“Top of the Lot” for Student Carpoolers

NDC students “teaming up” to carpool

We’re happy to offer prime, “Top of the Lot” parking for two or more students who form registered carpool groups at the Notre Dame Campus. Dedicated student carpool stalls are located in 3 West (view parking map here). Additional carpool spaces are added based on demand.


Carpooling guidelines
  • At least one of the group members must have a valid student power permit.
  • Each carpooling group must include at least two students.
  • At least two vehicles must be registered.
  • It is the group’s responsibility to ensure the carpool permit is displayed properly at all times while on campus (read the back of the permit for acceptable placement).
  • To receive “Top of the Lot” parking, student groups must register their carpool group with Parking Services to receive their carpool permit.

Need help finding a carpool partner? Check out GoManitoba. There you can get connect with carpool partners travelling to RRC or nearby!