

After – Follow up with your connections!

To learn more about how to introduce yourself to an employer, what questions are considered relevant, and how to follow up with your connections, attend the next Career Fair: Strategies and Tips sessions.

You can also check out this tip sheet for more information: Make the Most of Career Fairs 

Contact Student Employment Services to book an appointment with an Employment Advisor to review your cover letter and resume, and to ask any other employment related questions you have by calling 204.632.3966 or emailing


Meeting Time!

January 13, 2017 • Written by

Class Rep meetings are starting again this term at NDC!

Make your way to the Green Lecture Theatre from 12-1pm on January 17th. Grab some a free slice of pizza and pop and listen to what our special guest speakers from Student Employment Services, SA event Coordinator, RRC Health & Wellness, and The Body Project, have to say.

If you are unable to attend your Class Rep will email the information directly to you!


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Professional Perspective: Writing cover letters

January 13, 2017 • Written by

Learn from the industry professionals on Professional Perspective, where they share their insights regarding various employment related topics!


In this issue, Zain Ali, Human Resource Manager at Domo Gasoline Corporation Ltd., is back to answer today’s question. Zain’s professional perspective comes from an accumulation of his personal experience as an international student and his professional work experience within various industries, and now as a Human Resource Manager.

Today’s question is:

When you are reviewing applications, what do you want to see in a cover letter?


Zain’s Professional Perspective

A cover letter is the first impression you create for the potential employer you are trying to meet with. It is something that makes a candidate stand out from the rest of the applicants who are trying to get the job. So, make sure to write an impressive and effective cover letter.

What to include in the cover letter?

Before you start writing a cover letter, read the job description and understand what the employer is looking for in an ideal candidate and what the duties of the job are. Use this information to match the employer’s needs with your skills.

Begin writing: 1st paragraph

  • Start by explaining how you found out about the job, whether through an advertisement or by word of mouth.
  • Introduce yourself by including a line or two about your background, like what program you graduated from and the role that you want to play in the industry.

Continue writing: 2nd paragraph Read More →

10 Rules of Gym Etiquette

January 13, 2017 • Written by

The new year is upon us and getting in shape is often high on the list of new years resolutions. Make sure you’re not the one who’s turning heads for all the wrong reasons by following some simple rules of gym etiquette. RRC Recreation Services has put some tips together to help everyone have a good experience. Read More →

Club Days!

January 6, 2017 • Written by

RRCSA Club Days are Now Here!

Club days are next week! Come check out and join on of the many Clubs that we have to offer here at RRC! Or, if none of them interest you, then feel free to create your own club. You only need 8 or more students to create one. Once your club is created you are able to fundraiser or even book our spaces to plan and operate your actives or events. This is also a great way to try something new and create new friendships.

Also Red River College Staff, don’t shy away from this event! If there is an interest based club that you are excited about, you are more than welcome to join as staff contact.

Club Days at EDC is on January 10th in the Atrium

Club Days at NDC is on January 11th in the Library hallway


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Diversity and Intercultural Services welcomes you to a new academic term at Red River College!

January 5, 2017 • Written by

Celebrate DiversityDiversity and Intercultural Services assists immigrant and international students to be successful in their integration into the local culture, the Canadian College environment and the Canadian workplace culture. Diversity and Intercultural Services supports all students in developing their intercultural competence necessary in today’s global work environment. Diversity and Intercultural Services provides all students and employees with educational opportunities and resources to enhance their understanding and respect for gender and sexual diversity.

Student Integration Services

All Immigrant and international students can access the Student Integration Services for cultural or settlement supports that will facilitate your integration to the College environment and the local community. Student Integration Coordinators work with you to find solutions, offer advocacy and build support plans to help meet your integration needs.

Notre Dame Campus and Stevenson Campus Contact: Norlan Page, Student Integration Coordinator at 204-631-3309 or email

Exchange District Campus and Regional Campuses Contact: Lauren Konrad, Student Integration Coordinator at 204-631-3345 or email

Language Training Centre Contact: Jillian Hoogland, Student Integration Coordinator at 204- 945-6151 (ext. 6318) or email

Canadian Connection Program and College-Wide Diversity Events

Join us for on and off campus opportunities to experience cultural, social and recreational activities, engage in College life, and connect with the Winnipeg community. You can also attend College-wide opportunities to build connections and understanding across cultures.

For more information, please contact Lauren Konrad, Student Integration Coordinator at 204-631-3345 or

Student Refugee Program

This program sponsors a student in refugee camp to come to Canada to pursue post-secondary education at the College and share this experience of going from Camp to Campus with the College community. A Local Committee supports the student in this journey to settle in Manitoba and study at the College while at the same time promotes on-campus opportunities for global citizenship for all staff and students. Register to be part of the Local Committee at

For more information, please contact Lauren Konrad, Student Integration Coordinator at 204-631-3345 or

Intercultural Mentorship Program

You can also volunteer with the Intercultural Mentorship Program, a Local and Global partnership that pairs immigrant and international students with a Canadian-raised student or staff for friendship, practice of communication skills and intercultural exchange. Students from all academic programs can apply. The commitment is 10 hours of time. For immigrant and international students, this is a great way to understand Canadian culture while sharing some of their experiences with a Canadian-raised student. For Canadian-raised students, this is a great opportunity to learn more about the world outside Canada and develop their leadership skills. Two awards of $500 each are presented annually to two partnerships in the program that take their commitment to great heights and truly exemplify the spirit of mentorship. Register at

For more information, please contact Gabriela Ludusan, Mentorship Program Coordinator at 204-632-3847 or

Step Out of Your Box Program

This program is designed to give students the opportunity to explore and develop an understanding of the many dimensions of diversity that make us unique individuals and also to connect students with others in a meaningful way that builds skills and develops awareness and understanding of the diverse world we live in. Four awards of $500 each are presented annually to four projects submitted by students who spend time exploring a dimension of diversity different from their own and produce a leave-behind project that promote the dimension of diversity the student has chosen and/or benefitting the organization the student was volunteering for. Register at

For more information, please contact Gabriela Ludusan, Mentorship Program Coordinator at 204-632-3847 or

New Roots Program

Attention Language Training Centre students! This program offers workshops, social activities and special events to assist immigrant and international students in English language programs build a social network in Canada, engage with the local community and access resources and information helpful for settlement in Winnipeg.

For more information, please contact Jillian Hoogland, Student Integration Coordinator at 204- 945-6151 (ext. 6318) or

Intercultural Training Program

The Intercultural Training Program assists all students to develop cross-cultural awareness to study and work effectively in today’s global environment. This program also assists immigrant and international students to develop the cultural awareness needed to study and work successfully in the Canadian college and workplace environment. To learn more about intercultural skills and Canadian culture, visit

For more information, please contact Bradley West, Diversity Initiatives Coordinator at 204-632-2016 or

LGBTT* Initiative (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Two-Spirit)

The LGBTT* Initiative at Red River College fosters the development of a safe environment on our campuses so everyone has the chance to work, learn and access services in an inclusive and welcoming manner. Click the following link to learn more about LGBTT* Rights in Canada. For more information about our services, educational publications or links to community organizations and resources, you can visit For the list of Allies at Red River College, visit

NEW this year, Gender and Sexual Diversity Awareness Training Course! This course was designed from a transformational learning perspective with the goal of increasing awareness of gender and sexual diversity, and features six 50 minutes online modules, with accompanying resources and activities.

For more information or to register to the course, please contact Bradley West, Diversity Initiatives Coordinator at 204-632-2016 or

Visit our offices! We are looking forward to meeting you!



  • Lauren Konrad, Student Integration Coordinator: 204-631-3345
  • Gabriela Ludusan, Mentorship Program Coordinator: 204-632-3847
  • Bradley West, Diversity Initiatives Coordinator: 204-632-2016


  • Jillian Hoogland, Student Integration Coordinator: 204-945-6151 (ext. 6318)

Have a great academic term!

Employer on-Campus: Perimeter Aviation

January 3, 2017 • Written by

Aero Spaces featuring Perimeter Aviation

Make the industry connections to help your career take flight!

Stop by the Stevenson Campus student lounge, grab a coffee, and connect with David Horvath from Perimeter Aviation to gain industry insights on what you can do now to help your aerospace and aviation careers take off!perimeter

January 11, 2017
11:00 am – 1:00 pm
Main Floor – Student Lounge
Stevenson Campus
Refreshments provided

For additional information, contact Student Employment Services at 204.632.3966 or email