Smoking on Campus

Smoking is prohibited on all Red River College grounds with the exception of specifically designated areas. This applies to all College occupied property.

A number of designated smoking areas have been established at RRC’s Notre Dame Campus.

Smoking is only allowed in designated smoking areas. Proper signage and ashcans will be provided. Notwithstanding the foregoing smokers must remain a minimum of five metres from any doorway or entrance.

Why has smoking been restricted to designated areas only?
  • College Administration has received numerous complaints regarding exposure to smoke upon entering and exiting the buildings as there are often many people smoking in front of entrances/exits.
  • Smoking in doorways increases the College’s operating costs cleaning up litter and butts discarded around entrances, not to mention creating an unsightly mess.
  • Smoking is a safety concern. The College has had several fires started from cigarette butts that have not been properly disposed of outside entrances.
Who can I contact if I have any questions or concerns about the designated smoking areas?

Contact RRC Security Services at 204.632.2323 or Environmental Health and Safety Services at 204.632.3075.

Where can I get smoking cessation support?

The College offers smoking cessation support through the Health Centre in HM08. An information package is available and a number of excellent videos are available for viewing.