Programs and Courses

Full-time Programs

All full-time programs can be taken on a part-time basis.  Please see our current list of programs and locations below:

Program Name                                                 Start Date                               Location

Bookkeeping & Small Business                         February 20, 2018                  Selkirk

Business, Accounting & Management               September 17, 2018               Selkirk

Business & Administrative Studies                    Nov. 13, 2017 Delayed           Peguis

Business & Administrative Studies                    January 15, 2018                    Selkirk

Early Childhood Education Diploma Year 1      Oct. 23, 2017 Delayed            Peguis

Early Childhood Education Workplace              Oct 23, 2017 Delayed             Peguis
Diploma Year 1

Early Childhood Education Diploma Year 1      September 4, 2018                  Selkirk

Educational Assistant Certificate                       September 4, 2018                 Selkirk

Health Care Aide Certificate                              January 2018                          Lundar
(Part-time evenings & weekends)

Health Care Aide Certificate                              February 5, 2018                    Arborg

Health Care Aide Certificate                              February 6, 2018                    Selkirk

Human Resource Management                         March 25, 2019                      Selkirk

Intro to Trades Certificate                                  January 15, 2018                    Selkirk

Small Business Management Certificate           April 1, 2019                            Selkirk

College Preparation Courses

To help prepare students for post-secondary education, the following part-time courses are recommended for student success:

Course                                                             Start Date                                Location

Aboriginal History & Life Skills                          TBD                                         Peguis

Basic Business Math                                         February 20, 2018                  Selkirk

Business Computing                                         January 10, 2018                    Selkirk

College Math                                                     TBD                                         Peguis

Computer Intro                                                  February 21, 2018                  Selkirk

Job Search Techniques                                    TBD                                         Peguis

Professional Portfolio Development                  TBD                                         Peguis

Reading, Writing & Study Skills                        TBD                                         Peguis

2017/18 Program/Course Guide

For more information on our programs and individual courses click here.

Interlake Campus Part-time Courses

For those interested in taking courses part time (days, evening or weekends) click here.

Peguis Fisher River Campus Part-time Courses

For those interested in taking courses part time (days, evening or weekends) click here.