Notre Dame Campus – Student Parking

Students requiring parking at the Notre Dame Campus between 7:00am and midnight Monday to Thursday and 7:00am and 5:00pm Fridays must purchase a parking permit from the Student Service Centre.

Overnight parking between midnight and 7:00am is not permitted without prior authorization from Parking Services.

Areas which cannot be used are: 24-hour reserved stalls, no parking areas, loading zones, staff areas or any area as defined in the Traffic and Parking Regulations. (Copies are available at Parking Services.)

Monthly Daytime Parking Permits

Student parking is sold on a first-come, first-served basis and can be purchased monthly or for multiple months at a time. As parking is limited and often sells out, we recommend students purchase multi-month passes that cover the duration of their program. If no parking spaces are available, students can add their name to a wait list and be notified once a space opens up.

Depending on the availability, students have the choice of power or non-power parking. Parking is assigned in student-designated lots on a scramble basis.

To purchase parking, visit the Student Service Centre (D101 – Notre Dame Campus).

Monthly Parking Rates

All prices include GST.

Powered Stall (monthly)* Non-Powered Stall (monthly)
$63.00 $55.65

* The electrical outlets on the Notre Dame Campus parking lots are for block heaters only. Any additional power use will automatically shut off power to the stall and require a manual reset.

Rates include GST and are subject to change without notice.


Students must apply at the Student Service Centre, Room D101, Notre Dame Campus, for a parking refund. Refunds will be made only to the original permit holder and will be calculated from the date of refund application. Passes with 14 days or less until expiry will not be issued a refund. Parking refunds will be processed in approximately 15 business days.

Requests for permits will be processed regardless of admission status. Permits issued prior to acceptance into a program does not guarantee a student a seat in the program. Students should ensure they have a seat or are continuing in their program before purchasing parking. Refunds may not be available after purchase if student admission status is cancelled or suspended from their program. The last two weeks of a permit are not eligible for a refund.

Daily and Hourly Parking

Daily/casual/hourly parking (Pay and Display) is in effect from 7:00am-midnight, Monday – Thursday and 7:00am-5:00pm on Fridays.

The cost is $1.50/hour or $7.00/day.

The pay and display lots are the Northwest (NW) and East lots. Refer to the campus map for location of these lots and pay stations.

Should you have any questions contact the information booth at 204-632-3755.

Evening Parking (5:00pm-Midnight Monday-Thursday) is a $2.00 flat rate. After 5:00pm all lots convert to scramble.

Parking is complimentary on weekends and holidays. If a student has a valid monthly parking permit, the student is not required to purchase parking in the evening.

To avoid the evening line-ups at the pay stations, students are encouraged to purchase an Evening student Parking Permit at the Student Service Centre located at D-101.

Monthly Evening Passes

Monthly evening parking passes are valid after 5pm, Monday to Thursday (there is no charge for weekend parking). To purchase a pass please visit the Student Service Centre (D101 – Notre Dame Campus).

Rates are $6 per month for one evening per week, $12 per month for two evenings per week, etc. There is a minimum purchase of one month.