Parking on Campus

Red River College’s Parking Services manages student and staff parking lots at the Notre Dame Campus, Portage Campus and Stevenson Campus.

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General Information

Student Parking Permits

Only one permit will be issued to each applicant and permits are valid only in the assigned area. The parking permit must be hung from the rearview mirror and must be fully visible from the outside of the windshield to be valid.

The holder of the parking permit cannot transfer, sell or assign the parking permit to any other person and will be held responsible for any and all parking tickets associated with this pass.

Replacement Permits

Lost and/or stolen parking permits must be reported to Parking Services. The cost of a replacement permit is $26.50 (GST included).

Motorcycles, Motorscooters, and Mopeds

A monthly permit can be purchased for $36.75 (GST included). Motor vehicles must be parked in designated areas.

If a student has a valid parking permit, a permit will be issued at no charge for the same duration. The registration must be produced and the motor vehicle must be registered to the student.

Parking for Students with Disabilities

Special parking arrangements for students with physical disabilities can be made. A medical certificate must be presented at time of application.

Parking Infractions

The College can cancel a parking permit at anytime if the permit holder does not pay a required fee or fine; comply with parking regulations; transfers, alters, sells or assigns the permit; or if the College determines the holder’s parking area is required for College purposes. (If alternative parking cannot be provided, the College will refund the unused portion of the permit.)

Students who receive College parking tickets must comply with the conditions indicated on the ticket. Failure to pay any parking-related fine could result in the cancellation of parking privileges. It could also result in the withholding of mark transcripts, diplomas or certificates until the amount due has been received by the College. Unsettled accounts will be turned over to an authorized collection agency for resolution.

A student may also be subject to disciplinary action for non-payment of outstanding parking tickets.

Security Services

Security Services requests the cooperation and assistance of students throughout the year in keeping the campus a safe environment for all. Should you observe any suspicious activity in the parking lots or elsewhere, please advise Security Services immediately by calling 204.632.2323.