Rebels Women’s Futsal Earn Silver at MCAC Championships

March 17, 2014


At the 2014 MCAC Copa de la Plaz Futsal Tournament, the Red River College Women’s Futsal team came incredibly close to winning a championship title, only to fall heart-breaking short. After a 5-1-1 record and a first place finish, the Rebels easily dispatched St.Boniface in their semi-final match 8-1 on Saturday afternoon. Next up was the third ranked Providence Pilots, with a 4-1-3 record. At Canadian Mennonite University, on a frigid Sunday afternoon, both teams electrified their fans with a thrilling championship game. The Rebels opened up with a quick 2-0 lead on a pair of goals scored by Katrina Clark. The Pilots stormed back with 3 unanswered goals of their own, sending the Rebels reeling. With no-time remaining on the clock in the first half, the Rebels were awarded a penalty shot, and Lisa Hayes took advantage, with a beautiful top corner kick to tie the game at 3-3 at the half.

In the second half the Rebels felt the effects of a short bench, slowing down their play and giving up 2 goals to the Pilots. The women’s team gave a valiant effort, with Clark scoring her third goal of the game, a hat-trick, late in the second half to make the game 5-4, but it was not enough in the end, and the Pilots were made MCAC Futsal Champions.

“I’m very proud of the players, particularly how they came together as a group and supported each other so well as the season progressed said Coach Doug Lawrie.  In practices we focused on fitness, defensive systems and shooting.  They are a very hard working team who never quit on defense.  Offensively we had a very well balanced attack.  On a roster of nine regular players everyone but the Goalkeeper scored during conference play, including four players who scored hat-tricks.   Notably Chelsea Laham scored three hat-tricks and tallied 16 total goals in 10 conference games.  Our season totals were 49 goals-for, and only 28 goals-against.  Brittany Postnikoff was tremendous in goal for us and we were well lead by Co-Captains Katrina Clark and Leah Single.  While the loss in the final was a disappointment for the team, overall they can look back on a very successful season, in terms of game results, friendships and personal growth.  This is the essence of college varsity athletics.

The Soccer and Futsal teams will lose to graduation very valued team members Leah Single, Jude Aronovitch, Rae-Lyn Dyck, and Brittany Postnikoff.  We wish them all the best in their future endeavors.  Looking to the future, many new and exciting players are already expressing interest in our program for next season and we look forward to building another competitive team.”

Rebels Repeat in the MCAC

March 10, 2014

With another MCAC basketball season in the books, it is once again the Red River Rebels who come out on top as MCAC Champions.

For the women, this makes three titles in a row as they dominated Providence in the finals 69-29. When it came to the men, the game was a lot closer, but the dynasty is even more impressive as they complete their sixth consecutive season as MCAC Champions, defeating CMU 78-76.

It was almost a true Cinderella story for Canadian Mennonite University in the men’s game, as Ryan Kehler sent a desperate three pointer into the air seconds before the buzzer sounded to end the contest. But it wasn’t to be on this night, as it sailed heavy, putting an end to the fourth-seed’s incredible run at an MCAC Championship, and putting an end to one incredible basketball game.

For Red River, it was a strong team defense, and some very clutch shooting from Kevin Quirante and Taylor Brown that propelled them to the top in this one. The Blazers were once again led by Ryan Kehler, who provided a spark whenever his team seemed to need one, along with some very impressive three-pointers down the stretch by Player of the Game Ryan Wiebe.

The game started off with Red River dominating down low, led by Cory Neufeld’s ten first-half points, most of which coming in the paint. CMU however, found a way to counter, with some excellent defense late in the second, cutting their deficit from ten to six to end the half.

With the Rebels outplaying CMU in the first half, CMU came out firing in the second, slowly cutting the lead down and getting back into this game. But it wasn’t until the fourth quarter when it really felt like CMU would have a shot.

Tying the game up with seven minutes left in the quarter, CMU started hitting some huge shots in an effort to grab a lead of their own. However, the Rebels showed why they’re the six-time champs, immediately responding time and time again led, in this case with some amazing shooting and speed on the drive by Quirante.

After the two teams traded three-pointers, the Rebels had the lead, but desperately looked to build on it quickly. Answering the bell for Red River was Brown, who hit the shot of the game, nailing a three to make it a two-possession game with less than a minute left.

The Blazers never gave up, and fought back within two after a massive Kehler three. But as CMU threw the ball in with just ten seconds left, the off balance three-pointer couldn’t drop, and the Rebels were once again crowned champions.

On the women’s side, there was certainly no rust on the first-place Red River Rebels after going 14 days without a game in the MCAC. Right from the opening tip it was clear they were ready to play, applying a full-court press that dictated the pace of the game.

The certainly don’t lack offensive talent on their roster, but it was their defense that allowed them to put points on the board, and consequently keep points away from Providence. In the first half it was Brittany Adrian, and Celecia Luckwell who really made things happen for Red River, making up over half of the Rebels first-half points, and doing it mainly off of steals and transition points.

The bright spot for Providence in the first half was the seven points and seven rebounds from Crystal Harms, who found success on both ends of the floor, keeping alive the idea of a comeback in the second half.

The second half, however, was all Red River. Their defense was relentless, holding Providence to only 12 points, while putting up 35 of their own. Again it was Luckwell and Adrian getting it done defensively, while Selamawit Andu found her finish putting up 14 second-half points.

In the end, Providence couldn’t find an answer for the pressure Red River was putting on, and it resulted in a big win to earn their third-straight title, and setting the stage for their men’s team to follow suit.

There were a lot of outstanding players involved in these championships, but a couple stood out amongst the rest. For the women, the Final 4’s MVP went to Brittany Adrian, who was dominant in both sides of the ball during their victory. On the men’s side, it was Red River’s Evan Walker, who was a rock for the Rebels in both games, playing consistently solid basketball whenever he was out on the floor

Wesmen are on Top in MCAC

March 3, 2014

When it comes to MCAC Volleyball, the University of Winnipeg College Wesmen sit above the rest, as both the men and women’s Wesmen teams can now call themselves MCAC Volleyball Champions.

Up against two MCAC dynasties, the College Wesmen put an end to the three-year reign of the Providence women’s team, and prevented the Red River College men from winning six championships in seven years, to start a reign of their own as the two best volleyball teams in the MCAC. In front of a packed crowd at Canadian Mennonite University, the College Wesmen made a statement, putting on two incredible championship matches on Saturday, in what will go down as one of the most exciting championships in recent memory.

The women of the College Wesmen played a tight match against Providence, beating them in four hotly contested sets (25-22. 25-21, 17-25, 25-22). On the men’s side, the College Wesmen avenged last season’s five-set loss against Red River in the championships, defeating the Rebels in a five-set thriller of their own (25-17, 25-21, 20-25, 22-25, 16-14).

The men’s match certainly didn’t feel like it was going to be as exciting as it was after the first set. The College Wesmen controlled the play for most of it, with the set never really being in doubt.

The second ended up being a bit of different story, with Red River mounting an offense orchestrated by setter Bobby Neufeld, clearly picking up the pace from the first set. However, set number two also saw the emergence of regular season MVP Nathaniel Therrien, who started rolling with some big kills at key times to help his team get up to a two-set lead.

Red River College found their stride in the third, led by a charge from Player of the Game Kevin Bommersbach, who put his team on his back with a high-energy offense that the College Wesmen couldn’t contain. The Rebels continued rolling into the fourth, with some supplementary offense from the likes of Zac Duncan and Mitch Henry to go along with another dominant set from Bommersbach, and things began to look grim for a College Wesmen team who seemed to have things under control early on.

However, in the championship set, the College Wesmen showed what they were made of, coming back from a five point deficit in the fifth, led by an incredible late set charge from team veteran Stefan Dirks. Despite another very strong set from Red River, this was simply the College Wesmen’s night as they took the fifth in extra points, 16-14 to take home the MCAC Championship.

In the women’s final, it was clear that these were the two best teams the MCAC has to offer, and the product was a great volleyball game. With these two teams tied for first place at the end of the MCAC season, this matchup was as even as it gets on paper, but it was the College Wesmen’s drive to dethrone the champs that put them over the top in this championship final.

The first set was a battle, with both teams trading blows throughout, keeping the game close and the tensions high. For Providence, it was Player of the Game, Kate Osadchuk, who held a lot of weight for her team, providing hustle on defense, and making her way through the block for a few timely kills. But that was countered by Chloe Pommer who played a very clutch game, shifting momentum with some kills of her own.

In the second, we saw more of a dominant performance from the College Wesmen, as they held the lead for most of the set, led by a strong performance by Player of the Game, Amanda Armour. That dominance however, did not carry into the third, as Providence started to pour it on and show why they finished the season in first place.

The third set saw the Pilots start a well-rounded attack, with the whole starting line-up starting to click offensively. The tables definitely turned in this set, with Providence dominating 25-17, and it looked like we had a five set match on the horizon.

However, the College Wesmen came out in the fourth as determined as ever, led by some key serving from Devon Guenther, and some excellent hitting from Mackenzie Jeffrey. In this set, the College Wesmen showed the packed crowd why they deserved to be champions, and put on a performance they won’t soon forget, winning the set, the match, and the MCAC Championship.

There were a lot of outstanding players involved in these championships, but a couple stood out amongst the rest. For the women, the Final 4’s MVP went to Mackenzie Jeffrey, who was dominant at the net for the College Wesmen. On the men’s side, the regular season MVP Nathaniel Therrien continued with his strong play, and earned the award after an incredible final match.

Live Life Your Way by Mario De Negri

March 3, 2014

When I went to university half way into the school year, I still hadn’t found that feeling of being in stride with it. I understood the routine of getting up for classes and making sure I caught my bus at the same time every time, I felt the stress of workload piling up on me and I could barely see a any free moments to spend time just relaxing and not thinking, just still being young and having fun.

I thought my January resolutions would’ve held out but who was I kidding. I knew it would be the same pattern as every time I tried years before which, even just that thinking had already set me up for failure. I knew that if I was to succeed with what I wanted out of life I had to really take a good look at myself. Really see who I was and face some of the unwanted answers that might be me. This would mean I would have to make some tough decisions as well as maybe change the way I live and recognize some patterns.

Here are some tips which have helped me and still to this day have made my life one that I design for myself and not something that others have programmed for me.

1)     Just Do It

One thing that stops most of us is just doing something, anything. What should I do? How should I do it?  Just the momentum of movement will lead us to answers we seek as long as we remain detached to the outcomes and remain focused on ourselves. Energy creates energy. Fears will be there and barriers will come but with just a simple step towards what you want will bring you that much closer to that bliss we all chase.  This one step will also create emotions within ourselves which when are in line with our true path lift us up and will help carry us further down the path of our dreams. However if you deal with any type of anxiety for example this can seem like a huge deal. It’s easier said than done. Work on being gentle with yourself, and working on non-judgment. If you can find yourself at a point where you can forgive yourself for doing nothing you are on the right track to getting into doing something. There is no race in life. You are on your own timeline which can give you that sense of freedom and relieve some of the pressures on ourselves.

2)     Step by Step

Try to picture a set of stairs and your goal is sitting at the top. In order to get there you first need to take one step. Don’t even think about how many steps there are, just focus on getting your two feet on that one step. Then move one to the next one. Jumping from the bottom of the stairs to the top for sure seems impossible and in most cases it is. So coming from a place of awareness you can see that it is not the top you are after but the next step. Do not overwhelm yourself because all small things lead to great things. Just do what needs to be done to bring you closer and keep that routine as it will become “normal” living just as all we’ve done to this point has become “normal” living.

3)     Redefine Normal

Normal is what normal does. It’s crazy to think that I might be abnormal, but really what does that all mean? All of my life people have told me what normal is, how to behave normal. That being single right now in my life is not normal, that if I don’t follow the pack then I’ll get left behind. This is all a state of conditioning that people have passed down over the years based on a sense of belonging for fear of being alone as well as learnt benefits. Yes we need to learn from those who have come before us as they have learnt lessons that now we need not repeat.  However, you are your own person and are allowed to follow your own light. Do not let others judgments, especially your own, steer you away from the true you, the one you seek.  Being a world traveling artist this was one of the hardest and still redefining tips of my life to really keep in mind that normal for me is not always normal for another but I’ll still be just fine.

4)     Get Involved

Get into things. Do as much as you can with things that you are passionate about. Join clubs, groups, forms, sites, do whatever you can to start creating a new “normal” in your world where when you once went to check your email you had a would have messages from one or two random things you delete anyways cause you don’t really care to now you have an inbox with a variety of different topics which you want to be involved in. Don’t worry about how much you can keep up with all these things because you never can. There is way too much information to take in then to process, but the more immersed you are what little you do process will grow and be added to your database. This goes from everything from getting into a new genre of music, learning to play a new instrument or getting into a more active and healthier lifestyle.

5)     Buddy System

Surround yourself with people who are also following a similar path you wish to be on. There are so many people in the world and being such social creatures we thrive in environments where there are others who have a common goal. Talk to someone in your class who you might see is involved in something you want to get into. Find someone to workout with cause it can be very difficult to start a new life pattern on your own. I know for me I won’t work out alone so I have done everything to paying trainers, joining classes and teams as well as always having a gym partner. People often say why would I hire a trainer if I’m one myself? My ego gets a bit rocked with that question but I always remember I am human first and not defined by what I do with my life as those change over time. I know my strengths are being that person to help other get what they want in life, but my weakness is not being able to do it for myself. Nothing wrong with that, I just learnt to work with it by finding other options. Now I’ve strengthened those weaknesses while still getting what I want out of my life.

The truth that I’ve found at this point is that there is no clear way. No one way for all to be well. We all need to find it within ourselves to feel out what we need. It looks different in so many different situations. Being aware of how our present actions are effecting out future self is such an important tool to learn but it comes at the cost of objectively looking at ourselves through real eyes and this will expose some things we might not want to accept about ourselves or believe they are there. Learning to see these as just a part of living and being nonjudgmental on ourselves will help carry us towards greater things. Our ego is fragile and will try to gain control at all costs. Let it go and accept the world as it is and there is where you will find yourself free to be whomever you choose.

Mario De Negri is the Fitness Coordinator for Rebels Athletics and Recreation Services. 

Rebels Women’s Basketball Complete Undefeated Season in Style

February 22, 2014

The Red River College Rebels women’s basketball team completed their perfect regular season, a sparkling 12-0 record, after defeating Providence University College Pilots 80-52 in the North Gyn at Notre Dame Campus. The team led from start to finish looking dominant along the way. The Rebels had four scorers in double figures with Brittany Adrian leading the way with 19 points. Celcia Luckwell and Cassie Ordonez chipped in with 17 points each in the winning effort. Along with finishing first place in the MCAC, the team has earned an automatic buy to the Championship final, where they will await the winner of CMU and Prov. The Championship Final will take place at Prov. Saturday March 8th at 6:00PM.

The Rebels men’s team also ended the regular season with a win, defeating the Pilots 82-62. Mohamed Alor had a terrific game for the Rebels, scoring 17 points, 10 assists and 2 rebounds. Taylor Brown also had a strong game, adding 15 points and 9 boards. Jonathan Thompson was the high scorer for the Pilots with 20 points. The men’s team finished in second place with a 12-2 record, and will face the Pilots in the MCAC league semi-final, Friday March 7th at 4:00PM at Prov.


Rebels Out-Duel the Wesmen 78-70

February 15, 2014

 In a battle of the two top MCAC Men’s Basketball teams, the Red River College Rebels came out on top of the University of Winnipeg Wesmen 78-70 tonight at the North Gym on Notre Dame Campus. Point Guard Vince Munoz led the Rebels tonight with 18 points, 5 rebounds and 3 assists. Taylor Brown had a big game hitting 4 three-pointers, adding to a total of 16 points along with Even Walker chipping in 12 points and 6 boards. Keenan Benarroch and Jon Picicci were the high scorers each for the Wesmen with 17 points apiece.

The Rebels and Wesmen split the season series winning two each, both on their home courts. They are now tied atop the standings with matching 11-2 records. Both teams have one game remaining on the season. The Rebels host Providence February 22nd, while the Wesmen host the CMU that same afternoon.

Rebels Catching Fire on their Way to the Playoffs

February 14, 2014


The Red River College Rebels seem to be peaking at the right time heading into playoffs, after a strong 3-1 (25-16,22-25,25-20,25-23) win over the University of St.Boniface “Les Rouges”. Other than a slight blip in the second set, the Rebels were firing on all cylinders, running a quick attack, while also getting key blocks for their defensive game. Les Rouges were up to the challenge, showing a lot of passion and moxie on the court, but they were outgunned by the Rebels, and could only hang on for so long.

“CUSB always elevates their game when it comes to playing against us and tonight was no different, said Co-Coach Dylan Power. They worked hard out there making our guys really have to earn this victory. It’s rewarding seeing things begin to come together, we’re going to continue pushing until we achieve greatness.”

With the win, the Rebels clinch second place in the MCAC league standings and will face the CMU Blazers in a semi-final. The Rebels defeated CMU the previous night, so they must feel good about the match-up.

The Women’s Rebels again were short staffed tonight with only six players, but they still put up a tough fight only to come up short to Les Rouge, 3-1(21-25,20-25,25-23,25-10). The team falls to 3-15 on the year, and will not make the postseason.

Both Rebels teams end their regular seasons with a pair of games each against ACC, Saturday February 22 at the North Gym, with the first game starting at 12:00PM.

Rebels Split a Pair of Five Set Thrillers with CMU

February 13, 2014

Fans in the North Gym on Notre Dame Campus were treated to a couple of terrific five set matches Thursday night as the Red River College Rebels battled the Canadian Mennonite University Blazers.

First up were the women, with both teams looking for a win to secure the fourth and final playoff spot in the MCAC rankings. The Rebels were only able to field six players for the match, but gave a valiant effort, losing 3-2 (25-16, 24-26,25-10,18-25,12-15). With the loss the Rebels are eliminated from the playoffs, while CMU secures a spot.  CMU improves to a 7-12 record, while RRC falls to 3-12.

The Rebels men were able to gain some revenge for Red River College, beating CMU in another five set marathon 3-2 (22-25,25-22,16-25,25-13,17-15). The game showed to be quite a preview for a more than likely first round playoff match up. RRC sits in 2nd place with 12-5 mark, while CMU is in third with a 11-18 record.

Both Rebels teams are right back in action Friday night, Valentines Day, at the North Gym against St.Boniface University, with a 6:00PM start time.

Rebels and Pilots settle for a draw in MCAC Volleyball

February 7, 2014

 The Rebels Men’s Volleyball team made short work of the Providence University College Pilots tonight at Red River College, winning 3-0 (25-12,25-20,25-19), taking the match in less than an hour and a half. The Rebels looked sharp from the start, with left side Kevin Bommersbach and Zac Duncan leading the attack. With the win, the Rebels improve to 11-5 on the season, while the Pilots fall to 8-10.

The Rebels Women’s Volleyball team has struggled at times this season, but they put in a terrific effort tonight in the North Gym, taking the undefeated first place Pilots to five sets, losing a heart breaker 16-25,8-25,25-20,25-23,15-8. Middle Kaelyn Laurencelle and Outside Taylor Hedley both had terrific games for the Rebels, with Setter Wilma Oombash leading the attack. With the loss, the Rebels remain in fifth place with a 3-13 record. Both Rebels teams, host St.Boniface University next Thursday Feb.13 starting at 6:00PM.

Rebels Win a Pair Saturday Night Over CMU

February 1, 2014

 The Rebels Women’s Basketball team improved their perfect MCAC record to 9-0 with a 66-27 win over Canadian Mennonite University. The Rebels led from start to finish, leading by 21 at half. Sela Andu was the high scorer with 16 points and five rebounds, with Brittany Adrian (12 points, 7rebounds) and Megan Neufeld  (3 points, 12 rebounds) also had strong games. The high scorer for CMU was Kathleen Klippenstein with 11 points.

The men’s game was much closer, as the Rebels win a thriller, 84-81 in Overtime over the CMU Blazers. Taylor Brown had a great game, scoring 18 points, including two huge three pointers in overtime to seal the victory. Evan Walker also had a very strong game for the Rebels scoring a game high 24 points. With the win the Rebels improve to 8-2 on the season, and sit firmly in second place, a game behind the University of Winnipeg.