What you can copy

Up to 10% of a copyright-protected work (including textbooks), or

  1. a single chapter,
  2. a single article,
  3. a single short story, play, poem or essay from a collection,
  4. an entire newspaper page,
  5. an entire artistic work
  6. an entire entry from a reference work

Whenever using works protected by copyright, cite the source and the author.

Copying for Education or Training
  • may convert short excerpts to digital for use in PowerPoint or other display format
  • may store short excerpts on a learning or course management system such as LEARN
  • may send short excerpts by e-mail to Distance Education students

Multiple Copies – a single copy of a short excerpt may be provided or communicated to each student enrolled in a class or course.

  • as a class handout
  • as a posting on a secure website
  • in a course pack

Information prepared by RRC Library.