Parking Update

For students with upcoming program start dates.

Please notice the parking lot designations below.

Student power lots (monthly power permit required)

Portion of West 2 (observe signs), West 3, West 4, North 3.

Student non-power lots (monthly non-power permit required)

North 4, North 5

Casual/Daily lots

Northwest, Northeast, East

The East and Northwest lots are reserved for casual/hourly/daily users.

The above named lots are on a scramble basis.

Faculty/Staff lots (monthly permit required)

The lots West 1, portion of West 2, Powerhouse east and west, North 1, North 2 and South are assigned to staff until 5:00pm.

Evening Pay & Display program starts at 5:00 with a fee of $2.00 for the evening. All lots are scramble after 5:00pm.

Should you experience issues with a paystation, please contact the Information booth at 204.632.3755 or email