Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply for a parking permit?

Visit the Student Service Centre located at D-101 to purchase a monthly parking permit.

How do I apply for an “Accessible” or “Special Needs” permit?

Visit the Parking Services Office D-100 with medical documentation.

What is the cost of a monthly permit?

A monthly power parking permit costs $63, a monthly non-power parking permit costs $55.65. Both rates include G.S.T.

How do I replace a damaged, lost or stolen permit?

Visit the Parking Services Office located at D-100.

How do I get on the waitlist?

Visit the Student Services Centre located at D-101 or call 204.632.2327.

Where can visitors park during the day and how much does it cost?

All visitors are required to report to the Information Booth located in the South lot (just east of the main entrance bus loop). The cost of casual parking is $1.50/hour or $7.00/day.

How much does it cost to park in the evening at Notre Dame Campus?

Evening parking starts at 5:00pm Monday to Thursday at a cost of $2.00 for the evening.

I do not need my permit anymore, what do I do?

Permits are to be returned to the Student Services Centre. A refund will be processed for the unused portion.

Can I appeal a parking ticket, who do I speak to?

Parking infractions may be appealed at the Parking Services office D-100. Hours of operation are Monday – Friday 7:30am – 3:30pm. You may speak with the Parking Manager or the Parking Clerk.

How do I pay for my parking ticket?

Parking infractions may be paid at the Student Services Centre D-101. Call 204.632.2327 for hours of operation. Acceptable forms of payment are cash, debit, credit card, money order.

If I do not feel safe walking to my vehicle at night what do I do?

Contact Security Services at 204.632.2323 and request a Safewalk to your vehicle.

Can I sell my permit?

Permits are not transferable and cannot be sold to another student. If you do not require your permit, return it to the Student Service Centre for a refund of the unused portion.

My car is in for repairs and I have to bring another vehicle, what do I do?

When you take your vehicle in for repairs, take your permit with you and transfer it to the vehicle you will be using. You are also required to add the temporary vehicles’ license plate to your parking profile.

What do I do if all the handicap spaces are full?

You can either report to the Information Booth (opposite the Bus loop) or call 204.632.3755.

When can I park for free?

Parking at Notre Dame Campus is free on weekends and holidays.

Where is Parking Services located and when is the office open?

Parking Services is located at D-100, next to the Student Service Centre. Hours of operation are Monday – Friday, 7:30am-3:30pm.

I forgot my permit, what do I do?

Immediately after parking, report to the Parking Services Office D-100.

How do I add or delete a license plate from my profile?

To add a license plate, log in to the HUB, select the Parking application, select the “add a license plate” link. To delete a license plate, while in your profile, click on the “X” beside the license plate you wish to delete.

Do you have a Carpool Program?

Student carpool groups at the Notre Dame Campus receive “top of the lot” carpool spots. We also provide assistance in finding carpool partners through GoManitoba.

I live out of town. How do I contact the parking office?

Email your questions to