RRC Grads Get Hired – Billboards

Red River College alumni are known throughout Manitoba and the world for possessing the skills required to become VIPs in their chosen fields – just one of the many reasons why Our Grads Get Hired. This spring, we’re celebrating the successes of our alumni and the diverse, innovative organizations that hire them.

We invited a number of these organizations to join us in a creative, co-operative advertising opportunity. Here’s a sample of the creative approach you’ll be seeing throughout Manitoba this spring.

  • Scott Savoy

    Awesome! Once again reminding Winnipeg that Red River College is the leader of supplying our city and province with grads for the work force. Here’s a thought, as I look at these billboards I am reminded of the fact that I am a grad as well as my parents and my children. Three generations of grads in one family. How many other families out there have three or more generations of grads? Maybe next years campaign?