September 2015

How to Search for Electronic Journals

September 24, 2015 • Written by

Do you want to know if the RRC Library has access to a certain online journal?   Start with the Library’s Full Text Finder!

Just type in the title of a journal and Full Text Finder will tell you if the Library has the journal and where you can find it. In 2015, the Library added new electronic journal databases including ScienceDirect which provides access to many additional full text electronic journals.

If you are searching for articles in Ebscohost it will no longer let you know all the journals the Library subscribes to. If you find an article in Ebscohost you would like and it does not indicate the Library has access to the journal you need to check the Full Text Finder before requesting it through Interlibrary Loan.

Want to learn how to search in Full Text Finder?  Let’s search for the June 2014 issue of the journal Early Human Development to see if we can access the full text of an article.

  • Start at the Library Home page.
  • Click on Find E-Resources (Full Text Finder) link. (Log in using your RRC username and password.)

Click on the image to see larger version.

  • Type the journal title in the Search Box and click on Search.

Click on the image to see larger version.

  • Click on the plus sign under the title Early Human Development (or click directly on the title). This journal is available in ScienceDirect College Edition – Health & Life Sciences Journal Collection – 1995 to present.
  • Click on the ScienceDirect link and you will be taken directly to the online journal.
  • Search the Open Access Articles to locate the June 2014 issue and click on it to find the article you want.

Click on the image to see larger version.


Stop by the Library for a demonstration or to ask questions.

The Library Information Desk

September 10, 2015 • Written by


Are you searching EBSCOhost and can’t find an article on the topic you are looking for? Do you have a paper to write for class and don’t know where to start? Are you unable to log into EBSCOhost  or one of our other databases?

For these and many other questions the staff at the Library Information Desk can help you. They are able to answer your questions about library research; including teaching you how to do an effective search and helping you find relevant materials. They can also help you solve problems you may be experiencing with our online resources.

You may stop by either the Notre Dame Campus, or Exchange District Campus Libraries and ask for help in person, or you may contact the staff by phone, email and through the website.

No question will remain unanswered!

Notre Dame Campus

Exchange District Campus


Using RRCWireless

September 3, 2015 • Written by

Wireless at RRCThe Red River College Library receives inquiries about the wireless network.  As usual we try to answer all of our Patron’s questions, though it must be said that we do not control or manage the wireless networks here at RRC.  At the Library we are users, just like you!

At RRC, the Information Technology Department manages the wireless networks. Even though we do not control the system,  the Library can still provide some assistance in this matter.

Reference: Library Help and Guides – Red River College Wireless

Lesson #1: If you can’t connect, make sure you are in an area where there is coverage

First of all, users should know where the wireless access points are located. Wireless is fully available throughout the Roblin Centre and the Patterson Global Institute at the Exchange District Campus.  In the Notre Dame Campus full wireless coverage is available in Buildings A, C, D, E, F and Z and certain common areas, such as the Library, the cafeterias (Buffalo, Voyageur, Otto’s, Hard Drive ), the Cave Lounge, and the North and South Gyms.  There is only partial wireless coverage in buildings M, J and B.

Lesson #2: Make sure you use your correct username and password

Windows 8 allows you to store your username and password

Additionally, Staff and students should connect through the Wireless Network named RRCWireless.  You should take note that this network does not operate like an open wireless, such as the wireless at “Starbucks” or “McDonald’s”. A user needs to enter their credentials to obtain a connection. When challenged, use your normal RRC network username and password to login.  If you are having troubles, please review more detailed instructions on our web page, as connections may sometimes be tricky.

As for devices, iPhones and iPads usually connect very easily.  Just enter your RRC username and password and you are usually connected in seconds.  Other operating systems, such as Android, may require additional settings.  Further, devices such as Kobo may have trouble connecting as they normally do not have the correct WPA2 protocol required for a connection.  Please refer to our webpage for more detailed info and instructions.

Lesson #3: Don’t use RRCGUEST!

Staff and students should connect through the Wireless Network named RRCWireless.  Do not connect to RRCGUEST.

A common problem that occurs is users try to connect to the network named “RRCGUEST”.  This network is for guests to the college and is not meant to be used by students and/or staff.

Connections to “RRCGUEST” require a special username and a password that must be obtained  in advance, by making a CASELOG request to Information Technology Solutions.  The Library does not know any of the usernames and/or passwords and we cannot issue you with one.


Lesson #4: Are you a Returning Student? Forget this Network!


If you are, you likely had to reset your password over the summer. When you return to the college, make sure that any of your devices, such as cell phones or tablets, also have your new password in their settings.

Q: How do you do update your wireless password?
A: Forget this network!

Just ask your device to “Forget this Network” and then setup the network fresh.

Lesson #4: Lockouts

When you ask your device to “forget this network”, always keep in mind that it was likely trying to actively connect to the wireless with a bad password. This would have caused the college’s wireless system to lock out your device. So, when you reconnect with your username and your new password it may still not connect. It is probably locked out!

Wait 30 minutes after you “Forget this Network” for your locked-out device to be re-allowed to connect to RRCWireless.


Please note, those staff and students that have College-issued laptops and devices, should submit a Caselog if they have troubles connecting to the Wireless network.  However, the RRC IT Department cannot support those that have personal devices.  If you have a personal device and you just can’t seem to get it connected to the RRCWIreless then come to our Helpdesk in the Lower Learning Commons of the Roblin Centre, or to the Help Desk in the Library Computer Lab at the Notre Dame Campus.  Our staff is available from 8:00AM to 4:00 PM and they are great at helping students with these types of problems.

Reference: Library Help and Guides – Red River College Wireless