Dynamic Core

Dynamic Core is a great workout from head to toe.

Combining strength, flexibility and balance, this class will force the muscles in your body to synergize. This class is an effective way to get lean. No matter your age or fitness level.

 photo[1]About Lesley our instructor

Lesley Timms is an energetic and dynamic fitness instructor with 14 years experience in leading cycle and group fitness classes.

Her training and career in group fitness classes started in Toronto  where she certified in Keiser Power Pacing program ( cycle or spin classes )

Weight classes are also a passion, she certified in a body training program consisting of a combination of step and weight class. She is now a certified Barre instructor as well.

She has helped hundreds of people change into a healthier lifestyle.

She loves to help and encourage her participants to achieve their goals .

Lesley knows its all about your lifestyle change to be healthier she’ll help you stay on track to help you reach your goals.