Another Top Recruit for Rebels Women’s Soccer

April 17, 2014

D  WellmanRed River College Women’s Soccer is pleased to announce the commitment of Deidra Wellman for the 2014 MCAC season.  Deidra played all of her youth soccer in Fort McMurray, AB with the Fury select program and won a Provincial championship at U-14.  She graduated from Father Patrick Mercredi HS in 2013 and was a member of the high school’s soccer academy for three years.  In Grade 12 her HS won the city championship.  After HS she played one year of college soccer at Keyano College in the ACAC.  She was awarded Rookie of the Year at Keyano College.

Deidra plays right fullback and wing.  “Deidra comes to us with a strong endorsement from her former coach who describes Deidra as, ‘… great from the right side with plenty of power to play attacking balls out of the back,’ “ says Head Coach Doug Lawrie.  Deidra has also committed to play with Wolves United in Division 1 of the WWSL.

Deidra will be enrolling in Anatomy and Physiology pre-requisite courses leading towards an MRI and Spectroscopy Technology diploma.

What’s love got to do with it?

April 17, 2014

For many people exercise presents a special set of challenges. Here’s a realistic guide for getting started and not getting discouraged.

What’s love got to do with it? When it comes to fitness, in the end, love is all that matters. Exercising in public when you’re out of shape can be an emotionally bruising experience. Huffing and puffing to keep up, you feel inadequate and self-conscious, hating every moment you spend on the treadmill or pacing the track. Maybe you’re trying to tell yourself something.

One of the most common mistakes people make when starting to exercise is trying an exercise program that doesn’t suit them or was designed for someone else. People make the decision that they are going to “Do it right”, they join a health club and get a program and commit to working out four times a week. Most people taking this approach fail and failing makes them even more disheartened. What they don’t realize is that it was the wrong approach.

The first goal is to increase your physical activity and not to punish yourself for being out of shape. Begin by recognizing the benefits of diversity and explore the many options open to you and your individual interests. images-1

Learn to dancetake up a martial art, learn to swimdig a gardentake up wall climbingfind a tennis partner. What’s important is to find something that you enjoy and works for your lifestyle.  Recreation Services on campus offers a wide variety of different programs that will help get you active.  Visit our website at for a complete listing of classes and start dates.

Regardless of what shape you are in, you can derive tremendous benefit from physical activity. Research indicates that exercise can reduce risk factors for cardiovascular disease, for example, and can mitigate the effects of stress and depression.

For most people beginning an exercise program, the biggest considerations is losing weight and this in turn can also be the biggest emotional hurdle. An exercise program may or may not lead to weight loss, but it definitely will lead to an improvement in physical, metabolic and emotional fitness. When we learn to let go of ‘losing weight’ as the main goal of fitness training it frees us to focus on the real benefits and achievable goals of exercising.


In their eagerness to get started, the non-active people frequently fall into a pattern of error, which can sabotage the project before it gets off the ground.

Common mistakes are excising too hard and exercising too easy. There are those who try to get started with an exercise program, fling themselves at it only to get exhausted, injured, and realize few improvements in their health and fitness: they try to exercise too hard. Conversely, there are those who spend plenty of time exercising but don’t get their heart rate up enough to realize the benefits they are seeking.

Don’t swim laps just because someone says it’s an ideal exercise even though you hate it. Learn to ballroom dance, fence, ice skate, or snowboard.  Join a sports team.  Many leagues let you sign up as an individual with a free agent team or as team with a group of friends. This type of social(yet physical) activity could be just the thing to get you kick started on the road to a healthy active lifestyle.

Your Options:

  • Find your starting point. Do some fitness tests to see where you are now.
  • Forget the fat. Reprogram your thinking to focus on fitness not fatness.
  • Find fitness goals. Learn about physical and emotional fitness and why these should be your goals. A rounded exercise program takes all goals into consideration and gives you training in all elements of fitness.

The main determinant of whether an exercise program is successful is how hard it is in relation to your current level of fitness. No program will get results unless you stick to it, which is why you have to find an activity you love. One of the main reasons for people not sticking to their exercise plans is lack of time, so don’t waste time with an exercise program that might not work for you. Tailor your program to your fitness level and unique emotional, and physical characteristics and you will be sure to achieve your goals.

Three More Recruits for Rebels Women’s Soccer

April 14, 2014


Red River College Women’s Soccer is pleased to announce the commitment of Megan Castro for the 2014 MCAC season.  Megan graduated from Sisler HS in 2012.  In high school Megan was an Honour Roll student from Grades 10-12.  Megan played her youth soccer with FCNW Premier, helping her teams reach the MSA Cup finals twice.  As a youth Megan trained with the CSA RTC for two years and trained at the CSSE Academy for 10 years.  After youth Megan played one year of NCAA Div II at Bemidji State University, MN.  While at Bemidji her contributions on the field were recognized with the Newcomer of the Year 2012-13 award, and selection to the NSIC All-Conference Team.  In 2013 she chose to return to Canada and red-shirted with the UofM Bisons for one year.  Megan currently plays senior soccer with the CSSE Impact in the 1st Division of the WWSL.

Megan plays centre-midfield and centre-back.  “I’m very pleased that Megan has chosen to make a commitment to our program,” says Head Coach Doug Lawrie, “Megan has received tremendous training under Chico’s tutelage at CSSE Academy, and brings two years of post-secondary experience to our team.”

Megan will be entering the Manufacturing Computer Aided Drafting program at RRC.

M  Dittbrenner

Red River College Women’s Soccer is pleased to announce the commitment of Melony Dittbrenner for the 2014 MCAC season.  Melony played youth soccer in Beausejour, MB where she captained her community club team.  She graduated from Ecole Edward Schreyer High School in 2013.  She was the high school soccer team’s Captain for three years running, and led her team to win the District Championships four times and attended Provincials twice.  In Grade 11 she was named Athlete of the Year.  Melony will be playing her senior soccer with her hometown Beausejour Winded of the WWSL.

Melony plays left Wing.  “I’m very pleased to have Melanie join us.  She clearly has leadership skills that are very valuable to any team”, says Head Coach Doug Lawrie,  “she is naturally left footed with a good cross so will improve that dimension of our attacking game”.  

Melanie is currently enrolled in the Business Administration program at RRC and maintaining a 4.0 GPA.  After graduation she plans to transfer to the UofM Asper School of Business and complete her degree.

 K  Henuset


Red River College Women’s Soccer is pleased to announce the commitment of Karla Henuset for the 2014 MCAC season.  Karla played youth soccer in the South End United Premier program.  In 2010 she helped her team win the MSA Cup and represented Manitoba at the CSA Club National Championships.

 Karla graduated from Sanford Collegiate in 2013.  She played with her high school team for three years and was selected as the team MVP one year.  On graduation Karla won the Red River Partners in Education scholarship.

Karla plays forward or midfield.  “Karla’s experience with high level soccer will be a  tremendous asset to our team,” says Head Coach Doug Lawrie, “I look for her to be strong combining with teammates to create offensive opportunities and finishing on them.”

Karla is currently enrolled in the Business Administration program at RRC.  She plans to major in Marketing in her second year of the program.

Soccer Training Camp/Tryouts Dates for 2014 Fall Season

April 14, 2014

Men’s and Women’s Varsity Soccer Training Camp/Tryouts for 2014 Fall Season 

Every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday starting Monday 11 August until Thursday 28 August.  All sessions are at 5:00 – 6:30 pm at the RRC Soccer fields NDC.

All interested players should contact Head Coaches:

Women’s Soccer – Doug Lawrie 204-832-8452

Men’s Soccer – Jordan Goetting 204-218-0325

New Recruit for Rebels Women’s Soccer

April 11, 2014

B  Hogeveen (3)

Red River College Women’s Soccer is pleased to announce the commitment of Brittany Hogeveen for the 2014 MCAC season.  Brittany played youth soccer with Park City CC where she helped her team win the WYSA City Championship twice.  She graduated from Calvin Christian Collegiate in 2012, where she also played on her high school soccer team.  Brittany has also committed to play with the Pirates in the 2nd Division of the WWSL.  Brittany plays Central Defense.  In her first year of senior women’s soccer she was instrumental in helping her team make a significant improvement in their season GA totals, and a strong move up the standings.

 “Brittany’s coach in her first year of senior women’s soccer speaks very highly of her character and skill and determination on the field.  I am very pleased to have the commitment of a player with these qualities in such a critical position on the field”, says Head Coach Doug Lawrie,  “players with Brittany’s positive attitude are crucial to a team’s success, both on and off the field”.

 Brittany will be entering the Nursing program at RRC.

Rebel’s Women’s Basketball Spring League

April 9, 2014

This Spring, Red River College’s Athletics Department is proud to present the Rebels Women’s Basketball Spring League.

This six team will league will play all game at the North Gym on the Notre Dame campus, from April 22 to June 13. Each team will be guaranteed 6 games, including one playoff game.

  • All teams and players must be registered with Basketball Manitoba.  Any team(s) and players that were registered with the W.W.B.L / MCAC during the 2013-14 season are covered.  Any new team(s), not registered with Basketball Manitoba are required to pay a $225 fee over and above the league registration fee.  Any player not registered with Basketball MB must pay a $25 registration fee over and above the League fee

Teams can enter right now, along with individual players looking for teams to join.

Rebels SL rules and regs

 Player Registration Form

TeamPlayer Registration Form

For further questions, please contact:

Shane Ray, Manager of Athletics and Recreation
Phone: 204-632-3030 Email:


Cole SKinner, Athletics and Recreation Coordinator
Phone: 204-632-2397 Email:

RRC Rebels Athletics Banquet and Awards

April 1, 2014

This past weekend, the Rebels Athletics Department celebrated the year in Collegiate sports, handing out team MVP awards to their 8 varsity teams.

2013/14 RRC Rebels Team MVP’s
Women’s Soccer-Katrina Clark
Men’s Soccer-Arunjeet Johal
Women’s Volleyball-Kaelyn Laurencelle
Men’s Volleyball-Zach Duncan
Women’s Futsal-Chelsea Laham
Men’s Futsal-Roger Land
Women’s Basketball-Selamawit Andu
Men’s Basketball-Kevin Quirante

Basketball Captain Cory Neufeld was also presented with a Special Achievement Award, for gradutating after a five year career with the Rebels, and winning FIVE (5)! straight MCAC championships.

2013/2014 MCAC Athletes of the Week and Conference All-Stars were also recognized.

MCAC Athletes of the Week: Wilma Oombash(Volleyball), Lloyd Hildebrand(Basketball), Vince Munoz(Basketball), Kevin Bommersbach(Volleyball), Cassie Ordonez Basketball), Brittany Adrian (Basketball)

MCAC Conference All-Stars:Evan Walker(Basketball), Lloyd Hildebrand(Basketball), Kevin Bommersbach(Volleyball), Bobby Neufeld(Volleyball), Arunjeet Johal(Soccer), Vince Munoz(Basketball), Katrina Clark(Soccer), Cassie Ordonez(Basketball), Brittany Adrian(Basketball), Brittany Adrian(Basketball)

To view pictures of the event, please visit the RRC Rebels Facebook Site.

2014 Spring Fitness Classes:Register Now!

March 31, 2014

Red River College Athletics and Recreation Services offers Group Fitness Programs suited to all interests and fitness levels. Our highly trained and enthusiastic instructors will lead you through a fun and challenging workout suited to you.

Registered Programs For 2014 Spring Term

Yoga with Amanda on Mondays from 4:15 to 5:15.

Rapid Revolution Spin with Lesley on Tuesdays from 11:05 to 11:50 and Thursdays from 11:05 to 11:50.

Dynamic Core with Leslie on Tuesdays from 12:05 to 12:50 and Thursdays from 12:05 to 12:50.

Cardio Complete with Ming on Tuesdays from 4:00 to 4:45

Boot Camps with Karly on Fridays from 11:05 to 11:50

Stott Pilates with Karly on Fridays from 12:05 to 12:50

Regular classes will start April 28th and run until June 27th.

Drop in cards for 4 or 8 classes per term can also be purchased. An unlimited Full Fitness Pass can also be purchased, allowing to attend as many classes as you want.


To register for a class download the attached form, fill it out and take it to the Student Service Centre to make a payment. 2014 Spring Fitness Classes Registration Form

5 Tips for the River of Life by Mario De Negri

March 26, 2014

 We’ve all been caught in the rush of the world in its quest to be going somewhere. This constant pressure has had us staring at a screen until out eyes are pounding , sitting on our butts until our back hurts…..what’s up with that, and going for hours without eating except for those few cups of coffee….that’s kind of like food right? 


When I was younger I had a mentor tell me there was an on/off button on my backside. Anytime I was sitting down the button would be pressed to off and anytime I would stand up it would be released to the on position. This didn’t make a lot of sense hearing it but was something to be understood by applying it. It makes sense now, as I sit I am sedentary, there is little flow. As I stand I am in more motion as little as standing would be compared to sitting. Once some motion has been started it can grow into more and lead to many places. It’s like water, stagnant water has little life, can be dangerous to drink or play in. Whereas water that is flowing has vibrant energy with all sorts of life and purity, and this flowing water can be anything from a small creek to the Iguazu falls in South America.

Your life is that water. However you choose to live will reflect what kind water you manifest. There are times in our lives when we need to be slow moving like a creek to gather thoughts, have gratitude for the things we have now and there are times we need to move fast like giving time to our heart to challenge it and strengthen it cause it beats for us ALL THE TIME.


Here are 5 tips to be like water and disengage that button.

  1. Stand up right now! Read the rest of this standing. Stand up and keep standing. From here after you read this make a decision to take a step forward.  What do you want to do? What can you do? Do something small as that will lead into something else and you can use momentum to keep going.
  2. Set an alarm app on your phone or computer. Have it set for every hour. When the alarm goes off, stand up. Being in the office chair all day is no good for anyone. Make that once an hour commitment to do a back extension, stretch your pecs, or walk a flight of stairs. This does not have to take a long time. It can take less time than waiting in line for your morning coffee and results will come.
  3. Be mindful of what your present actions are. If you are going to stand in line how are you standing? Try standing on one foot to work on balance. Try doing calf raises or just moving your body in general. I know… what if someone sees me right? Get over it. Yes people will see you so be one of the aware ones to use your time to your advantage. I bet you if more than half the people in that line were doing movements you’d do some small ones to just fit in and not be the minority. Start that movement to allow other to follow.
  4. Build a ladder. Every day during your one hour self-check bell do a ladder activity. Start with one push up at 9am, then 2 at 10am and keep going until your done your day. If my math is correct in one day you will do 1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8=36 pushups. That’s a lot of pushups! Next day, do squats, steps ups, ab crunch and change it. Remember to challenge yourself so maybe you need to start with 5 squats for example.
  5. Commit to a club, group, games, and organization once a week. This has to be a you time thing that can include your family, or partner or just yourself but needs to be a regular commitment. I know for one of my groups we have game night every Tuesday where we play board games all winter to keep people moving out of the house and not get too nested. These change in the spring to more outdoor type activities. This has been one of the most positive additions to my life as I get to be with friends when I’m feeling worked over by winter, as well as it gives me something to look forward to each week.

Ultimately as long as you can focus on your back side button and check it often to see if it is on or off you can begin to see what the future has in store for you. The more often you can leave it on, the happier, healthier and fulfilled you will be. Once you develop the pattern, the way the river has its path it will just flow naturally and you can enjoy the ride.

Ultimately as long as you can focus on your back side button and check it often to see if it is on or off you can begin to see what the future has in store for you. The more often you can leave it on, the happier, healthier and fulfilled you will be. Once you develop the pattern, the way the river has its path it will just flow naturally and you can enjoy the ride.

START NOW Button (web internet power on continue click here go)

Mario De Negri

Fitness Coordinator

Life style Design


Exercising when sick

March 20, 2014

You’re coughing and sneezing but your exercise routine has achieved a nice rhythm and you don’t want to lose momentum. There are two voices in your head—one encouraging you to rest—the other urging you to get up and go. Now what do you do?

It’s the toughest call and it’s usually made under duress.

Fear of prolonging the illness holds you back; the desire to work up a sweat spurs you on. What should you do, heed the advice of others to rest and wait it out, or follow your instincts, and soldier on despite the congestion?

Conflicting reports about the consequences of exercising when sick only add to your dilemma. You’ve read that it’s a good move, but other evidence points to it being bad. And feeling crummy isn’t making your decision any easier.  Being active helps you alleviate some of the stress from exams and holidays yet do you conserve your energy for that all-nighter you are sure to pull for your final exam.

Well, you can take comfort knowing that every person who enjoys exercise has, at one time or another, shared in your agony. It’s about risk-taking. The risk of increasing the severity and duration of the cold, spreading the infection to other organs, leading to injury due to weakness and coordination issues, etc., are increased while exercising with a lower respiratory illness.

Your first consideration should be the people around you.  Do the other members in the Loft, at the EDC Fitness Facility or your teammates want to be around you while you are sneezing, and coughing.  They won’t appreciate you too much if you pass your bug onto them.  So if you think you are infectious, stay home.

Assuming you are not contagious do the following quick check to help you decide whether to exercise or not.  If symptoms are above the neck (and you don’t have a fever), such as runny nose, sore throat and sneezing, continue training. Go slow at first, and if you feel energized continue, increasing the pace.  Complaints below the neck, namely chest cold, fever, muscle soreness, and aching joints, provide ample reason to stay in bed.

images If you do make the decision to exercise start at lower intensity.  If you feel fine, increase the intensity but considering shortening your workout.

If you feel the need to workout and are sick remember these important tips

  • Eat a well-balanced diet.
  •  Avoid rapid weight loss. Rapid weight loss have been shown to impair immune function.
  • Try and get a good nights rest. Lack of sleep can reduce immune functioning
  • Avoid over-training and chronic fatigue. Space workouts or activities as far apart as possible. Keep “within yourself” and don’t push beyond your ability to recover.
  • Drink more water.
  • Limit alcohol intake. Alcohol can be dehydrating which, in turn, may decrease your resistance to bacteria.
  • Finally, listen to your body. If you are really sick you will feel better and recover faster if you let yourself rest.  The sooner you get better the sooner we can see you back in your yoga class or on the ice with your teammates.