How Sweet It Is!

November 17, 2017 • Written by

I’ve had it on my mind how to be a better person. I look at myself and see a bit of a tummy, sometimes I’m more tired then I’d like to be or something as simple as what I’m eating url-1would be a healthy change. Just trying to get rid of sugar was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. I never realized how much sugar was in everything. This isn’t an understatement. Sugar is in my opinion the number one drug of today’s world. Read More →

More Fun = Better Grades

November 3, 2017 • Written by

As a student I was always looking for ways to get better marks and if possible with less work. Little did I know that shooting hoops with my friends and playing co-ed intramural volleyball was doing exactly that.

A recent article quoted a study from Purdue showed students “who visited rec facilities 15 times or more earned 3.08 GPAs, compared with 2.81 for those who made no visits.” Further evidence for the benefits of visiting your campus recreation centre are shown in a study that “Recreational sports and fitness center members achieved higher GPAs and completed more credits than non-members.” Read More →

Professional Perspective: Getting the most out of industry information sessions

November 3, 2017 • Written by

Welcome back to Professional Perspective, where industry professionals share their insights regarding various employment related topics!

November is Career and Workforce Development Month in Manitoba. This month provides opportunities for job seekers to learn about the rich variety of sectors and industries in Manitoba. For more information on the career events that are being hosted throughout this month of November, click here: > Career Development > Career Month > Events Calendar 

In time for Career and Workforce Development Month, we have Norman Umali, Manager – Career Services at Manitoba Start sharing his professional perspective on making the most out of industry information sessions.

Norman’s professional perspective is based on over 14 years of experience working with internationally-educated newcomer professionals seeking transition to their career field, providing career development and job search supports as well as client marketing to various organizations.

Today’s question is:

What should students, recent graduates, and job seekers do to make the most out of industry information sessions?

Norman’s Professional Perspective

First things first. If you are going to an industry information session without a game plan then you will not get the most out of the session. It’s not about just showing up, getting information, and meeting new people. Don’t get me wrong, it’s nice to be at these events but without a purpose and a strategy you may not get the most out of them. Here are a few tips and suggestions for you and the reasons why you need to do them:

  1. Take notes. At Manitoba Start, we hold industry insights for our clients where we invite organizations from a specific sector to talk about changes in the industry, trends, career pathways, and the competencies employers look for in new hires. We also invite previous clients who have found success in their field to talk about what’s worked and the challenges they’ve faced in forging their career path in the field. Industry information and resources wouldn’t be helpful if they are not incorporated in one’s career exploration and decision-making process, networking, and/or interview strategy.
  1. Know the people who will be at the event, decide on who to approach, and research their organization. If there are a lot of attendees at the event you would want to stand out from the crowd by asking a relevant question or two during the session; having said that, be careful not to overwhelm the speakers with a lot of questions or ask questions you should already know the answers to.
  1. Be on time. Coming in late will also make you stand out from the crowd, but for all the wrong reasons! The same goes for not dressing appropriately, poor hygiene, checking your phone during presentations, and not paying attention to the speakers.
  1. Be prepared to talk about yourself.  Develop a brief “elevator pitch” and practice it until you don’t sound like you’ve memorized it. You may have opportunities to meet industry experts and/or employers at the beginning or end of the event so a smooth, natural response to “tell me about yourself” will create a good first impression. An effective pitch to a contact should be focused and include related experience and education, relevant skills, qualifications, and the type of work you are interested in and suitable for. As well, be aware of how you are expressing yourself – specifically your vocal volume and your body language and be respectful of the speakers’ time.
  1. Make a good first impression. Networking at an industry information session may lead to awareness of existing or upcoming jobs or internship opportunities that are not currently advertised. Creating a good first impression may uncover these “hidden” jobs/opportunities, or better yet, lead to a referral from a contact at the event.

Keep in mind that following these tips and suggestions will not guarantee you a prospective job or internship but they certainly wouldn’t hurt your chances either. You may also note that effective implementation of these strategies takes time and practice, but then again, looking for work is work!

Manitoba Start connects business to a world-class workforce and is the leading provider of career development services for newcomers to the Province.

During the Career and Workforce Development Month, Manitoba Start hosts Industry Insight Events that assist newcomers in growing their network and understanding careers in Manitoba.

For more information, visit

To read past editions, click here:
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Connect with Student Employment Services in Building Z!

October 29, 2017 • Written by

Do you have questions about employment? We can help!

Are you looking for a part-time job or need help launching your career after graduation? RRC’s Student Employment Services can assist with:

  • job search strategies
  • cover letter and resume writing
  • interview preparation
  • access to job postings on
Thursday, November 16, 2017
11:00 am – 1:00 pm
Building Z Student Lounge
Notre Dame Campus

For additional information, contact Red River College’s Student Employment Services at 204.632.3966 or email


Employer on-Campus: Crown Auto Group Tech Talk

October 29, 2017 • Written by

Tech Talk: Crown Auto Group wants to meet you!

Stop by the Building Z student lounge, grab a coffee, talk some tech and learn about the many interesting and rewarding careers available with Crown Auto Group.

Come visit us to learn how you can get the most out of your education, and to discuss the many rewarding careers available to RRC’s Automotive and Collision Repair and Refinishing students.

We will have managers from our Service Department and Auto Body Shop, and the VP of Fixed Operations available to answer questions and provide information about our group and available careers!


Thursday, November 16, 2017
11:00 am – 1:00 pm
Building Z Student Lounge
Notre Dame Campus
Refreshments provided

For additional information, contact Student Employment Services at 204.632.3966 or email


Roll for Relief and Relaxation

October 27, 2017 • Written by

Lets be honest when you read that title you didn’t think you’d be reading an article on foam rolling.  Some of the most common questions we get in our fitness centre are “What are those things? What am I suppose to do with it?  Does it really work?  When we get these question most people are referring to foam rollers.  Read More →

Professional Perspective: Accommodations in the workplace – Part 3

October 27, 2017 • Written by

Welcome to the last installment of Disability Employment Awareness Month’s edition of Professional Perspective, where industry professionals share their insights regarding various employment-related topics.

To tackle the complex topic of accommodations, this 3-part series features professional perspectives from a community agency project coordinator, a post secondary institution counsellor, and a Manitoba employer.

Manitoba leads the way by declaring October as Disability Employment Awareness Month (DEAM). DEAM is an annual opportunity for Manitoba businesses, industry associations, community organizations, educational institutions, government bodies, and other groups to take proactive steps to increase employment success for Manitobans with disabilities.

In this last installment, Sam Grande, Manager – Diversity and Inclusion Unit with the Government of Manitoba’s Civil Service Commission, shares her professional perspective on best practices in advancing the inclusion of individuals with disabilities in the workforce.

Sam leads a team of program coordinators who are responsible for the development, delivery and administration of initiatives, programs and services that advance the government’s overall renewal, diversity and inclusion objectives.

Today’s Disability Employment Awareness Month question is:

What are some of the best practices in advancing the inclusion of individuals with disabilities in the workforce?


Sam’s Professional Perspective

The Manitoba government has been an employer of choice and identified as one of Canada’s Best Diversity Employers for the past six years.  We are excited to recommend some best practices that our organization follows, such as:

  • Develop and implement policies to help build an organization that values diversity and formalize your organization’s commitment to persons with disabilities.
  • Create a formal diversity and inclusion strategy and communicate this to the whole organization.
  • Implement a student summer employment program that is specific to persons with disabilities.
  • Invite persons with disabilities to participate in work experience programs in your organization to gain related experience.
  • Introduce the concept of an ‘active offer’ to candidates when inviting them to assessments and/or interviews, asking if they require any accommodations.
  • Implement learning and development programs for employees with disabilities, to support the achievement of their learning goals.
  • Provide support to employees to secure appropriate workplace accommodations and provide appropriate supports to those employees experiencing injury, illness or disability.
  • Engage in consistent outreach to the community, including agencies serving persons with disabilities and educational institutions to seek candidates who meet your job requirements and request that they distribute information to their consumers and/or students.
  • Promote your opportunities at as many career fairs as possible, including those that are aimed at persons with disabilities, such as the annual EmployABILITY Expo and the Visually Impaired Resource Network (VIRN) trade show.
  • Identify champions of diversity within the senior levels of your organization to act as ambassadors and to prepare diversity audits of the areas they are responsible for.
  • Identify an Accessibility Coordinator and working group in various parts of your organization to identify and remove employment barriers.
  • Support the development of an employee resource group of employees with disabilities.
  • Deliver education and awareness learning events on disability-related topics to employees on a regular basis, particularly in celebration of International Day of Persons with Disabilities and Disability Employment Awareness Month.
  • Collaborate with the community by offering to provide representation from your organization on committees whose mandate is to advance the inclusion of persons with disabilities in the workforce.

There are many best practices that could be identified and implemented by organizations. The Manitoba government recognizes that a diverse civil service allows us to better represent and serve the citizens of our province.

Diversity is, and will continue to be, an important component of our civil service renewal efforts.

To read past editions, click here:
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For additional job searching tips, visit Student Employment Services’ Online Employment Resources or book an appointment with an RRC Employment Advisor at 204.632.3966 or

Deadline for CleanTech Student Poster Pitches, Oct. 31

October 21, 2017 • Written by

Do you have a project about clean technology to showcase? The 2017 Western Canada CleanTech Innovation Forum is looking for posters on cleantech research and development projects, as well as posters of a general nature on a cleantech topic.

Students will be eligible to win one of three awards. Winners of each category will receive a prize package valued at $500:

  • Judges Choice: Cleantech – Research and Development Project
  • Judges Choice: Cleantech – General Topic
  • Audience Choice

Posters should be submitted to

All poster presenters must register for the conference.

Deadline for poster proposals: October 31, 2017.

Full poster details HERE.

The inaugural Western Canada Cleantech Innovation Forum will be held on Nov. 29-30 at the RBC Convention Centre Winnipeg.  The forum will feature keynote speakers, plenary sessions, technical concurrent sessions, and a special edition of the Green Dragon’s Lair.

Check out the event registration page here.

30 things to stop doing to yourself

October 20, 2017 • Written by

by Mario De Negri, Fitness Coordinator for Rebel Athletics and Recreation Servicesstop-sign

I came across this blog when I was feeling a fair bit of turbulence in my life. I personally was doing great. Everything was in line, I was working at my best, and being my best self which warrants recognition as that’s something I have failed to do in my past, and can image others feeling something similar in their lives. This was affecting my life from the outside and I had the choice to sit there and take it or stand up and step to the side. I had made some tough decisions to try to keep myself on a healthy path but I couldn’t help shake the pain in my heart. Sometimes clarity of the mind doesn’t mean you’ll find peace in the heart right away. Sometimes the aches in the heart are real but just growing pains we must endure for our own personal growth as a person. Every time I look back at times this has been true I can feel peace in my heart now, but wasn’t so in the moment at that time. This blog brings to lights some of those tough self-questions we need to be asking ourselves to see if we are on our true path. So many of the points highlight quite directly some of the fears about myself I had to face and to accept if I was to move forward on my path. Hopefully they can bring some insight onto you as they have re-affirmed in mine.

Check out the blog here;

Winners for Campus store and Print Shoppe Survey!

October 17, 2017 • Written by

Our surveys ended on October 13, 2017.  On October 16, 2017 all winners for a $50 gift card to the Campus store were randomly selected and contacted.  If you filled out one of our online surveys, please check your email that you provided to see if you received an email from us!

I would like to thank all the students that took the time to participate and provide us with their feedback.

Anthony Francisco

Manager – Campus store and Print Shoppe