January 2015

Research Guides: Sources Tailored for You

January 14, 2015 • Written by

creative-108545_640Written assignments can seem like a chore. Getting started is the hardest part, though eventually you select a topic and decide on the kinds of sources you will use to conduct your research.

The Internet offers more than a galaxy of information, and you may not have the time or expertise to filter out which information is both relevant and reliable. Plus, there are valuable print and media resources that are available.

RRC Library Research Guides

Here at RRC Library, we have done some of this filtering and gathering for you. You will find of all kinds of sources conveniently organized in the RRC Library Research Guides.

Here’s what the Research Guides can do for you:

  • Get the ball rolling and guide your research
  • Help you pinpoint your topic
  • Lead you to relevant, reliable, and authoritative resources
  • Present a balance of print, media and online materials

Visit the guides at http://library.rrc.ca/Search/Subject-Guides.aspx.

Credit: We are indebted to Norman Beattie, coordinator of Public Services at RRC Library, for his enormous contribution to the production and management of the RRC Library Research Guides. Thank you, Norman!

College-Wide Learning Outcomes

January 9, 2015 • Written by
Check out the College-Wide Learning Outcomes display outside the NDC Camus Library.

Check out the College-Wide Learning Outcomes display outside the Notre Dame Campus Library.

Red River College is in the process of renewing the current College-Wide Learning Outcomes (CWLO), which are designed to be incorporated into RRC courses and programs.

We’re proud to announce that last fall we completed a six-part blog series which highlighted hand-selected resources that would be useful in developing these learning outcomes, which are essential skills for success.  Check out each of the rectangles below for a link to each of our previous blog entries.

Career Readiness Communicate Think Critically
Innovate Contribute to the Community Lead

In addition we have now placed many of our College-Wide Learning Outcomes resources in the Library Window Display at the Notre Dame Campus.  You may also view a complete list of all books in our display online.  If you see something you like, just come to the Library and inquire at the Circulation Desk.

Check it out!