Red River College – Language Training Centre

300 – 123 Main Street
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
R3C 1A3

Phone: 204.945.6151


For information about . . .


Programs for Permanent Residents

Stuart Schwartz, Program Manager (full-time programs)

204.945.6151 extension 6303

Ben Starkey, Program Manager (part-time programs, Massey and U of M campuses)

(contact info coming soon)

Programs for Visa Students

Kathy Kerr, Program Manager

204.945.6151 extension 6304

English Language Assessment

Anna Janik-Kelly, Language Assessment Coordinator

204.945.6151 extension 6377

Registration for Permanent Residents

Bernice Jacoby, Students/Admissions Records Officer

204.945.6151 extension 6307

Registration & Information for Visa Students

International Education Office 

(at the Notre Dame Campus)



Taryn Jacoby, Student Services/Student Records

(at the Language Training Centre)

204.945.6151 extension 6308

Personal Counselling


Academic Advising

Chad Smith, Counsellor

Stacey Thorarinson, Academic and RPL Advisor

Joseph Unufegan, International Students and Immigration Advisor

Settlement Support


Student Integration

 Jillian Hoogland, Student Integration Coordinator

204.945.6151 extension 6318

Workplace Language Exposure Program

Stuart Schwartz, Program Manager

204.945.6151 extension 6303

LEARN support 


Online Language Learning at LTC

 Clayton Lorraine, Lab Instructor

204.945.6151 extension 6326

Sherry Seymour, Lab Instructor

204.945.6151 extension 6327

Website Feedback


Contributing to the LTC Website (Blog)


Promotional Material

 Carolyn Schmidt, Program Facilitator

204.945.6151 extension 6305