Bridging Pathway for Internationally Educated Nurses (BPIEN) – Level 1

If your English proficiency level is:
  • Speaking: CLB Level 8 or IELTS 7
  • Listening: CLB Level 8 or IELTS 7
  • Reading: CLB Level 8 or IELTS 7
  • Writing: CLB Level 7 or IELTS 6.5

(*Minimum CLB requirements subject to change)

If your goals are to:
  • re-enter your profession as a licensed nurse in Canada
  • improve your language and socio-cultural communication skills to succeed in the workplace
If you want to:
  • learn the skills and strategies necessary to succeed in a post-secondary institution
  • improve your  language (speaking, listening, reading and writing)  and cultural communication skills for re-entry into the nursing profession
  • receive a cultural orientation to nursing practice in Canada
  • obtain further training related to nursing practice
  • develop language skills and strategies to increase your readiness to take a required language proficiency assessment for licensing purposes  (e.g., CELBAN)
Then consider BPIEN – Level 1.

The focus of all face to face classes, online preparation, assessments and assignments will be on Language, Culture and Communication used in the nursing profession within the Canadian Health Care Context. Skill-building in speaking, listening, reading and writing specific to the nursing context will be emphasized.

Topics will include:
  1. Introduction to Language and Communication
  2. Intercultural Communication
  3. Nursing in Manitoba:
    • Overview of Health Care in Canada and Manitoba
    • Patient-Centred Practice
    • Collaborative Practice
    • Professional Communication (“Soft” skills)
  4. Taking Care of Patients and their Families
    • Effective Interviewing
    • Therapeutic Communication
    • Communicating with Challenging Patients
  5. Strategies for Effective Communication and Lifelong Learning
Program Dates: (16 week program)

IMPORTANT NOTE: This program is delivered in the fall or winter term only if the number of students enrolled meets the minimum number required by the funder. It is important to apply early.

Start Date

End Date

Fall Term:   August 28, 2017

Winter Term:  Postponed until Fall 2018

December 15, 2017

Postponed until Fall 2018

Individuals applying to BPIEN 1 on or before the January 19th, 2017 deadline have the following option:

Upon submission of your application, please indicate whether you prefer Option 1 or Option 2 to Shiela Peralta:


Delivery format: 

  • 400 hours (16 weeks):
    • Face-to-face (F2F) classes (14 hours/week):
      • Language and Communication (F2F): (8 hrs./week – 2 mornings)
      • Nursing support: (4 hrs./week – 2 afternoons)
      • Computer Lab: (2 hrs./week)
    • Online component: 8 hrs./week (prep for in-class workshops and/or post-workshop assignments and homework)
    • Independent Study: 3 hrs./week
    • Instructors:
      • Language and Communications – Blanche Kingdon
      • Nursing Support Instructor – TBA
      • Computer Lab Instructor – Clayton Lorraine
    • Satisfactory Completion of BPIEN-Level 1 is based on:
      • successful completion of all program requirements (online & F2F)
      • demonstrated skills and knowledge of BPIEN units and achievement of outcomes
      • attendance (minimum 80% of F2F component)
  • Final progress report is issued to participants:
    • CLB level in Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing
    • strengths and weaknesses in language and communication


Application Package