Tantric Hatha Yoga

Tantric Hatha Yoga has two elements… Tantra which means to move beyond oneself or break out and Hatha which is, at its core, what yoga has become… a series of poses combined with mindfully breathing. Thus, the form of yoga Keith practices is movement based whilst connecting to your breath in such a way that over time, we can break out of the constraints we find ourselves in; these may be physical mobility, flexibility, or imaginative.


As a long time instructor of Sales, Marketing, and Management at Red River College, Keith (RYT) has practiced yoga in different forms, on and off, since the late ‘80s. After a series of back injuries, he got “serious” and has practiced more on than off in the 2010s. During the fall of 2016, he attended and graduated from the Blue Osa Yoga Teacher Training program in Costa Rica. Regardless of your ability or experience with yoga, please come out and try something a little different…your body will thank you for it.