Programs For Visa Students

Intensive English for International Students (IEIS)

If you would like to learn cultural skills for daily life in Canada, and learn the language skills you will need to attend an academic program in a college or university in Canada, this program is for you!


Communication for Business and Finance

If you have a background or interest in business and would like to develop language skills to help you interact in a business environment or pursue further business training, this advanced level program is for you!

Communication for Health Professions

If you have a background or interest in the health care field and if you need to develop your language skills for entry into RRC’s Health Care Aide and Health Unit Clerk program, this pathway program is for you!

 Academic Bridge Program  

If you want to ease your transition into college by developing the communication, academic and socio-cultural skills necessary to be successful in college level courses, these enhanced academic/cultural programs are for you!

Choose between an 8-week or 16-week program.

Summer Institute

If you would like to improve your language skills and socio-communication skills while participating in local excursions, tours and campus/workplace visits, these short summer programs are for you!


Every program at the Language Training Centre includes an opportunity for online learning!

As a student at the LTC, you have access to an online learning tool that is specific to your language needs and your future education goals. We use a state-of-the-art software that has vocabulary-building exercises and skill-building activities in reading, writing, listening and speaking. In addition, it uses advanced speech recognition technology, interactive dialogues, and videos to help immerse you in the study of language. You can use it in our computer labs with your instructor, or use it at home when you want to practice on your own.

For more information about any of the programs at the Language Training Centre, please contact

For information about how to register as an international student, please contact the International Education department: