Education Agents

Red River College’s International Education Office has an extensive network of Authorized Education Agents who are engaged in student recruitment and partnerships around the world. Our agents are expected to be knowledgeable about our programs, entrance requirements and application procedures. They represent Red River College in a professional and trustworthy manner at all times. Please note that Red River College does not process student applications from unauthorized agents.

Red River College is a designated education provider in Manitoba, and must ensure that all education agents and recruiters abide by the International Education Act, Manitoba. Please review the International Education Act, to learn more about the Act and how it applies to you. All authorized education agents of RRC are also encouraged to read the Code of Practice and Conduct Regulations.

RRC shall terminate the agreement with immediate effect if an authorized education agent of RRC is found to be in contravention of the Act and the Code of Practice.

At present, Red River College is not appointing new agents until further notice. We will not process student applications from unauthorized agents. Should you require further information, please Contact the recruiter for your area.