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January 11, 2017

Red River College Athletics and Recreation Services offers Group Fitness Programs suited to all interests and fitness levels. Our highly trained and enthusiastic instructors will lead you through a fun and challenging workout suited to you.

Registered Programs for 2017 Winter Term

Classes scheduled: fitness-class-schedule-winter-2017

Yoga with Amanda P on Mondays from 4:15-5:15pm at NDC

Metabolic Resistance Training with Lesley on Mondays from 12:05-12:50pm

Boot Camps with Ashleigh on Tuesdays from 12:05pm-12:50pm

Circuit Training with Cameron on Wednesdays from 12:05-12:50pm

Gentle Hatha Fusion Yoga with Linda Wednesdays from 4:15-5:15 at NDC

Dynamic Core with Lesley on Thursdays from 12:05-12:50pm

Dynamic Spin with Lesley on Thursdays from 4:15pm to 5:00pm

Vinyasa Yoga with Amanda B on Thursdays from 4:15-5:15pm at EDC

New Classes for This Term!!!

Zumba with Lindsay on Tuesdays (Jan 31 – Feb 21)

Block Therapy with Joanne on Tuesdays (Mar 7-28)

Fitness Classes  Free for Students!!!

All Fitness Classes are free to use for RRC Students. Students can fill out Fitness Class registration form, minus payment, and drop it off at GM20 in the North Gym or email to Recreation Coordinator Cole Skinner @ Students are also welcome to drop in the fitness classes as well, provided space is available. (For EDC Yoga, students can also submit their registration form to the instructor before the start of class.)


Winter Classes will start September January 16th and run until April 11th.

Drop in cards for 5 or 10 classes per term can also be purchased.


To register for a class download the registration form, complete it and if your staff, alumni or community user fill it out and take it to the Student Service Centre to make a payment.  If you are a student, drop off at front desk in the North Gym. (For EDC Yoga, students can also submit their registration form to the instructor before the start of class.)

Registration Form: 2017-winter-fitness-classes-registration-form

Living Room Bootcamp – Part Two of the Rebels Rec Home Workout Series

January 9, 2017

With winter upon us, our thoughts turn to indoor activities. Even though we are inside more than we like, there is no reason why we cannot continue to exercise and be active. Rebels Rec has asked each of our fantastic fitness instructors to provide an exercise routine that anyone can do by themselves in the gym or at home. Second in our series is Ashleigh:

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Getting started on an active lifestyle

January 4, 2017

START NOW Button (web internet power on continue click here go)For many people exercise presents a special set of challenges. Here’s a realistic guide for getting started and not getting discouraged.

What’s love got to do with it? When it comes to fitness, in the end, love is all that matters. Exercising in public when you’re out of shape can be an emotionally bruising experience. Huffing and puffing to keep up, you feel inadequate and self-conscious, hating every moment you spend on the treadmill or pacing the track Maybe you’re trying to tell yourself something.

One of the most common mistakes people make when starting to exercise is trying an exercise program that doesn’t suit them or was designed for someone else. People make the decision that they are going to “Do it right”, they join a health club and get a program and commit to working out four times a week. Most people taking this approach fail and failing makes them even more disheartened. What they don’t realize is that it was the wrong approach.

The first goal is to increase your physical activity and not to punish yourself for being out of shape. Begin by recognizing the benefits of diversity and explore the many options open to you and your individual interests.

Learn to dance, take up a martial art, learn to swim, dig a garden, take up wall climbing, find dodgeball 2015a tennis partner. The City of Winnipeg Leisure Guide has a wide range of activities.  Not in Winnipeg? Call your local recreation department to get more info about what is available in your community.  What’s important is to find something that you enjoy and works for your lifestyle. Recreation Services on campus offers a wide variety of different programs that will help get you active. Visit our website at for a complete listing of classes and start dates.

Regardless of what shape you are in, you can derive tremendous benefit from physical activity. Research indicates that exercise can reduce risk factors for cardiovascular disease, for example, and can mitigate the effects of stress and depression.

For most people beginning an exercise program, the biggest considerations is losing weight and this in turn can also be the biggest emotional hurdle. An exercise program may or may not lead to weight loss, but it definitely will lead to an improvement in physical, metabolic and emotional fitness. When we learn to let go of ‘losing weight’ as the main goal of fitness training it frees us to focus on the real benefits and achievable goals of exercising.

In their eagerness to get started, the non-active people frequently fall into a pattern of error, which can sabotage the project before it gets off the ground.

Common mistakes are excising too hard and exercising too easy. There are those who try to get started with an exercise program, fling themselves at it only to get exhausted, injured, and realize few improvements in their health and fitness: they try to exercise too hard. Conversely, there are those who spend plenty of time exercising but don’t get their heart rate up enough to realize the benefits they are seeking.

Don’t swim laps just because someone says it’s an ideal exercise even though you hate it. Learn to ballroom dance, fence, ice skate, or snowboard. Join a sports team. Many leagues let you sign up as an individual with a free agent team or as team with a group of friends. This type of social(yet physical) activity could be just the thing to get you kick started on the road to a healthy active lifestyle.

Your Options:

  • Find your starting point. Do a fitness assessment to see where you are now.
  • Forget the fat. Reprogram your thinking to focus on fitness not fatness.
  • Find fitness goals. Learn about physical and emotional fitness and why these should be your goals. A rounded exercise program takes all goals into consideration and gives you training in all elements of fitness.

The main determinant of whether an exercise program is successful is how hard it is in relation to your current level of fitness. No program will get results unless you stick to it, which is why you have to find an activity you love. One of the main reasons for people not sticking to their exercise plans is lack of time, so don’t waste time with an exercise program that might not work for you. Tailor your program to your fitness level and unique emotional, and physical characteristics and you will be sure to achieve your goals.

Rec Services has 10 Rules for a Good Gym Experience

January 2, 2017

The new year is upon us and getting in shape is often high on the list of new years resolutions. Make sure you’re not the one who’s turning heads for all the wrong reasons by following some simple rules of gym etiquette. RRC Recreation Services has put some tips together to help everyone have a good experience. Read More →

30 Things to Stop Doing to Ourselves

December 19, 2016

I came across this blog when I was feeling a fair bit of turbulence in my life. I personally was doing great. Everything was in line, I was working at my best, and being my best self which warrants recognition as that’s something I have failed to do in my past, and can image others feeling something similar in their lives.

Something was affecting my life from the outside and I had the choice to sit there and take it stop-signor stand up and step to the side. I had made some tough decisions to try to keep myself on a healthy path but I couldn’t help shake the pain in my heart. Sometimes clarity of the mind doesn’t mean you’ll find peace in the heart right away. Sometimes the aches in the heart are real but just growing pains we must endure for our own personal growth as a person. Every time I look back at times this has been true I can feel peace in my heart now, but wasn’t so in the moment at that time.

This blog brings to lights some of those tough self-questions we need to be asking ourselves to see if we are on our true path. So many of the points highlight quite directly some of the fears about myself I had to face and to accept if I was to move forward on my path. Hopefully they can bring some insight onto you as they have re-affirmed in mine.

Check out the blog here;

Mario DeNegri

Fitness Coordinator at RRC

Exam and Holiday Closures for Recreation Facilities at EDC and NDC

December 5, 2016

North Gym and Loft

  • Friday December 9 – 630am to 8:00am and 430pm to 8pm closed between 8am and 4:30pm for exams
  • Saturday December 10 and Sunday December 11 open 9am to 3pm
  • Monday December 12 to Friday December 16 -630am to 8:00am and 430pm to 8pm closed between 8am and 4:30pm for exams
  • Friday December 23 open – 7am to noon
  • December 24 to January 2 closed
  • Regular operating hours resume January 3

South Gym

  • Closed from Monday December 12 to Friday December 16 between and 8am and 430pm for exams.
  • Closed from December 23 at noon to January 2
  • Regular hours resume January 3


  • December 23 closed at noon
  • December 24 open 8 to 4
  • Closed December 25, 26, January 1 and 2
  • Open between 8 to 4 on December 27, 28, 29, 30 and 31
  • Regular hours resume January 3

Taylor Brown named MCAC Athlete of the Week

December 5, 2016

taylorbrownIn his fifth season of eligibility in the MCAC, 6’2″ guard Taylor Brown has started the 2016-17 season averaging 20.2 points a game and shooting 40.6% from the field. But more importantly, his Red River College Rebels are 5-0 and ranked first in the conference.

In Week 12, Brown racked up a monster 25 points, 15 rebounds, 4 assists and 2 steals in a 98-74 win over second-place Canadian Mennonite University. Brown also led all players in minutes, playing 34:22 against CMU and averaging a team-high 28.2 on the season. The win gives the Rebels a stranglehold on first place with 10 points, a huge 4 points ahead of CMU and Providence University College.

Brown is a Business Financial Services student at Red River College, and fans of the MCAC will remember that Brown was named Most Valuable Player of last year’s MCAC Championships after his Rebels beat CMU in the Final to hoist Red River’s 5th-straight men’s basketball trophy. So far this season it appears they haven’t missed a step.

Rebels Weekend Wrap: Dec 2-4

December 5, 2016

The Rebels teams competed in their final MCAC games of 2016 this weekend, wrapping up the first half of the schedule.

The men’s volleyball team captured their first victory of the season, defeating USB in a five set thriller 3-2  (20-25,25-18,19-25,25-20,15-11). The win keeps the Rebels thin playoff hopes alive, and provided a most needed confidence boost going to into the holiday break. The women’s team however was unable to end 2016 with a win, falling to USB 3-1 (17-25,25-16,25-23,25-13). However, they are sitting in 3rd place with a 5-6 record, ready to make a run at the playoffs, a place they haven’t been in over 3 years.

For men’s basketball, the drum beats on, defeating U of Winnipeg 77-62. They remain undefeated in league play with a 6-0 record and on their way to defending their MCAC crown, for the 9th consecutive time. The women’s team provided a Sunday sweep of the Wesmen, 78-33. The Rebels look to make a run at the league leading CMU Blazers in the new year with a full roster of players.

On behalf of Rebels Athletics, we would like to thank all of the family, friends,and fans who have supported us over the year. We wish you all a happy holidays and look forward to seeing you back in the gym in the new year!

The Awesome Workout-Part One of Our Home Workout Series

December 2, 2016

With winter upon, our thoughts turn to indoor activities. With the stress of exams and holidays right around the corner make sure you take some time to look after you.  Taking a few minutes each day will help combat the stress and make the season more enjoyable.  Even though we are inside more than we like, no reason why cannot continue to exercise and be active. Rec Services has asked each of our fantastic fitness instructors to provide an exercise routine that anyone can do by themselves in the gym or at home. First up is Cameron:

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Rebels Weekend Wrap: November 18-20

November 29, 2016

Rebels Volleyball Earn Double Silver at Western Canadian Championships:

Both Rebels volleyball team struck silver in Brandon this weekend at the 2016 Western Canadian Championships.

The women’s team battled all weekend with a short bench, defeating Great Plains 2-0 (25-22,25-12), losing to  Saskatoon 2-1 (25-21,15-25,16-14), and CMU 2- 0 (25-18,25-19) and finally beating USB 2-1(25-16,23-25,15-9)  in the round robin on Saturday. The women’s team got on a roll in the playoffs on Sunday defeating Moose Jaw 25-23, 25-26 and  USB 25-18, 25-22 in quarters and semis. They finally ran out gas in the final losing to CMU 2-1  (21-25, 25-22, 13-15) in the final.

The men’s team needed to make some positives this weekend after a tough first half in MCAC play. They achieved just that beating 3 Saskatchewan teams on Saturday in round robin play; Great Plain 2-1 (25-9,25-27,15-10) ,Moose Jaw 2-0 (25-16,25-19) and Saskatoon 2-0 (25-13,25-21) in the round robin. On Sunday they beat Moose Jaw in the quarters (25-23, 27-25) and rivals USB 2-0 (25-18, 25-22) in the semi only to fall short to CMU 2-1 (21-25, 25-22, 13-15).

Both teams hope to build on their silver medals and finish the 1st half of the MCAC season strong. They travel to Providence to face the Pilots tonight starting at 6pm, then finish up at home against USB, Friday December 2nd starting at 6pm.

The Rebels men’s basketball game remain unbeaten in MCAC play after defeating U of Winnipeg 69-43 at home on Friday and the CMU Blazers 98-74 in the North gym Saturday night. Veteran guard Taylor Brown is 2nd in league scoring with 20.2 points a game while pg Jon Wilner is 4th in league scoring with 18.0.  Against CMU on Saturday, Brown and Wilner combined for 43 points, 19 rebounds and 7 assists.

For the women, mixed results, a 61-32 win over U of WInnipeg and a 70-44 loss to the CMU Blazers. Zera Lynn Panesa leads the MCAC in scoring with 20.7 points, with forward Brita Enns-Kutchy leading the league with a whopping 14.3 rebounds per game. The Rebels sit in 3rd place with a 2-3 record. Both basketball teams finish the 1st part of the MCAC season on the road against the UW Wesmen, Sunday December 4th starting at 2:00pm.