Notre Dame Campus

Red River College’s Notre Dame Campus has four student power lots, two student non-power lots, and four staff lots (see map). Hourly and daily parking is also conveniently available throughout the Campus in three lots.

Rates for Students and Staff

RRC offers parking to students and staff at the Notre Dame Campus with convenient month-to-month terms.

Power Parking: $63/month
Non-Power Parking: $55.65/month
Hourly Parking: $1.50/per hour or $7/per day

Note: monthly rates include GST and may change without notice.

Parking Passes

Assigned parking passes are strictly for the use of registered students and staff and for the vehicle registered with the Parking Services. If a permit is found in a vehicle that has not been registered, it will be ticketed and/or towed.

Student Parking

Designated student spots are assigned on scramble terms and are offered within power and non-power lots. Students with a valid parking permit are permitted to park at the Notre Dame Campus between 7:00am and 12:00am.

Student parking passes can be purchased at the Parking Office (D-100) and are offered on a first-come first-served basis. In the event that all parking passes are sold out, students have the option of being placed on a wait list and will be contacted by email once a spot opens up. The wait list is refreshed daily.

Students who have parking passes may apply for a refund in person at the Student Service Centre. The refund will be calculated based on time used and may take up to two weeks to process.

Staff Parking

Staff parking at the Notre Dame Campus is assigned by location and power or non-power preference. Employees are asked to park in their assigned spot whenever on campus and overnight parking is only permitted with prior authorization from Parking Services.

Staff parking passes can be purchased by filling out an online Maestro application request in RRC HUB. Once you have completed the application, visit the Parking Office (D-100) to pick up your permit. The parking pass is conveniently deducted bi-weekly from employee payroll.

The assigned permit is strictly for the use of the registered student/staff and for the vehicle(s) registered in the individuals’ profile.

Cancelling a staff parking pass can be done by filling out a Maestro process on RRC HUB. The cancellation becomes effective the day the parking pass is returned to the Parking Office (D-100).

Short-term Parking / Evenings / Weekends

Daily parking is in effect Monday to Friday from 7am until 5pm.  Hourly and daily lots include the East, Northwest and Northeast lots (see map). After 5pm, all lots at the Notre Dame Campus convert to scramble.

Hourly and daily parking passes (pay and display) are valid for the time specified and should be shown face-up on the dashboard.

Evening parking is charged at a flat rate of $2/per evening and is in effect daily from 5pm until midnight on a scramble basis. Part time students/staff requiring only evening and parking may purchase an evening permit from the Parking Office (D-101), which is limited to one evening per week/$6 or two evenings per week/$12.

Parking is complimentary on weekends and holidays as well as after 5:00pm on Fridays.

Monthly student and staff passes are not valid in designated Pay and Display lots. These lots are strictly for the use of College guests, students and staff who do not have a monthly permit.

Parking Infractions & Appeals

The College can cancel a parking permit at anytime if the permit holder does not pay a required fee or fine; comply with parking regulations; transfers, alters, sells or assigns the permit; or if the College determines the holder’s parking area is required for College purposes. (If alternative parking cannot be provided, the College will refund the unused portion of the permit.)

Students who receive College parking tickets must comply with the conditions indicated on the ticket. Failure to pay any parking-related fine could result in the cancellation of parking privileges. It could also result in the withholding of mark transcripts, diplomas or certificates until the amount due has been received by the College. Unsettled accounts will be turned over to an authorized collection agency for resolution.

A student may also be subject to disciplinary action for non-payment of outstanding parking tickets.

If you feel you have been issued a citation unfairly, you may appeal the citation by following the appeal process outlined below:

Step 1 – email the Parking Clerk at Include your student number, license plate number, and citation number in your email.

Step 2 – If you are not satisfied with the decision of the Parking Clerk, you may email the Commuting & Parking Manager at

Step 3 – If you are not satisfied with the Managers’ decision, you may email the Director of Ancillary Services at

Step 4 – If you are not satisfied with the Directors’ decision, you may submit a Citation Appeal Form. An Appeal panel will review your submission and render a decision.

Security Services

Security Services requests the cooperation and assistance of students throughout the year in keeping the campus a safe environment for all. Should you observe any suspicious activity in the parking lots or elsewhere, please advise Security Services immediately by calling 204.632.2323.

General Information

For information, please email Commuting & Parking  at