Cardio Fusion

A cardiovascular conditioning class fusing different styles of cardiovascular exercise; including the use of the BOSU, kickboxing, aerobics, Step and other disciplines.. The class will complete with a core and flexibility component to round out this great workout.

About Ming our Instructor

(Eleanor) MING (Tsang) has been accredited fitness leader for over 20 years. She enjoys teaching all types of group fitness classes to music which is the motivating factor to exercise. When not teaching and have free time from regular work with the airlines she will attend other classes (Zumba, Yoga, BellyFit, KickBox…) to get ideas, and a feeling of different fitness class activities, to incorporate some moves into classes that she already teaches. She likes to reward participants at the end of their sessions with a small token of appreciation for doing so well at keeping themselves fit and for continuing to keep fitness as a part of their busy lifestyles. She is dedicated to attending fitness workshops to keep current on all the latest trends, safety, and personal gain from physical activities