Student Evaluation of Instruction/Course

The Student Evaluation of Instruction/Course (SEI/C) is one part of Red River College’s efforts to improve every student’s experience while they are attending the college.

The SEI/C should be conducted in class in order to get as many students participating as possible.

Students in full-time courses can access their instruction/course evaluations by checking their academic email account via the Student Email link on HUB. Access is also available through LEARN. At this time, students in part-time courses are not participating in the SEI/C.

We’ve put together a short manual with screenshots of what a student will see when they follow their links to the evaluation form.

There are also two FAQ documents with answers to some of the questions we have received from students and staff:

There is a brief explanation on how to read the SEI/C reports for those who are interested.

If you have questions about SEI/C, please contact